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Once upon a time, there was a Kanilai King without a Kingdom dating his Vice President secretly.  Oga Jammeh doesn’t want his Vice President to marry since the demise of her husband.  Time and time Oga will secretly swing by  to see his secret mistress.  But Oga’s problem is that, he doesn’t know how to love.  Ask Edu’s daughter. She will tell you that Oga cannot kiss. He is boring. He needs a colon to smell good. His odor scares the girls in our little town. He smells horribly. That’s why his call girl Moroccan wife called Zienab is travelling around the world in search of love. She needs a real man to keep her happy.  Jilanka is a one minute man. Oga has little control over her. She shuttles between Banjul and America. Her secret friend is in America. She cares for this man than Oga Jammeh.

Our Kanilai King without kingdom pays young girls in our little town for sex. Some of his clients said they have racked some couple of millions from Asombi’s son. One of the girls recently got fired after Oga learned about the story being discussed in “Marcengelo.” Oga had instructed his boy, boy  Ben to patrol offices and arrest anyone talking about his growing sexual appetite.  He is in the business of throwing strip party in Kanilai for his female ministers. He awards the best dancers with $10,000 dollars. During one of the competitions FL Faye took first.  Her bin bin attracts Oga.

This woman called Isatou is going to be replaced pretty soon by Oga’s secret mistress, who was assigned in America to help sell his image at the Unibolong. Oga told Kombeh that Isatou talks too much and can hardly keep state secrets.  He recalled her shortly after Isatou messed up during the UN Summit. She talks to Oga’s enemy called Pa Nderry and revealed state secrets to Nderrykoba. Oga has since maliced her.

Oga had slept with the majority of his female cabinet. Ministers who refused to entertain his sexual advances are often sacked.  It is part of his hiring process before he will hire female ministers. Kanilai is his slaughtering house for romance. After sleeping with the prospective Minister, he will instruct his SG, the next morning to announce that minister x has been appointed Minister of Petroleum.

 I met Rembax the other day in Banjul and she told me that she was going to write a book about how she acquired a ministerial job in Oga’s regime. She said her book will talk about her sexual encounter with Oga and the problems she experienced while working for him. She has started gathering the materials for the book.

Another insider said she will testify about Oga sexually abusing her in post Oga era. She has fine memories of the days when Oga will kidnap her for the weekend. She will lie to her husband that she was attending a state function in Kanilai, when in fact, she was in Kanilai to sexually entertain the Kanilai monster. Oga stop abusing your female ministers.

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
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