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Agim Will Not Shut UP
Agim Will Not Shut UP

In a recent posting in one of your online papers (freedom newspaper), I was castigated by someone (Mr. Analyst) who by the tone of his/her article sounded very angry. I am reproducing the article below for your insightful perusal. In fact I have recently received some hate emails from many angry Gambians and one of them claiming to be a security agent  who stated that if the government had listen to him, I would have been poisoned and would eventually die a slow death in Nigeria so that I will be buried with my secrets. The so-called agent further went on to say that had it not been for the Solicitor General who intervened and said that if the plan went ahead and I died in Nigeria, an autopsy might just revealed how I died and that would be a problem for the Gambia. Anyway I cannot substantiate the veracity of such claims suffice it to say that if it were true, I thank the Solicitor General for saving my life.

Now going back to the letter posted on freedom newspaper and captioned “Agim Shut UP”. I feel compelled to mention some pertinent issues that I have raised in my earlier postings but it seems that I am still greatly misunderstood.I am not claiming to be a saint nor am I a perfect human being. I may have done things that with hindsight I should probably not have done or be a party to. I guess that is now between myself, conscience, God and a possible Commission/Inquiry that The Gambia may set up in the future. I want Gambians to however take stock of the following:

·        Did I in anyway cause or participated in the deaths of former foreign Minister Koro Sissay, or Deyda Hydara, Baba Jobe, Chief Ebrima Manneh, Daba Marenah & Co and many others who disappeared and are yet to be accounted for?

·        Did I in anyway cause or participated in the killing of 13 students and a red cross volunteer gunned down in the demonstration of April 10th and 11 of 2000?

·        Did I order or participate in the recent execution of the 9 death row inmates?

·        Did I order or participate in the torture of detained and remanded prisoners at Mile 2 prisons and other undisclosed detention centers?

I tell you who is responsible. It is your own Gambian brothers and sisters who planned their arrest, detention, torture and execution. Ask the Attorney General & Minister of Justice, Solicitor General, Minister of the Interior, Inspector General of Police, Director of the NIA and the secret executioners commonly referred to as the jugglers. Ask the sick sycophants i.e. your own Gambian Imams, Opinion leaders, Chiefs, Alkalos who go to great lengths to justify all the allege heinous crimes perpetrated on Gambians by Gambians. Wake up Mr. Analyst. The issue here is not Emmanuel Agim Versus Gambians but GAMBIANS on GAMBIANS.

Gambians are the ones who secretly set up their own people, plan their demise, execute them, and justify their executions and disappearances and then shamefully attend their funerals and cry and even take huge sums of money to  pay their condolence to appease the relatives of people they have exterminated. Now this is the Gambia and Gambians for you. So please stop your hallucination about Mr Agim being the problem. I have only been a drop in the ocean of your problems.

During my tenure in the Gambia, I have met, worked and interacted with many Gambians who held very high positions in Government. Some are still serving members of the government, some have been imprisoned and release, some have left the country and others have been allegedly killed by the regime such as the likes of Dabba Marenah someone I knew and worked with.

What has always stunned me is that when Gambians assume the position of power they actually never take stock of the fact that some of the evil that they plan for their colleagues and other Gambians might one day come back to haunt them. This has happened time and time again. Remember the saying in Julius Caesar “the evil that men do leaves after them”.

Today many diasporan Gambians are obsessed with the demise of His Excellency Sheik Professor Yahya Jammeh. I want to tell you that the end of Professor Yahya Jammeh’s regime will not necessarily end the current state of affairs in the country. Please mark my words. The same Gambians who served as his executioners, mouth piece, middlemen, business partners, spiritual leaders will reemerge to serve any new regime. Whatever negative things you are currently saying about your current President please bear in mind that it is your own Gambian “intellectuals”, middleclass, imams, priest, chiefs, mothers, brothers, sisters etc, etc. who aided, abetted, and counsel him in whatever he did since he assumed the reins of power in 1994. Foreigners played a very minor part. It is indeed a Gambian show where a few foreigners have been invited.

Gambians need to look inwards and do a bit of soul searching. Even if the current regime goes, if there is going to be any meaningful progress in the area of governance and development, Gambians would need to engage each other in truthful and honest dialogue. Much talk is currently ongoing about removing the current President without due consideration about important governance issues if and when he is finally replaced. Professor Jammeh is not the only one running the country. Gambians have been the one implementing his decisions whether good or bad. Do you want to tell me that all these Gambians had no choice???

If there is any regime change in The Gambia, a truth and reconciliation commission similar to the one set up in South Africa or East Timor must be instituted to discover what was done or not done? Who did what? When and where and how and why? Perpetrators of heinous crimes committed during the tenure of the regime must be brought to book and the victims of injustice and their relatives must be adequately compensated.  Certain Gambian politicians and civil servants because of their actions and or inactions must be held accountable and should be banned from holding political office for a stipulated period. There has to be naming, shaming and repentance if Gambia is going to heal.

Gambians If you don’t sort out your house in order, even if the present regime goes, there is likely to be chaos, infighting, revenge, indiscipline, and do not be surprised if people start yearning for the return of President Sheik Professor Yahya Jammeh.

There is a lot of suppressed anger in The Gambia and this I have detected from the number of hate emails I have been receiving since I started my writings. Civil society, honest religious leaders and opinion leaders must also be at the forefront of any reconciliation. Any dialogue must be frank and candid. I know I am opening a Pandora’s Box when I say these things but Gambia must discover their “wolves in sheep clothing”.

 The Gambia needs healing but the Gambia cannot heal if you concentrate you anger on Emmanuel Agim. 

Happy New Year to all.

Emmanuel Agim

Agim - JUST SHUT UP!!!

By The Analyst Freedomnewspaper 19th December

When I finished reading Emmanuel Agim former CJ of the Gambia, I sat down for more than ten minutes to compose myself before I started responding to this mercenary judge who’s been the embodiment of all that is evil in the Gambian judicial system. This mercenary judge whose sole purpose for coming to The Gambia was only to enrich himself with the help of his corrupt network of lawyers such as lawyer Chime has the audacity to lecture Gambians about how to deal with injustices. Mr. Agim, tenure as CJ saw the most outrageous court rulings in Gambia’s history. Mr. Agim as CJ you were supposed to ensure that every Gambian received a fair trial when arraigned in court of law irrespective of status or political affiliation but quite the opposite happened. During your tenure as CJ you aided and abetted Yahya Jammeh murderous and torturous regime by acquiescing to his will even though you knew he was violating the Gambian constitution and her laws. As CJ you allowed the Jammeh regime to detained people more the 72 hours without been charged and brought before a court of law as required by the Gambian constitution and in some case for years without trial. As CJ you were getting your marching orders from Yahya Jammeh on any matter he has interest in, rather than been dictated by the constitution and laws of the Gambia. Mr. Agim you are a disgrace to the bench and a disgrace to your profession and should have never been allowed to step in courtroom anywhere in the world. As CJ you used your position to enrich yourself to the detriment of Gambians by acquiescing to Yahya Jammeh’s evil deeds just for money. But why would any Gambian be surprised by what a hustler Nigeria judge would be willing to do just to make their money. Yes you thought it was time for you to ran and leave the country because the noose was closing on you just as it is closing on your former master Yahya Jammeh. Yes you ran also partly because you have finished building your mansion in Nigeria using your ill-gotten gains in the Gambia but remember you can run but your day of reckoning is coming sooner than you think.

Mr. Agim did you think that Lang Tambong and his co-defendants were guilty of treason, did you believe they deserved the death penalty. Mr. Agim were you not instructed by Yahya Jammeh to find these people guilty despite what the evidence says. Mr. Agim how do you sleep at night knowing very well that you are responsible to sending innocent people to sit on death row for your own selfish gains. Mr. Agim, was that how you were trained to be an administrator of justice. Mr Agim can you remember the oath of Office you swore to when you were appointed CJ, and if you cannot remember , let me remind you, you swear that you will execute the duties of Chief Justice of the Gambia according to law and without fear or favour,affection or ill-will , so help you God. Mr. Agim do you think you lived up to those words you swore to ….No I don’t think so. Mr. Agim why did you allowed yourself to be used by that monster. Do you believe that the money you made by been an accomplish to torture, detention without trial and murder would give you comfort and happiness, I don’t think SO!!.

As I was reading your stupid story I became both angry and sad. I was angry because it was clear to me that you know the injustices that were been perpetuated on the Gambia people by a despot president aided by a corrupt judiciary which you headed. You knew all along that what you were doing was immoral, corrupt and illegal and yet you continued to be a party to it for more than ten years. Reading your piece also made me very sad because it seem to me educated Africans sons and daughters who are supposed to stand up for human rights, justice and freedom are rather busy helping leaders oppressed their own people. These kinds of injustices and abuses of the judicial system never took place in the Gambia when the judiciary was headed by a British called Sir Philip Bridges, but since Africans started assuming that portfolio we has seen a constant erosion of the judiciary of fairness and impartiality.

Mr. Agim you have nothing to say to Gambians on how to deal with our problems because you were one of our problems so it’s minus one. Mr. Agim If you had any shame in you or the slightest conscience then you just need to keep your mouth shut and start praying to God or anything you believe in for forgiveness, or to your money as I know you believe in MONEY, IDIOT!!


Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
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