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By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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Hours before his sudden cabinet reshuffle on Monday, which saw the yanking of his close aide and loyalist Njogu Bah, who was redeployed to the Information Ministry, dictator Yahya Jammeh has ordered for the assassination of the detained Kanifing Imam Baba Leigh, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report.  The assassin team tasked with coordinating  Baba Leigh’s execution was stopped at a checkpoint in Bonto late Sunday night, by one Lance Corporal Baboucarr Bojang, a native of Kanilai.  There was a brief “push and pull” between soldier Bojang and the assassin team—notably Major General Saul Badjie and one Nuha Badjie, both jungullars. Baboucarr Bojang demanded to search the vehicle in which Baba Leigh was sandwiched by the armed Jammeh career killers, but Saul Badjie and his team refused to submit to any searches.  Saul Badjie and his men then proceeded with Baba Leigh to the execution site.  It is not clear if Baba Leigh has been killed, but a highly placed source said it’s highly very possible that Baba Leigh has been murdered.

“After their encounter with our soldiers at Bonto, the President ordered for Lance Corporal Baboucarr Bojang to be dismissed and detained henceforth. As we speak, Baboucarr Bojang has been detained. He is likely to be killed in coming days. I know Jammeh’s demeanor.  He is very erratic and mad! There is no way that Saul Badjie and his team will return to Banjul without accomplishing Jammeh’s orders to kill Imam Baba Leigh. Jammeh’s  reaction to Lance Corporal Bojang’s refusal to allow Saul Badjie and co to pass the checkpoint uninspected, and his sudden cabinet reshuffle goes to show that he is trying to keep Njogu Bah and others out of the loop.  In most occasions, if he commits capital offense, he will change his cabinet to confuse the situation. I want to believe that Jammeh has killed Baba Leigh. He has issued instructions for Baba Leigh to be killed, and the assassin team was stopped in Bonto by the soldiers stationed there,” said our source.

Imam Baba Leigh, who was recently tortured by his captives, was taken from his prison cell on Sunday night by Saul Badjie and his men. Lance Corporal Bojang insisted to search the vehicle, in which Baba Leigh was boarded in, but the armed guards defied his instructions. They speeded and left the checkpoint.  Few hours later, Mr. Bojang was picked up and detained. He has been accused of obstructing Jammeh’s killing machine led by Saul Badjie.

Sources close to the Gambia Armed Forces Command have confirmed the arrest and dismissal of Lance Corporal Baboucarr Bojang. “His dismissal has to do with his encounter with the assassin team in Bonto. He was exercising his legitimate duties, but in the process he became a victim.  Saul Badjie and his team said they were acting on a Presidential directive to kill Baba Leigh. They were not happy that soldier Bojang stopped them at the checkpoint,” said our source.

Meanwhile, after giving orders for Baba Leigh’s murder, Jammeh on late Monday afternoon decided to effect a minor cabinet reshuffle.  He has named Njogu Bah’s as his new Information Minister. Mr. Bah, has been replaced by one Madi O Jatta, a native of Kombo Gunjur. Mr. Jatta used to be a perm sec number one at the state house. He is a former educationist. He also used to be Human Resources Director at the Education Department. Balla Jahumpa, the new Health Minister has been assigned to oversee National Assembly matters.

According to dependable sources, back in 2004, Jammeh personally telephoned his former Kanilai Camp Commander Major Kalifa Bajinka to inform him that he (Jammeh) has just finished talking to the late Baba Kajali Jobe on the phone, and that Mr. Jobe was on his way to the Kombos. Mr. Jammeh instructed Bajinka to mobilize his assassin team and setup an ambush for Baba Jobe, with the ultimate objective of killing Baba.

“Bajinka communicated the President’s message to the jungullars, but he instructed them not to kill Baba Jobe. He also told them to just hang out at the Kampfenda junction and not to execute the mission. He later reported to Jammeh that the jungullars missed Baba Jobe’s convoy. That was how Bajinka saved Baba Jobe’s life that day,” said my source.

In the same year, said our source: “Jammeh handed a list of forty prominent Gambians to Major Bajinka to be murdered.  Topping the list was politician Omar Amadou Jallow alias (OJ), Baba Jobe, Mai Fatty, Lawyer Ousman Sillah, Lamin Waa Juwara, Lawyer Borry Touray, just to name a few. Journalist Pa Nderry M'Bai's  name and that of his late boss Deyda Hydara were part of the list of those to be killed.

“OJ Jallow was personally briefed about the President’s plans to have him killed. Luckily for him, Bajinka saved his life. I was surprised when he (Jammeh) appointed Lamin Waa Juwara as his Minister of Local government. Here was a guy, who was on Jammeh’s list of politicians, human right activists and journalists to be killed that year. Thanks to Bajinka, the assassinations were foiled,” said our source.

“One of the reasons why Jammeh wanted to frame Bajinka into the March coup was that the jungullars told him that it was Major Bajinka who used to prevail on them not to execute his orders to kill Gambians. The President saw the March coup as an opportunity to possibly get rid of Bajinka. Tumbul Tamba and Musa Jammeh have always carried out his orders to kill Gambians,” our source hinted.

In a separate developments, Colonel Salifu Bojang, the former company commander in Darfur, has been picked up from his prison cell since last week. There is no trace of Salifu since his removal from his prison cell.

Posted on Monday, December 24, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
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