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The Soldier Warns Njogu Bah

The  Soldier Warns Njogu Bah

By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier again. As predicted by The Soldier Njogu Bah is moved to a temporary position and he is on his way out. He will be lucky if he only ends up in jail. Mr. Njogu Bah it's high time you either resigned from dictator Jammeh's repressive government or you take your family and leave the Gambia with immediate effect. Njogu Bah one of the jungullers BLACK, BLACK boys has informed a friend in the army that dictator Jammeh has instructed them to put you under their radar. Njogu Bah do you know what that means. The dictator does not trust you any more and  thinks that your senegalese connections is a threat to his regime. By the way, can you even run into senegal, we don't think so. Do you remember when you blasted the senegalese with insults two years ago, if you have to run, where do you go, this is a question that you need to answer. You can try Morocco, but as previously warned by The Soldier if you don't RUN, you are heading to MILE-2. No doubt about that. You need to defect to Senegal and ask for forgiveness

The Soldier has been warning you but you never paid heed to our advice. Make sure inform the police and IGP Sonko whenever you are crossing to Barra to your second wife. Dictator Jammeh is a dangerous man and wants to eliminate you just like what he did to Mambureh Njie. Watch out Njogu. And trust The Soldier, Univiersity of the Gambia is next. No doubt!!!

Fellow Gambians, Njogu Bah with all his so called doctrate degrees is better than the newly crown secretary general Mr. Madi Jatta. Mr. Jatta who hailed from Gunjur used to work at the education sector for several years. He is a good looking person in appearance but he is a bad element in today's Gambia. Madi was Njugo's boy boy but he undermined Njogu in one of his tete-a-tete with Dictator Jammeh. Madi was sacked several times because of his fake character. He is normally called MR. "DOGO-DOGO MAN". He is not experience at all and is a big womanizer and has divorced more than seven wife. He just married a young girl from Brikama and these are the type of people who are running the government. The Chief of Protocol is Sana who is just picked from the street, where are we heading GAMBIANS. Both the secretary general and chief of protocol and other ministers don't qualify to man their positions, this is very sad, but this is what happens when you have a dictator running a country like running a household. Both Madi Jatta and dictator Jammeh are sleeping with girls at the state house.

Pa, the next people on the warning list are:

1. OUSMAN SONKO - He has been manning his position for a long time and dictator's normally don't allow this to happen. They like rotating and firing people. But with Ousman Sonko the dictator will jail him, no doubt about it. Ousman Sonko is mad that to this date he is not the vice president, he was promised by the dictator. So he is very angry at the dictator and on several occasions during meetings with permanent secretaries he mentioned that dictator Jammeh is unpredictable and everybody needs to be careful. Sonko does not trust dictator Jammeh. Pa, by the way, Jammeh is more Gambian that Sonko. The Soldier will write a separate story explaining how Sonko was brought by his uncle to the Gambia when he was already 14 years old from Cassamance. He is not a GAMBIAN.  Sonko warning to you, you are next on dictator Jammeh's list. TIME WILL TELL.


3. IGP SONKO - The Soldier is warning you, you are on the dictator's list.

4. All DG's, MD's and prominent GAMBIANS are warned. The dictator is about to unleash the worst of the worst.

5. All musicians who are praising Jammeh are warned. Post Jammeh era you will be in big trouble. If you don't believe this, ask the musicians in Sierra Leon.

For Dictator Jammeh, continue suppressing the Gambians. Dictator Jammeh do you know what happened in Sierra Leon and Liberia, do you know what happened to the families of the dictators. Dictator Jammeh warning to you. Your family members will be arrested and stripped naked in front of you. You better tell your family in Kotu and other places to be ready. We are watching and monitoring and just waiting for the right moment. Your wife will be video naked and put on the internet for the whole WORLD to see, just wait, TIME WILL TELL. Why is she still here, because you are broke and don't have the money. She is angry that she cannot fly back to AMERICA.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW and MILE-2 NINE.

Posted on Friday, December 21, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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