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By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier. Pa, according to our reliable sources who are deeply embedded with the Jammeh system at foreign affairs, ministry of finance and interior DICTATOR JAMMEH cannot sleep any more. Pa you and others such as ESSA SEY, Sidat Jobe have driven the dictator crazy. He cannot sleep anymore and making stupid decisions. He reads your online paper everyday and listens to your radio too. Even devil Zeinab worships your programs. As reported earlier dictator Jammeh will execute a mass arrest, again DGs, ministers get ready. Nobody is safe!!!

Pa, devil Zeinab Jammeh and her entire immediate family and security apparatus are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and new years in America. The devil is right now getting dollars from dictator Jammeh and also packing her stuffs. She is slowly moving away from Gambia, she can smell the end. The devil has a stubborn husband, she asked him to change and treat GAMBIANS with respect but dictators never change. Dictators think that they are too powerful to listen to anyone. Dictator Jammeh has time and time said on television that even his own mother does not advise him. He is a dictator and forgot that his mother was the one who used to clean his black and dirty ANUS. His ass is the dirties of all and unfortunately he always holds the holy Qur'an with his dirty hands. Pa, devil Zeinab will go back to America with a lot of dollars and GAMBIANS should know where this money is coming from. Pa, we are trying to plant an agent in America who will help us track devil Zeinab, we will get one believe us.

Pa, you know that dictator Jammeh believes in marabouts and he have spiritual advisers and the man who does this for him is SOLO BOJANG. Solo Bojang will go to the marabouts from Gambia to Mali and whatever he tells the dictator it will be done. So in essence if  SOLO BOJANG tells him that minister X needs to be fired, that minister will be fired. If the spiritual advice is to dismiss soldiers, arrest soldiers, kill descent GAMBIANS it will be done. In other words, SOLO BOJANG can mislead the dictator by giving him false information. Solo Bojang has caused so many dismissals, firings, arrest and detention of so many GAMBIANS. The dictator heavily relies on SPIRITUAL ADVICE and takes it very seriously. Unfortunately if SOLO BOJANG wants any GAMBIAN to be arrested or killed all he needs to do is fabricate and mislead the dictator. Pa, Solo Bojang is one guy that needs to be arrested and taken to court post JAMMEH government. He has taken advantage of the dictator's stupidity and caused so much harm to many GAMBIANS. Solo Bojang is the one who spiritually advised dictator Jammeh to execute the MILE-2 NINE.

Dictator Jammeh needs to wake up, a lot of soldiers are angry about this spiritual advise from Solo Bojang. Solo Bojang is worst than dictator Jammeh, he is our worst enemy. He advices the dictator spiritually every day. Pa, we are watching SOLO BOJANG everyday and we know his house in Kanilai. We know where SOLO BOJANG takes all the charity. Pa, sometimes he will tell dictator Jammeh that they need like 50 cows for charity. Guess what, Solo Bojang will take the cows for his personal use. Solo Bojang now have a big herd of cows in Cassamance. Solo Bojang knows how to rob this dictator. He told one of our informants that he is not a fool and he is building his future. Solo said to our informant that make hay while the sun shine, he said that dictator Jammeh is unpredictable and one has to be ten steps ahead of him. Pa, you need to send your other agents to research about this spiritual advise, it is wrecking the nation and people like SOLO BOJANG know this and are abusing and misleading the dictator. So Solo Bojang must be stopped. We will get this phone number, we are always following him from Banjul to Kanilai. This spiritual advise system is getting rid of prominent and descent GAMBIANS. Dictator Jammeh we know a lot, you have no choice but get rid of your spiritual adviser. We know everything that you are doing from GAMBIA to Mali, to Guineas and Senegal. Mr. President you should focus on human rights and the economy. Mr. President get rid of people like Solo Bojang who keeps on creating enemies for you. Mr. President, ask yourself why you can't travel anywhere, the end game is here. We are in Dakar and can travel anywhere, sometimes we even venture into Gambia through GIBORO or AMDALAI and other areas.  

Pa, as we speak IMAM BABA LEIGH is still with the state. Insha Allah one day IMAM BABA LEIGH will confirm what The Soldier reported. During the TORTURE session IMAM BABA LEIGH was deeply hurt on his LEFT HAND and also his leg. A plastic bag was wrapped on his head and some chemical was applied on the bag which caused IMAM BABA LEIGH to be hallucinated. This chemical prevents one from yelling out loud when being tortured. IMAM BABA LEIGH has a scar on his left hand, let's all pray that he is released and he will prove it to us. Nuha Badjie, Solo Bojang, Borra Colley were all present during the torture, they even witnessed his arrest.

Dictator Jammeh personally issued the directive for IMAM BABA LEIGH to be tortured based on the following. One is that they got intelligence that IMAM BABA LEIGH was part of the people organizing the meeting in Senegal. The other reason is that the GUNJUR mosque keeps on collapsing whenever dictator Jammeh tries to upgrade it. So he was advised spiritually that since IMAM BABA LEIGH was the former IMAM there, he is using spiritual means to break the mosque. This goes back to the spiritual advise, dictator Jammeh believes on spiritual advise. Again, if SOLO BOJANG advices the president to do anything , he will do it. SOLO BOJANG stop lying to the dictator, you are all part of the same parcel.

Pa, both Solo Bojang and Borra Colley are well connected with the MFDC rebels. The release of the Senegalese soldiers was planned and executed by Solo Bojang and Borra Colley. They used this to please the Senegalese authorities, dictator Jammeh wants to have a positive relationship with Senegal. He is afraid of general Pateh Seck who is the minister of Interior of Senegal. Dictator Jammeh is under a lot pressure and is not willing to change and face the GAMBIAN people and apologize so that we can start a fresh page. Unfortunately dictator don't change. Dictator Jammeh will be arrested by his own soldiers including Solo Bojang, just watch.

On a last note, The Soldier is waiting for BAI LOWE to speak up and The Soldier will collaborate and confirm his revelations. BAI LOWE chin UP.

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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