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By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier. For your information again, devil Zeinab Souma left early Saturday morning for America again. She was very angry this trip, the dictator did not give her a lot of money like he used to. Dictator Jammeh is broke and she is very mad and is asking for more money. Devil Zeinab left with a big entourage including lot of her family members and security personnel. The security personnel including the protocol Fatou Njie did not want to go. Protocol Fatou Njie has complained to family members and friends that during the last trip they sometimes did not have food and are still not paid. They ran out of money and devil Zeinab will not share any food with them. Fatou Njie claimed that they were starving and it is not safe to travel with devil Zeinab anymore. Devil Zeinab will feed her family members and ignore the Gambians. Devil Zeinab will hide from her security and go party at the night clubs.

Fellow Gambians The Soldier don't have to tell you who is paying for all these unnecessary trips. This devil is not contributing towards any development but just draining our economy. God willing both the devil, her husband and everyone travelling with her will face a commission and they will pay for this.

Pa, in the mean time, dictator Jammeh is spending a lot of money on security. It will come to an end one day because he cannot sustain this spending spree. He is buying everything for the soldiers. He is making sure that they are satisfied with everything. They kill at least 50 bulls everyday country wide. The soldiers are just pretending and they are not happy. They are waiting for the right moment. In fact dictator Jammeh has given directives that 900 more people be recruited in the army. Why do we need this army, he is doing this for his own protection. Pa, unknown to many GAMBIANS a lot of recruits die during the qualification process. One of our agents at the Fajara barracks reported that young girls keep on dying during training and this is not reported to anybody. They will just bury the person and will tell the family that it is part of the army culture to quickly bury the dead person. They don't provide water or food to these people and don't sensitize them during the recruitment process. Our agent is monitoring the recruitment and is telling us that they are making these young GAMBIANS run at two o'clock in the afternoon.

Pa, also know that dictator Jammeh is now wearing a bullet proof around the clock. He does not trust anyone and knows that the end is near. Even if he wears a haftan the bullet proof is under it. He is always arm to the teeth. He needs to remember that both Saddam and Ghaddafi were finally apprehended with weapons. Dictator Jammeh will not change and will continue suppressing GAMBIANS. GAMBIANS have not seen anything yet.

He is not happy on bulldozer and is creating a lot of fictitious task forces. Bulldozer are deployed everywhere to monitor the GAMBIANS. One of our reliable sources told us that they are even part of GPA and monitoring who is crossing on the ferries.

Pa, as promised we are writing a story on Ousman Sonko who is responsible for every dirty game in the Gambia. He is even involved with IMAM BABA LEIGH disappearance. Gambians please stay away from OUSMAN SONKO. Our reliable agents have confirmed that Imam Baba Leigh is neither with the NIA or MILE-2. As reported by your reliable paper, he is either dead or detained at one of dictator Jammeh's detention centers. One agent told us that if he is not dead that he may be at FORT BULLEN(JAMES ISLAND), a lot of GAMBIANS are detained there. It is also a notorious detention center. Dictator Jammeh also uses houses he seized from the Jawara regime to detain innocent GAMBIANS. Let's all pray and hope that IMAM BABA LEIGH is at JAMES ISLAND where JAMMEH has a lot of soldiers. Pa, where ever you see a heavy presence of soldiers just know that dictator Jammeh is hiding people there, please trust THE SOLDIER. On Ousman Sonko we will report how as a minister he and David Colley abused officers that they hired. They abused and had sexed with prison officers. Ousman Sonko will not deny this, he knows what The Soldier is talking about. For the safety of the female officers we will not mention their names but we have the entire file. Pa, even dictator Jammeh is aware of this incident. He read this file and is also angry. But he needs to remember that they are just copying what he does. Both Ousman Sonko and David Colley abused and had sex with female officers. Also OUSMAN SONKO makes a lot of money at ministry of interior. Ministry of Interior is the only ministry without a permanent secretary as we speak. The permanent secretary is on study leave and is not replaced and there is a reason for that. His name is Ablie Jarra and his wife supplies a lot of materials including food to the ministry. In the past different vendors used to supply the ministry but now it is Ablie Jarra's wife and he has a connection with ministry of finance. As soon as the wife supply the ministry, the permanent secretary will call the permanent secretary at finance who is a friend of his. The finance permanent secretary Mod Secka also has a share. He will make sure that the invoice is taken care of quickly and they all share the proceed. Not long time ago, an invoice was sent to finance and the records are there. So both Sonko, Jarra and Mod Secka are benefiting from this deal. How come the other vendors are not supplying the ministry anymore. Pa, a lot of deals are going in the Gambia. The president is corrupted so are his sons like Ousman Sonko, Mod Secka and Ablie Jarra who is in AMERICA studying. One of our soldiers was supposed to replace him but he was undermined by Sonko. We will write a different book on this deal and about OUSMAN SONKO. We will report on why MOD SECKA is the chairman of the GLOBAL FUND and not someone who does not work for the government.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW my comrade and Mile-2 nine.

Posted on Sunday, December 30, 2012 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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