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Some female army officers, who had sexual intercourse with the Kanilai born despot Yahya Jammeh, are beginning to relate their stories to the Freedom Newspaper. In this disturbing report, you will hear how dictator Yahya Jammeh had unprotected sex with his female bodyguards, sexually abusing them, impregnating one of them in the person of the late army Lieutenant Mariama Jarju, before secretly poisoning her to death, secretly murdering Lieutenant Mariama Camara and her husband at the Hamsa military Barracks after learning that Mariama was discussing her love affair with the dictator to her close friends.  Army Corporal Malick Boye, alias “Mboka” was the hired assassin to kill Lt. Camara and her husband. Jammeh compensated CPL Malick Boye immediately after executing the murder by promoting him from Corporal to Lieutenant.  He also assigned Malick Boye to supervise his son’s activities Muhammed Jammeh. This is the chap who travels with Zeinab during her US trips.

The revelations you are about to read are coming from credible sources.  It depicts dictator Jammeh’s growing sex appetite.  Jammeh has been having sex with his guards without using condom, one of the guards told the Freedom Newspaper.  The guard name (withheld) for now said she had unprotected sex with Yahya Jammeh for more than eight times at his Kanilai villa. Mr. Jammeh will assign her to brew the local Gambian brew called attaya and once she steps into Jammeh’s room to serve him Jammeh will initiate to have sex with her.

“I first had sex with President Yahya Jammeh in Kanilai. He personally requested from my command that I should be part of his bodyguards. I did not know at the time that he was interested in having sexual relationship with me.  Once I get enrolled into his close protection team, he would ask me to join him in Kanilai for weekend. He likes attaya and he would assign me to brew attaya for him. It was during the process of serving him with a glass of attaya, that he started touching my breast, puxxxsy, and ass.  The President asked me if I was afraid…. He then asked me to undress myself. The next thing that I know, I saw President Jammeh on top of me. He sexed me without using condom. I have had sex with President Jammeh on multiple occasions without him using condoms.  He never uses condom in all the sexual intercourse I had with him,” said the female soldier, who wished to remain anonymous for her own personal safety.

“I remember Jammeh trying to have sex with me when I was seeing my menses (period). I told him that I was seeing my period. There were occasions I will be home chilling with my husband and he will call and ask me to report to Kanilai in the name of an operation. I had no alternative, but to show up.  To my chagrin, there was no such operation taking place in Kanilai. He just wanted to have sex with me. Jammeh is a romantic person, but he never uses condom when having sex with his bodyguards. I feel like being raped by Yahya Jammeh because I had sex with him for fear of not losing my job, or being harmed. If I reminisce on some of the sexual intercourse I had with him I feel like being forced to do things that  I wouldn’t want to do.  I am waiting for the day that his regime would be toppled to come before the world to explain how I have been sexually exploited and abused by Yahya Jammeh,” she said.

According to our source, dictator Jammeh will pay for an unprotected sex  in the amount of between D10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 30,000, and more to his female bodyguards. She said Jammeh has on numerous occasions handed her with huge amount of money after having sex with her.

Another source said she had sex with Yahya Jammeh in Kanilai. She said Jammeh lures them into sexual intercourse without their consent. She told me that Jammeh had slept with her in Kanilai and at the State House on numerous occasions. Jammeh will sex her without using condoms.

Dictator Jammeh has different ways of recruiting his female bodyguards. He selects his guards from the army, police, Immigration, and other sister security forces. He has sharp eyes for pretty women. He will personally ask his protocol staff, or chief close protection officer to take the phone numbers of women that he wants to hire as bodyguards. The next thing before you know such women will receive a phone call that the President wants to see them at the State House.

“That was how many of us got absorbed into his close protection team. The President likes light skin women. He also wants a fat ass. Each time you heard him shouting saying “Buruburi” knows that he is referring to a fat ass. He has spanked my ass on numerous occasions before having unprotected sex with me,” said our source, who agreed to be interviewed in an upcoming second book to be published by the Freedom Editor.

We now list the number of female bodyguards who dated dictator Yahya Jammeh. Some of the soldiers and officers are in active duty, while some of them have left the service.

1.     Lieutenant Mariama Jarju:   Lt. Mariama Jarju used to be Yahya Jammeh secret mistress, while she was married to army Warrant officer WO2 Buba Darboe. She had a baby boy with Yahya Jammeh before her secret murder by the dictator. The baby boy resembles dictator Jammeh. She was alleged to have been poisoned by the dictator immediately she started talking about her sexual relationship with Jammeh. That is a “no, no,” for the Kanilai monster. He doesn’t want his secret mistresses to discuss his sexual encounters with him. Jammeh personally facilitated the marriage between WO2 Buba Darboe and Lt. Mariama Jarju. But he ended up messing with Darboe’s wife.

2.   Lieutenant Mariama Camara: Lt. Mariama Camara was a married army officer. She was also Yahya Jammeh’s girlfriend. Her love relationship with Jammeh came to her husband’s knowledge as soon as she started exchanging text message with the Kanilai monster. She spent more time with Jammeh than her husband. She was also talking to her friends about dating Jammeh. When the information reaches Jammeh, he hired an assassin to kill her and her husband. Jammeh wouldn’t want the public to know that Lt. Mariama Camara was having problems with her husband because of the head of state.  Corporal Malick Boye, a native of the CRR was alleged to be the hired hit man for that operation.  Mboka allegedly killed the couple. He was promoted from Corporal to Lieutenant by Jammeh. He never had any military academy training. The dictator also assigned him to look after his son Muhammed Jammeh.  The police report that probed into the incident suggests that the fingerprint taken doesn’t match the couple’s fingerprints. The incident was faked like if the couple had committed suicide.

3.   Major Mama Njie: Major Mama Njie was Jammeh’s secret mistress. She was sacked from the army. She is currently in Germany.

4.   Lance Corporal Anta Mbye: Lance Corporal Anta Mbye was also among Jammeh’s former girlfriends. She is said to be residing in the United States.  Our findings revealed that she has traveled extensively with Jammeh to countries such as  Sudan, Gabon, and America. She was married when she was dating Jammeh. Jammeh forces them into relationship.

5.   Sarjo Susso: Sarjo Susso is a former NIA agent assigned to the State House. She used to be Jammeh’s bodyguard. She has traveled extensively with dictator Jammeh. She was also Jammeh’s secret girlfriend. She resides in the United Kingdom.

6.    Lieutenant Nyimassata Sanneh: Lieutenant Nyimassata Sanneh was Jammeh’s favorite girlfriend. She was very close to Jammeh. Jammeh trusted this lady more than his Moroccan wife. She used to spend quality time with Jammeh in Kanilai and the State House. This was the lady who used to brew attaya for Yahya Jammeh. The same lady used to escort the “American goodwill Ambassador ladies” to Kanilai to see their client Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh is a whore. He was sleeping with his visiting American ladies and his female bodyguards.  Nyimassata Sanneh was married when she was seeing Jammeh. She is now single. She resides in the United States.

7.   Lance Corporal Isatou Sanyang:  Lance Corporal Isatou Sanyang was also among Jammeh’s girlfriends. She now resides in Sweden.

8.   Lance Corporal Josephine Sambou: Ms. Sambou now resides in England. She was dating Jammeh.

9.   Amie Jeng: Amie Jeng used to work with the NIA. She was also dating with Yahya Jammeh.

10.Adama  Jagne: Adama Jagne is a bodyguard attached to Jammeh’s mother Asombi Bojang. She is married to a soldier with the last name Joof. She is Jammeh’s girlfriend.

11. Captain Angela Gomez: Captain Angela Gomez is also Jammeh’s girlfriend.

12.Captain Amie Jammeh: Captain Amie Jammeh is also dating Yahya Jammeh. She is now attached to the vice President Isatou Njie Saidy as a bodyguard.

13.Lieutenant Serandou Gassasma: Lt. Serandou Gassama is also Jammeh’s meat. She is dating the Kanilai monster.

14.Ross Conteh: Ross Conteh works at the Yundum Army barracks. She is also dating Jammeh.  More names will follow later….

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