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By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier again. According to our reliable agents on the ground, a lot of the soldiers are angry when we reported about the SPIRITUAL ADVISER SOLO BOJANG. One key person in the army actually called us from Gambia and confirmed to us that Solo Bojang is the one who is lying and mixing people to dictator Jammeh. Solo Bojang as reported before is going to marabouts with public official names to be either arrested or dismissed. Solo Bojang will connive with this so called marabouts and mislead the president who believes on any spiritual advise. The soldiers are so mad at SOLO BOJANG and are waiting to the day when they can arrest him. Solo Bojang has caused to much pain to many soldiers and their families. Pa, we The Soldiers know that not everything is perfect but Solo Bojang is making it worst for us. Solo Bojang and his marabouts are also spoiling the country. If the marabouts tell him to arrest anyone they will arrest you because dictator Jammeh believes in this. Pa, we the soldiers cannot wait for SOLO BOJANG who is responsible for so many deaths, arrest and dismissal to be arrested too. Pa, these spiritual advisers are also responsible for what is going on in the country today. They will say that Pateh is good and Yero is not good and kill Samba. And whatever they say the dictator will believe it. So we need to stop SOLO BOJANG and his gang. We need to get rid of all the spiritual advisers. We need to get rid of dictator Yaya Jammeh. Solo Bojang why do you like making innocent GAMBIANS cry and be jailed. Dictator Jammeh this is one fact that is spoiling your regime and it's too late for you. Solo Bojang can you spiritiual advisers advise that you get arrested or kill, why can't they say that. How come it is only others. Solo Bojang why cant' the spiritual advisers advise that the president's mother be arrested, why only others.


Pa, on a different story The Soldier wants every GAMBIANS to follow up the story published by Foroyaa. Remember The Soldier warned that there was going to be prominent people who were going to be arrested. Well, this time around the dictator made the right decision, give the devil his credit. The LAMIN SOWE mentioned on the FOROYAA publication mentioned a lot of prominent GAMBIANS wanting to overthrow the government but luckily this time around the dictator made the right decision by charging LAMIN SOWER with false information. This is just like what happened to Lang Tombong and company. Mr. Lamin Sowe just walked in to the NIA office and just started naming names. Please read the story below and follow it up. A lot of prominent GAMBIANS don't know that they almost got arrested. In fact OUSMAN BOJANG a senior NIA officer and a lot of soldiers were arrested and later released. Please follow this case, it is an interesting one. Again, a lot of prominent GAMBIANS were going to be implicated and arrested just like what happened to LIE JOOF. The dictator will come up with something again to make sure that whoever is a threat to him is implicated and thrown in jail. Just wait and see.  



Posted on Monday, December 24, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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