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Raymond Sock Is the Chief Justice!
Raymond Sock Is the Chief Justice!

Joseph Wowo, the Nigerian “lawyer” who spent sometime in the Atlanta Georgia area, hustling as an undocumented worker, only to be hired as Gambia’s Acting Chief Justice, has had his appointment rescinded, following a protest registered by lawyer Ousainanou Darboe, who questioned the constitutionality of Wowo’s appointment as acting CJ.  The disgraced Nigerian mercenary judge has since been yanked out of the office of the CJ. 

Wowo’s  new replacement is Justice Raymond Sock, Gambia’s former Attorney General and Minister of Justice under Jammeh’s rule. Both Mr. Wowo and Raymond Sock lack the credibility to adjudicate justice in the Gambia—given their past affiliation with the Kanilai monster. They are both “sellouts” who have been used and abused by Jammeh.

We learned that SG Pa Harry Jammeh facilitated Raymond Sock’s appointment. He convinced his brother Yahya Jammeh to hire Sock. Pa Harry is now taking credit for Raymond’s appointment. He is talking.

Raymond’s tenure as Justice Minister was a “mockery” to the country’s justice system. He ended being fired for unexplained reasons. Jammeh recently recycled him into the system after appointing his American wife as a member of Gambia’s Foreign Service. She is posted at the Gambian Embassy in France. She is a naturalized American Gambian citizen.

For Joseph Wowo, he first settled into the Gambia back in the 90s as an illegal Immigrant. A local church in the Greater Banjul area used to help him with food, clothing, and pocket money before he regularizes his status.

With the help of some Nigerian lawyers at the AG Chambers, Wowo was absorbed into the system as a state counsel. The late Pap Cheyassin Secka, a onetime Justice Minister, contributed immensely towards Wowo’s admission into the Gambian bar. Wowo had tough time before being admitted into the bar. At the time, the Bar had tough rules when it comes to the admission of foreign lawyers. The likes of Wowo were considered as mercenary legal luminaries, who came to the Gambia due to economic reasons.  

Wowo has never been known as a serious lawyer back in his home country Nigeria. He could not make it in Nigeria—that was one of the reasons why he has to illegally enter our country as an illegal Immigrant. It took sometime before Woo could afford to raise money to regularize his Immigration status.

Wowo, was that type of a doll lawyer, with barely with any argument skills. He often shows up in court unprepared. I remember the former High court judge Justice Obrien Cooker disgracing him before his court. A lawsuit concerning the state was called and Wowo rose up from nowhere and announces his representation for the state. He was not listed as a party to the case. That was the funniest thing about his conduct.

When the judge confronted him as to how he got involved into the matter, and his knowledge about the case in question, the mercenary Nigerian lawyer was speechless.  The judge reprimanded him and warned him to stop wasting the court’s time on matters he has no clue about.

Wowo left the court with shame and embarrassment. He pleaded with the former Daily Observer Staff Reporter Pa Nderry M’Bai not to write about what transpired in court. Wowo said he was concern about his reputation and what such negative reportage could cost to his person as a new rookie lawyer absorbed into Gambia’s legal system.  This is the man today foolishly being called the President of Gambia’s Appeal Court.

Besides his lack of skills as a good lawyer, Wowo’s poor working culture has been questioned in some quarters. Reports have it that some women working under him have complained about harassment. Both Wowo and CJ Agim have been accused of fraternizing with their workers.

During a trip to Ghana, our source said he saw Wowo socializing with a young woman at his hotel room. Our source also said Wowo is a player. He has been seen in town with his Gambian girlfriend. The girl was expecting a baby, so we heard.



Posted on Sunday, December 16, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
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