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“Domichagabi Yahya Jammeh” Has Ordered For The Release Of Lawyer Amie Bensouda From Custody!

“Domichagabi Yahya Jammeh” Has Ordered For The Release Of Lawyer Amie Bensouda From Custody!

 The detained Gambian human rights lawyer Amie Bensouda has been granted bail, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Ms. Bensouda was held in question with trying to “access legal database” even though she sought the permission of the relevant judicial authorities. The Kanilai monster has ordered for her release on bail pending further notice. Some judicial staffers were also summoned for questioning, according to informed sources.

Meanwhile, Baba Leigh remains in state custody. The Kanilai “Domiharam” is yet to order for his release. A top NIA agent intimated to me that “Domichangabi Yahya Jammeh” has instructed them to keep Baba Leigh for some days before setting him free. Jammeh, the NIA agent said, informed them that he wants to disgrace Leigh, but he has no intention of taking him to court.

“He just wants to showcase his might—that he can detain Baba Leigh without anyone doing anything about it. Oga is full of it. He has been calling his agents asking them how Baba Leigh has been copping. Oga is a vicious “Domiharam.” Even Ben and co are getting tired of his stupid orders,” said our source.

“He is not going to take Baba Leigh to court. You can mark my words… He is just bluffing that he is in control of this country by detaining Baba Leigh. If he knows what is cooking he will pack and leave this country. His fate would be worse than the late Samuel Doe. The NIA is not briefing him properly. This fool thinks that he is safe.”

Meanwhile, Fatou Camara of Fatou’s show has announced her intention of leaving the GRTS after the completion of her four year contract with Comium, which is due to expire next year February.  Ms. Camara is the host of Fatou’s show. Her show attracts a large audience.

Ms. Camara, speaking in an interview with Malick Jones, the GRTS Deputy Managing Director broke the news of her planned move to leave GRTS and concentrate on her Imedia public relations firm.

GRTS sources said the television personality has been forced to leave GRTS by dictator Jammeh, following press reports associating her with Ben Jammeh. Ben was alleged to have offered to sell his laptop to Fatou Camara during the period that he was out of employment. The Freedom story angered the Kanilai monster.

But Fatou Camara sounded undecided about her planned exit plan from the GRTS. She kept rambling about the demanding nature of her GRTS job, family life, her past broken marriage, and the lack of vision on the side of some women folks to take up leadership roles.

Ms. Camara wants to leave GRTS, but she is yet to see someone who she can trust to fill her shoes while she is away pursuing other economic ventures. She talks  about a good  number of young Gambian girls becoming alcoholics, and getting wasted in nightclubs. She said she occasionally ran into these girls in clubs getting wasted. She also said during their time, they focus on their education, and never consume alcohol. But in today’s Gambia, she said, Gambian girls are “partyholic.”  She said it would be very difficult to find a successful woman of her type to do the type of work she is currently doing at the GRTS.

Fatou Camara told Malick Jones that her Imedia company pays more money than the GRTS. She said she would be better of economically by working for herself than working for GRTS. She is not convinced that GRTS will make her economically viable and independent. She said she puts up more hours at GRTS, unlike her Imedia company, in which she is her own boss. Imedia is her baby company. She owns it.

Ms. Camara said she hardly socializes because of previous experiences she had in the past. After closing from work, she goes home; spending time with the kids, reading and surfing the Internet. She said she has no female friend, although she occasionally  meet with women folks to hangout.

Fatou Camara’s interviewee Malick Jones sounded throughout the interview like if he was bidding Ms. Camara a farewell. Ms. Camara’s body language clearly shows that she was sad that she was leaving a medium that she likes so dearly. This is the medium which makes her fame, but listening to Ms. Camara she was more concern about financial opportunities outside work. She said she work more hours at the GRTS and gets little pay. For Fatou, her Imedia company pays more than the GRTS. One is left to ask: Then why working for GRTS if her Imedia pays better than the GRTS?  Yahya Jammeh will be mad at Fatou’s statement. Jammeh’s GRTS staffers are underpaid, per Fatou Camara's own account on the Jones interview. The tape is streaming live on Freedom Radio.

We do know that during Neneh Macdowl's watch as Information Minister, the likes of Lamin Manga, Haruna Drammeh, and co were compelled to work for the state media in order to keep their radio licenses. This was a precondition from Oga Jammeh. We are not sure if Fatou Camara was also forced to work for GRTS in order to maintain her Imedia company license. But whatever the case might be, Fatou Camara’s interview did not give the “GRTS a pass” in taking care of their workers financially. She was busy talking about making more money outside work than the institution that created her. That's Jammeh's Gambia. Folks are no longer real!


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