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The Analyst

Having read your response to my article I realized you are much less smarter than I gave you credit for. Your articles are a desperate attempts on your part to shape your legacy which will be remembered by all Gambians for the corrupt way you ran the Judiciary as Chief Justice. No amount of finger pointing and blaming Gambians will exonerate you from the the evil acts you committed during your tenure as CJ. It is disingenuous on your part to just highlight the other heinous acts perpetuate by Yayha Jammeh and not address the issues I raised in my article. I never accused of complicity in the April 13 student massacre and all the other things you mentioned, but you conveniently left the core complaints I made against you which were the miscarriages of justice which you presided over as CJ. I will still repeat and asked you whether you believed that Lang Tambong and his co-convicts were guilty of treason and deserve to be sentence to death, a sentence which you upheld at the Supreme Court. Yes, you said you didn’t torture anybody and I never accused you of torturing anybody but you were an accomplice to torture by refusing to grant detainees bails and letting them languish in jail where they were subject to torture, even where such allege offences were bailable under the Gambian Constitution. You aided and abetted a torturous and a murderous regime without standing up for the little guys as your position demanded. Mr. Agim if you felt you couldn’t stand up to Yahya Jammeh, the last thing you should have done was to help him with his agenda by acquiescing to detention without due process. If you were a principled man with conscience you would done the honorable thing by resigning your position rather than go down in Gambian history is the most corrupt and enabler of judicial misconduct CJ. As you indicated, you worked in the Gambia for more than 10 years in various Government positions, Government attorney, DPP and CJ. I have decided not to deride you on what you did as a Government Attorney and DPP because you performed those roles as part of the Executive Branch of Government in which case you may not refuse to carry out the wishes of the Executive. But as you know the Judiciary is a separate and an independent arm of government (at least in paper) and not subject to the dictates and the wishes of the executive and therefore you were not suppose to acquiesce to Mr. Jammeh wishes whenever they are in contravention with the law. As head of the third arm of Government you had the legal and moral authority to exercise your duty with independence without fear or favor, ill-will or affection and you failed miserably in all those accounts.

The Judiciary is an important arm of government and is vital that it maintain its independence and impartiality for democracy to flourish and peace and tranquility be preserved. Mr. Agim your position as CJ was not like another jobs you held before. You where the Head of an important arm of government, and maybe you have never been able to make the transition of saying “YES SIR” to your bosses at the AG Chambers hence Yahya Jammeh, to seeing yourself as a head of a equal co-branch of government representing the interest of all Gambians- by the way, Gambians who paid your salaries and allowances and other perks you enjoyed as CJ. Your job as CJ was not just to adhere to the wishes of Yahya Jammeh but to see that justice is dispense to all Gambians fairly and equitably. The judiciary is one institution that is vital in preserving the peace and tranquility in any more state as the alternative would be chaos and anarchy. Can you imagine if people have no fate in the judicial system in seeking redress and therefore decides to takes matters into their own hands, which can happens when the judiciary is corrupt and seen by the citizenry as unfair and impartial.

Mr. Agim you should address the issues I have raised in this article and the previous one rather than try to lecture us on the things we already know. We do not need to be told the evils that some in the Jammeh regime perpetuate on their fellow Gambians, as we already know, and make no mistake all those people in the regime who are engaged in human rights abuses will be held account some day. Gambians would like to know what you did during your tenure as CJ, how you ran the Judiciary, what instructions were given to you on all cases in which Mr. Jammeh had an interest in, such as the Lang case, the late Baba Jobe case, the former Inspector general of Police case, the NDEA cases, lawyer Moses Richard case, just to name a few. Gambians would like to know how independent you where from the executive as CJ and how you ensured that, that independence was maintained at all times.

In your article you seem to suggest that Gambians are blaming foreigners for our woes, but nobody that I know of is making that claim. We do not have any problems with foreigners or Nigerians for that matter. Gambia and Gambians have been welcoming people from all over the world since independence in 1965, and there has never been in its history, of Gambians turning on other foreign nationals as happened in some countries including your own country of Nigeria. Contrary to your suggestions, the vast majority of Gambians are peace loving and law abiding citizens whose only wish is to be left alone to pursue their livelihood. In your desperate attempts to smooth over your horrible legacy, you are trying to make this a war of words between Gambians and foreigners and Nigerians in particular but you will not succeed. Gambians will refuse to paint with a broad brush peace loving foreigners in the Gambia including Nigerians who are hardworking and contributing to Gambia’s social-economic development, but rather will focus our attention on corrupt people like you who have done more to help this regime suppressed Gambians than anyone I know. The vast majority of Nigerians are decent and hardworking people who do not subscribe to your philosophy of “get the money now” no matter how and who becomes a victim in the process. Gambia had been served by a lot of legal luminaries from Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone for years due to lack of capacity in our own bench but those were people with integrity and did their best for the Gambian judiciary, far different from you. Mr. Aim you where never interested in seeing justice administered in a fair and impartial manner as your overriding concern was getting money to finish your mansion in Nigeria. For you justice  when only to the highest bidder through your network of lawyers such Chime, Ida Drammeh and lawyer Jobarteh now minister of justice  just to name a few. In your tenure court cases were not decided in the courtroom but in a bar along the Senegambia highway. Mr. Agim, Gambia is a small country and we all know what is going on though we might be powerless to act but surely we are documenting everything. Mr Agim I will accept that nobody is perfect and we all sometimes fall short, but in your case it was the norm rather than the exception.

Mr. Agim it’s so hypocritical of you trying to advice us on how to get out of our mess. A mess you helped in no small measure to create and perpetuate. Every African country had at one point or another gotten its fair share of dictatorship including your homeland Nigeria. Dictatorship in Nigeria was not eradicated in one day or overnight because of people like you, who always profit from such a nightmare. It took decades for democracy and the rule of law to be restored in Nigeria and surely if it can be restored in Nigeria; it will be restored in the Gambia. Mr.  Agim Gambians are a lot smarter than you give them credit for and quite frankly do not need a lecture from an opportunist like you whose only idea was to profit from a dysfunctional system. Today you are backed home in your country pretending to enjoy our ill gotten gains from Gambia but surely your day of reckoning will come.  Sitting in Nigeria and insulting Gambians is not the answer to your pending doom, rather you should be busy writing to every Gambian to ask for forgiveness and repent your sins. Gambians are forgiving people, and just maybe we might forgive you when you repent. The world is increasing becoming too small for people like you to hide and not pay for your crimes against the Gambian people. The other thing I found so amusing about you is the fact that you are willing to go on records to say all the things you are saying knowing full well that you will one day be held accountable for everything you did as CJ of the Gambia. Gambians should now take comfort from the fact that you are now providing us with the information we will use to cook your goose. I will conclude by borrowing a phrase from President Obama during his second presidential debate with Governor Mitt Romney. When Romney tried to make the point that Obama didn’t call the Benghazi attack on the US Consulate terrorism, he said and I quote ‘Please proceed Governor” Obama asked him to keep talking because he knew the Governor was going to say something inaccurate and be accountable for the falsehood, so  “Please keep talking” Mr. Agim.


Posted on Tuesday, January 01, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
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