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By A Concerned Gambian

Dear Mr. Mbai,

I am currently in the Gambia. Having come after 12 years I am so shocked to see the sad state it is in and the dire conditions our fellow Gambians are living in.

I will highlight systematically some immediate thoughts my attention has been drawn to. In order to give a fresh overview and a comprehensive feedback instead of criticism I have ensured to research on each of the highlighted points. Furthermore I have validated it through authentic sources, both from within the current government and speaking to some highly educated impartial; unbiased & experienced Gambian pundits, gurus- economists, politicians, business's, and 
Gambia is developing fast and rapid. Or is it? I shall leave for your viewers to decide.

-There are a lot of new impressive buildings- old ones are not being taken care of and are in shambolic state

-New roads built- old ones full of potholes

-Prostitution is totally in an endemic state- Sierra Leoneans, Liberians, Nigerians, Guinea, Senegalese, and Gambians too very sadly

-Pedophilia- It is being done in open. 80 year old's, men and women alike with 15-18 year kids. And down the strip at Senegambia, Duplex the very officers standing to implement law and order do nothing other than mingling with tourists themselves for ulterior financial gains.

-New Business's opening but the old ones either going bankrupt or where the Big "Fat" Man manifesting his greed in full by taking it over- Jimpex as an example, TAF-Mr.Moustapha. Njie forced out from his own country. Bayba Financial Services, 

-Bread- Has gone through approximately 50% increase, 

-Salaries- Average Gambian working in private sector earns between D1100 and D1800 a month. Compare it with 20 years ago when the salary varied between D350-D700 (bag of rice was < then D100). In proportion the public is far worse off. The rice is far more inferior quality and is costing D990-D1050

-Money- I have been hinted that the government intends to bring D250 and D500 into circulation.

-Taxation- The taxation being charged is forcing the community to adapt corrupt and unfair practice in order to sustain their survival and how they go about conducting their business.

-Dirt in The Gambia- It is filthier than what it was 20 years ago. Litter  & Rubbish scattered all over. Phenomenal amount of Sand on either side of main roads such as Westfield- Talinding route

-Encroachment- The president & his affiliates continually encroach land from a variety of individuals, organizations, foreign missions.

I understand these people have an eye for the ITC land near Bijilo. Plans are to open up Apartments for sale.

-Food- With the pretext of inflation and high commodity prices I have learnt that the president fools people by taking over the trade himself. Then inflating the prices to where people cannot afford it. This is a tactic to ensure that people live under his obligation. Examples are - Bread, Meat, and through a consortium of businesses- Rice & Sugar

-Private Wealth Accumulation- Money is being stuffed by Jammeh in- Morocco - via Dinia Amueblement & Soumah's, Spain-Marbella, Turkey-Antalya, The US- Florida, California, and Boston. It is being systematically done (cleansed) via a range of investment and a portfolio of properties. Invest it on someone else’s name with the end beneficiary and power of attorney on his own name.

Majority of the structural development I have seen has not come from within. It has been funded in kind ….a range of overseas partnerships- Taiwan, Kuwait, EEC, USAID, Japan and so on. Their commitment is not to Jammeh it is to the country and its people. Jammeh cannot take credit for it and if it was another president the funding would have still come. These are strategic investments by various partner states - not donations. People need to get this right.

I think some of this information will be known to the public. I am not taking the credit from your viewers of being the pioneer of any particularly new material to read. 


Concerned Citizen.


Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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