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All Thanks and Praises due to the Almighty God, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, and in whom my Destiny resides. Dewenati.

There is little to celebrate for the past year. Many Gambians remain under custody without lawful cause including Baba Leigh, and some due to flawed judicial process. We demand their immediate unconditional release. All detainees languish in inhuman and degrading conditions. Our people remain paralyzed by fear. Oppression remains intensified. People get killed for merely voicing their opinion, the media remains severely muzzled, enforced disappearance has become institutionalized and allegations of new devices to kill people under custody with slow acting poison endemically rife. The rule of law remains hostage to the law of might. Democracy and good governance have been violently banished, and a life of poverty imposed on a creative, industrious populace. Forced labour for Jammeh replaced the dignity of labour, and the economic and financial resources of our nation have been transformed for the exclusive exploitation of one man as his personal estate or asset. Jammeh has to GO.

Our nation continues to produce the highest number of political refugees per capita in Africa, while our national army continues to lose its dominant Gambian character. The regime continues to proliferate orphans and widows, converting our nation into a silent killing field. The Criminal Code and related penal legislation have become arsenals of oppression to stifle dissent, while the Constitution vociferously raped and desecrated. The nation is driving at a senseless velocity in a vehicle without proper breaks. All Institutions of State have been destroyed, and what remains is less than a skeleton of a State. Jammeh has to GO.

However, its it imperative to express appreciation to my colleagues in the Opposition, to the indefatigable internal and online media, to the tireless Diaspora political activist groups such as STGDP, DUGA, CCG, CSAG, SGHRL, NTCG, etc, our partner international civil society organizations, Friends of The Gambia, and the scores of individual Gambians such as Alhaji Buba Baldeh, Uncle BB, and others both at home and abroad. Thank you all for your indomitable roles in the liberation struggle. AND YES to my fellow Cyber Heroes - my utmost respect and solidarity!!!!!

Special mention goes to a GMC Patron in the Pacific United States, my personal friends, Musu Kambeng Kafo, those who supported us serving in foreign countries, those who conduct our logistics, and our competent leaders, activists and great supporters at home and around the globe. Special Consideration goes to my Family who bear the brunt of the sacrifice of deprivation of our minimal resources in favour of the struggle, for my long absence during political sojourn, for being my NUMBER ONE supporters, and for believing in my greatest passion - the liberation of The Republic of The Gambia. 2013 is NOT a year of celebration - we got work to do, let’s get it done...

With God as the source of my strength, and my Faith as my moral compass, I re-dedicate my life and commit my all to The Gambia and her citizens. Long Live the Republic of The Gambia.

Posted on Wednesday, January 02, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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