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Press Release from NTCG: The arrestation and detention of Yaya Jammeh is coming in the next Days... The Revolution is urgent For The Gambia!

Dear Friends for the freedom of our homeland, The Gambia 

Here is my message to all Gambians political parties and their supporters, The Smiling Coast revolution is starting...

Fellow Gambians, Happy New Year to all and the NTCG wishes you its best wishes for 2013, the hour of the mobilization rang and the Gambian president, Yaya JAMMEH is on the way of the departure and we can feel the effects from Kartong to Koina...

I Sheikh Sidia BAYO, NTCG leader, call all the leaders of the Gambian political parties, from January 1st, 2013, to go in all the embassies in Gambia having their countries to the United Nations Security Council because the NTCG and the sons of The Gambia are ready to dislodge the tyrant of BANJUL but the Forces of the NTCG need all the political leaders of Gambia for a collective Revolution and opening the doors to a real political transition in The Republic of Gambia...

The smiling coast Revolution became inevitable since the  detention of Imam Baba Leigh and he is probably death or disappeared for ever .

It will be the first time for a religious leader  of his caliber, in The Gambia, it is a very strong symbol to the tyranny of the Gambian president...

The fall of Jammeh is a question of Days from now!

NTCG promises more than 12 000 people in the streets  for the next days, nothing and nobody can avoid this event, NTCG join to GAF will arrest Yaya JAMMEH, something is happening in the minds of Gambians to step down the regime of Banjul...

Sheikh Sidia Bayo is inviting each oppositions leaders registered in The Gambia or abroad to join The Smiling Coast Revolution going to the United Nations headquarter or any Foreigns Embassies in Banjul or theirs countries to stay in theirs offices until the arrestation of Jammeh by NTCG forces and GAF...

All supporters of those parties will follow theirs leaders naturally!

S.S.BAYO is already in The Ground, in The Gambia and he is inviting the followings main Leaders to do theirs efforts for the beginning of an uprising, the story will be on the side of the Gambian people who are suffering from 18 years of dictatorship:

Hon.Lawyer Oussaynou darboe, 

Hon.Hamat Bah, 

Hon.Halifa Sallah, 

Hon.Sidia Diatta,

Hon.Lawyer Maï Ahmed Fatty, 

Hon.Henry Gomez, 

Hon.Amadou Janneh

Hon. Banka Manneh

from Niamina Dankukung!

(The Gambia)



Editors note: Bayo, Gambians are getting tired of your BS revolution without action. This struggle is not about joke. If you want to wage an attack against Jammeh’s regime, go ahead and stop the cheap media attention.

That said, please try and inject some degree of credibility into your organization if you want to be taken seriously.  Your press releases are poorly written and it doesn’t tell well on the caliber of leadership running the NTCG.  Take your time and proofread your press releases before sending them to the media.  I wonder what happen to your team in the UK. 

You also claimed to be in Niamina Dankunku at this hour and yet you cannot spell the name of the village correctly.  If you are saying this for decoy purposes; that’s understandable, but for your information Gambians are beginning to lose faith into the NTCG due to your lack of consistency.  

Changing a consolidated regime like that of the APRC is not a playing matter. You should get your mind on the ball and stop the BS ultimatums without meaningful results. 2012 is passed gone and yet there is no regime change. Now you are back with the same BS!

I don’t think that Mr. Bayo comprehend the stakes at risk. Removing Jammeh from power, requires tactfulness and professionalism. Be professional and stop the cheap threats without action. I don’t care how many men are behind you, if you do not  demonstrate the leadership it takes to shape their direction, all your efforts will be rendered useless. This is an advice from a brother in the struggle.

Posted on Wednesday, January 02, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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