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Senegalese Soldiers Part Of The Casamance Problem; Macky Sall, And Jammeh Also Part Of The Problem
Senegalese Soldiers Part Of The Casamance Problem; Macky Sall, And Jammeh Also Part Of The Problem

By A Concerned Gambian

1.      Fellow Gambians you must also understand that Macky Sall is happy that ALL rebels from Casamance have migrated to Gambia and therefore fewer problems for the Senegalese army.
The Senegalese army based in Casamance is part and parcel of the timber business, which they send to Gambia for sale, they are also protecting marijuana growers and benefiting from its trade.
Every time a problem occurs between the Senegalese soldiers and the rebels the reason is simply out of a business profit rip off problem.
Please think of this, how can a small rebel group of less than 2000 fighters keep a whole army of over 80 000 soldiers at bay for 32 years if not in CONNIVENCE??
Gambians and Senegalese should understand that Macky Sall knows exactly the above and chose to maintain the status quo just as his predecessors Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade.

2.    Gambians and Senegalese should note that it is less of a headache for the Senegalese government to maintain the status quo, realpolitik obliges at its best. Jammeh also knows this this fact whence the maintenance of this unwritten CONSPIRACY concluded between Jammeh and the Senegalese presidents. Gambian people are the big losers under this unwritten conspiracy.

3.    It is important to note that over 80% of the northern people of Senegal do not know or enjoying anything about the scavenging of the casamance resources taking place in the southern part, whiles Gambia’s geographic position within Senegal serves as curtain to hide the happenings in the south. Also note that the atrocities committed in Casamance only affects the south as the north live in PEACE and tranquility.

4.    The hidden scenario is this, if the Gambia expels all the rebels and their families resident in Gambia back to Casamance, this will constitute a catastrophe creating an exponential growing number people and rebels in Casamance. Senegal might not be able to contain it. This might change the nature of the rebellion and might eventually affect and have spillover effects to the Northern part of Senegal. This is the REAL and UNSPOKEN dilemma of the Senegalese government is faced with vis a vis Jammeh’s legacy. Few politicians are well aware of this hot potato in the hands of the Senegalese government and prefer to keep the stats quo as it is. Little did they know that this scenario is not sustainable and will not be accepted by the Gambians as the Casamance people occupies all the government job whiles Gambians remain UNEMPLOYED. There is no unemployed Jola in the Gambia today.
In this conspiracy our Senegalese leaders prefer to forget about the crying freedom and democracy for Gambians at home.

5.     As the saying goes “nations have no friends but only interest” So keeping the Gambia’s status quo as it is and keeping the northern Senegalese people ignorant of this BIG conspiracy going on in Casamance and Gambia is a recipe for future DISASTER. The problem of the Ivory Coast “IVOIRITE” dark episode is case in point to be reckoning with.

6.    The bottom line in Casamance is, that those that ALL those hold GUNS be they the (Senegalese army, Gambian army, the rebels and the community leaders including the Casamance political leaders in Dakar) are the TRUE benefiters of the Casamance debacle and resource exploitation. They wish to maintain the status quo for their selfish economic interest.
Equally, the Senegambia political scenario is exactly the same as what obtains between Algeria and Mali, whiles Algeria exports its terrible boys that carry on drug trade and the hostage ransom business in Northern Mali, the menace has resulted in the chaos of the current terrorism explosion catalyzed by the returning Touaregs heavily armed from Libya. Today France, Tchad and Ecowas had to intervene to contain the menace, as Mali alone cannot handle it. The Gambia and Senegal are heading toward a similar scenario catastrophic disaster if the situation is not arrested RIGHT NOW for a lasting peace in the Senegambia region.

7.     Jammeh must GO and the Senegambia (Casamance and Gambia) population rebalanced under a truly democratic regime and respect for national sovereignty and rule of law.
ONLY Gambians and the people of Senegal (not the government as they are part and parcel of the status quo) can fight for our OWN interest without depending or expecting the Senegalese state to come remove Jammeh who constitute the only REAL threat in the peaceful coexistence in our Senegambia region.

8.    Senegal is democratic country but the government also have their own selfish interest to protect whence the nonchalant attitude of President Macky Sall at the expense of our people.
This is the TRUTH.



Posted on Sunday, March 10, 2013 (Archive on Sunday, March 10, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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