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Mama Singhateh exposed, As she took her ex husband Mr. Adama Roberts to marabout.
Mama Singhateh exposed. As she took her ex husband Mr. Adama Roberts to marabout,Mama Singhateh is dating Njogu Bah.

Hi Pa,  

It’s the undercover officer in state house. As I told you even the walls use to gather information for me. Today my closest informer to the wizard mama singhateh briefed me about her. She said mama has taken her ex husband Mr. Roberts a banker at phb to a marabout residing at Tanji. The marabout promises mama that Mr. Roberts will never have a wife again and will never have control over their twins.

I contacted a man very close to ´Mr. Robert he said since his relationship with mama ends he don’t marry again. Mama is a wizard I swear. She is now dating njogu bah because the last time I spotted her at a restaurant eating with Mr. Njogu. Njogu is also a big womanizer but his own is secret.


Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
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