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By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier again. Yesterday, out of nowhere the dictator just calls everybody at statehouse and issued a directive that he is heading to KANILAI. This dictator is going crazy, he had a lot of meetings scheduled up for FRIDAY and he just abandoned them. Dictator Jammeh has proven over and over again that he is crazy and malad. The main reason for going to Kanilai is to worship JALANGS. He told the SG MADI JATTA that nothing is working for him and he needs to go and consult his JALANGS to see how they can help him. Our agent at the border also noticed that a lot of rebels crossed from Cassamance to Kanilai. Don't be surprised if he is also meeting with the rebels to work on his exit plan. He has lot of plans but the one that he is heavily relying on is to flee to Cassamance where he can fight both Gambia and Senegal.

Lately he has been transporting a lot of materials to the Cassamance area. Dictator Jammeh has complained to family members that he is now a prisoner and cannot travel anywhere. So he is expecting the JALANGS to rescue him. Mr. President no JALANG in this world can rescue you, only if you change your attitude towards GAMBIAN will you be rescued. But The Soldier knows that you will never change and will continue depressing GAMBIANS. You will continue arresting and jailing GAMBIANS.

Mr. President, tell the truth, you don't want to see any GAMBIAN prosper. Only foreigners will prosper in this country because they bribe you on the side. Mr. President tell us which GAMBIAN own company is progressing, there is none. You have squashed, arrested and jail any GAMBIAN who was going to be successful. The Soldier knows that you are jealous and cannot stand any GAMBIAN who is about to be successful.

Mr. President tell GAMBIANS if there is one single GAMBIAN company that you have helped to succeed without personally gaining something. Mr. President, there is none. You are jealous and you only want to see foreigners succeed. All the major businesses in the GAMBIA are now own by foreigners, you don't support a SINGLE GAMBIAN to succeed. Mr. President, why are you jealous of your own people. How come only LEBANESE, INDIANS, NIGERIANS and MORROCANS are succeeding in this country?  

Don't you know that one day someone will rule this country and not you, you need to wake up. You are thinking that the JOLAS will take bullets for you when the heat is on, NO YOU GOT IT WRONG.

Every GAMBIAN knows that JOLAS are one of the best people around, it is ONLY a few like you who are committing all kinds of crimes against humanity. But time will tell when you and your family members will be brought in front of a judge to face pure and fair justice.

Mr. President, there is one big difference between your government and Jawara's regime. Mr. President, you need to read this following sentence slowly and make sure that you fully comprehend it. During JAWARAs time, the government was AFRAID of the people. And during dictator Jammeh's time the people are AFRAID of the government. Do you know the difference? Mr. President there is nowhere in history where a president will succeed when his people are afraid of him. The people are just pretending and are afraid of you. Ask yourself, why are people afraid of your government. Mr. President you have failed the people.

Pa, we are working on a different story on Minister OUSMAN SONKO who always plans for Jammeh when it comes to killing and arresting. We will tell you how come they never released BABA JOBE and silently killed him. Pa, The Soldier and group are also following and monitoring OUSMAN SONKO family members. We know that his son attends St. Augustine's school and we are following him. His daddy is responsible for making so many families cry, so they must also face the same thing. The Soldier knows where OUSMAN SONKOs house is in LAMIN, we know everything. As predicted by The Soldier, a lot of current MDs and former MDs will be arrested soon. The DGs and their deputies will be arrested soon. Permanent secretaries will also be arrested. Dictator Jammeh is in KANILAI seeking spiritual advice and when he returns he will execute whatever his JALANGS tell him to do. Fellow GAMBIANS, this dictator believes in JALANGS and marabouts. The killing of the MILE-2 nine was all triggered by the spiritual advisers such as SOLO BOJANG who told him that he must kill nine people in order to remain as the president.

Fellow GAMBIANS, dictator Jammeh will not go down easily. He is wearing bullet proof every day, he is spending a lot of money on security and marabouts. The marabouts are also part of the problem and so are the people who are helping him too. One key person is OUSMAN Sonko and ML GIBBA and PA BOJANG. Once JAMMEH is gone, we will go after these people and their family. We will make sure that their family members also face what a majority of GAMBIANS are going through right now.



Posted on Friday, January 04, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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