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Imam Ratib of Banjul Thierno Kah and the Supreme Islamic Council gave the green light to Yaya Jammeh to arrest Imam Baba Leigh.
Imam Ratib of Banjul Thierno Kah and the Supreme Islamic Council gave the green light to Yaya Jammeh to arrest Imam Baba Leigh.

By The Gambian


Gambia is a unique country, can you imagine Yaya Jammeh received the approval of the above named Islamic Council to arrest Imam Baba Leigh. Yaya Jammeh called the four most senior of them and told them that he wants to teach a lesson to Imam Baba Leigh by arresting and torturing him and these people agreed to Yaya Jammeh’s evil demand. They have also been paid money to accept the demand.

Pa, if the above named people swear to the Koran and deny the above story, a calamity will befall them.

What happen is, Yaya Jammeh use to send them to Imam Baba Leigh and Bakawsu Fofana to stop criticizing him and his government in their mosques to no avail. Baba and Bakawsu being what they are known for: Righteous men indeed.

This is the reason why these Imams and other religious leaders and Elders dare not go to Jammeh to beg him because they are all in it together. In fact Jammeh paid them a ransom a day before he arrested Imam Baba Leigh and they cannot deny this fact lest they go to hell. These imams have lost all credibility from Gambians thanks to Yaya Jammeh’s dirty money and threaths meted out on them on a regular basis. But what these unscrupulous Imams failed to realize is that Imams are entitled to their personal opinion as citizen granted by the constitution and are also entitled to preach public opinion affecting the general public, thirdly they are also entitled to their political affiliation of their choice. We have seen this in Senegal our next-door neighbor and other countries where Imams and religious leaders are united when it comes to the public domain and the religious fraternity and free when it comes to personal political affiliations, this is what obtains in a democratic society.

As we all know, we in the Gambia are living under dictatorship, under a one-man rule that applies his laws to anyone except himself. Pa, Yaya Jammeh very occasionally calls these corrupts and unscrupulous Imams and shower them with monies and other gifts on a regular basis to prepare them for his criminal activities. As a result anything he wants them to do or condone is done without questions asked. Pa sometimes Yaya Jammeh will call them and blast them to hell and give them money to take home thereafter. They are in the habit of hiding these shameful facts and rejoice about the dirty monies that this Monster call president gives them but surely deep down in their hearts regard him as a wild fool worth the dirty monies they receive from him. These are our so-called imams and monster Jammeh has no respect for them and uses them like “Talala” for both propaganda and criminal activities meted out on Gambians. Pa Jammeh alone cannot do anything by himself without accomplices and these bad people need to be exposed for all Gambians to know.

Pa, two days prior to the release the Senegalese military prisoners, Jammeh called some Imams and ask them to carry propaganda activities in Senegal to improve his image with the government and people of Senegal. He gave them D5000 each and ask them to come back the next day to State House to do some Koran recitations which they did.

Shame on these so-called Imams. They will all go to HELL with Yaya Jammeh.

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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