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Hatred blinds the mind; paralyses the heart and weakens the limbs. Hate, therefore, may be ascribed as extreme hostility and aversion usually stemming from fear, anger, or sense of injury. When an individual hates, his/her ability to make informed and objective judgement becomes impaired.  His or her reasoning faculty becomes cloudy thus rendering him/her insensitive to justice, fairness, and above all the feelings of the others. For this, I do not hate but I am unable to halt the swelling of my heart Mr President about how you conduct yourself over Gambians, the stormy political platform, the eroding economic contour, the decaying social cohesion, the chilling insecurity, the gross violation of human and people’s rights, your poor governance and the disheartening frustration of the Gambian youths. I endeavour to check my emotion less it garbs my judgement as I take a reflective tour in my mind’s eyes on the Gambia’s helplessness under your claws. It really amazed me how you find the nerve to sleep when you hop in your bed knowing you have couple of minutes earlier ordered the arbitrary arrest, torture, murder and incarceration of another Gambian. What happens to that heart in your chest which pumps blood in your veins Mr President?  If you have the slightest iota of feeling in you Jammeh, you will not find solace in sleep because you are dripping blood of your fellow Gambians.

Mr President you admonished the Gambian soldiers that: “An undisciplined soldier cannot be considered a loyal soldier because the fact that you are undisciplined means you are violating the rules of the service that you are supposed to uphold to the latter. You are also violating the laws which you are supposed to defend and so you become more dangerous because you are armed. There would be no compromise whether you live at home or inside the camp; once a soldier you are always a soldier. You are here for only one reason and that is to defend the sovereignty of this country, the peace and tranquillity and more importantly also protect life and property of everybody that lives in this country”. To be honest Mr President I could not agree more. However, what I could not really understand is whether you really understand the underlying meaning of your message to the soldiers.  The Fact of the matter Mr President is that it is not the so-called “undisciplined soldiers” who are torturing vulnerable Gambians in your torture chambers, it is not them who are picking up Gambians under the cover of darkness executing them; it is not them who go on the national television threatening to kill journalist and human rights activists; it is not them arbitrarily arresting religious and opposition leaders; it is not them who are dangerous to Gambians, it is not them who are a threat to life and property in the Gambia and definitely they are not the threat to Gambia’s national security. All the atrocities committed against Gambians during your regrettable 18 years in the presidency were your direct orders carried out by your hand-picked “disciplined soldiers” Mr President.  It therefore boils down to the obvious fact that you and only you are the undisciplined dangerous armed soldier in white robes at the helm of government in the Gambia.

You see Mr President the greatest loser is he or she who endeavours to avert the course of destiny.  You can continue meting out your chilling atrocities on Gambians but you will soon realise like tyrant dictators before you that it will not avail you a second more of borrowed time to your end. Furthermore, living in denial does not and will not extend an extra second on you final departure. When the end nears for dictators, they engage anything that they hope will extend their stay in power a little bit more. Your recent attempts to engage the youths and soldiers are tell tales of your farewell.  Arresting Imam Baba Leigh is not cementing your decaying power but it alienates you more and more from Gambians.  You destroy anything that is good. You plan and Allah plans and He is the best of planners.  This brings to mind a Wolof adage: the slap that blinds the eye will not be seen by it. What I am telling you is the one that will eventually oust you out of power is right under your nose yet you cannot and will never figure him/her out.  Look at Assad of Syria, he is more powerful than you and has stronger allies contrasted to you yet he is rapidly sinking into his own bottomless ditch. Unlike him, you still have the opportunity to hand over power peacefully and leave but if you decide to bury your head in the sand with the euphoric hope that you will be the President for billion years you are only digging your own grave.

Farewell Mr Jammeh.

Sulayman Jeng, UK




Posted on Friday, December 14, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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