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Inside the courtroom, High court judge Justice Abdullahi Mikailu, is considered as a "no nonsense judge," but what he does during his leisure time, it is completely a different story altogether. Justice Mikailu is some "kinda" another strange character. He is already a celebrity.  Girls love and adore him. Mikailu knows how to play the game. Forget about his high court judge status.  Banjul is about to witness another Tiger Woods scandal. Just relax and chill... We will tell you what happen. We hope the Judicial Service Commission will at least do justice to themselves, their office, and the country and investigate Mikailu's conduct.

Justice Mikailu, who sworn on oath that he will "protect and preserve" his office, when hired by the regime, will no doubt surprise his colleagues in the Bench, including his employer dictator Jammeh.  Mikailu is in love with a Gambian lady.  Mikailu has been busy organizing birthday parties for his secret mistress(s). We never know that Mikailu is an outgoing judge. He enjoys the company of "light skin" Gambian women. The foreign judge has found himself into a "serious romantic relationship" with a Gambian girl called Fatoumatta Barry. This is the lady Justice Mikailu has been spending quality time with, even under the company of his friends and paparazzi.  Mikailu threw a birthday party for his new chick in town Ms. Barry.  Our agent was there to witness the birthday celebration.  He took some photographs of the pair without them knowing. 

Often times, we heard about horrific stories of Nigerian judges and magistrates dating Gambian women.  One of the judges, who was recently sacked, in fact impregnated his Gambian girlfriend outside wedlock. 

In the case of Justice Mikailu, pictures never lie. Is this not Justice Mikailu cutting a birthday  cake for his girlfriend Fatoumatta Barry? What impression is Mikailu creating? That legal luminaries entrusted with dispensing justice can float around with unmarried women? Is this justice Gambia? Will Mikailu's conduct not undermine the administration of justice in this country?  We are merely asking a legitimate question.  Are judges not expected to keep high standards and ethics?

Well, under normal circumstances, judges should be of people of good moral character, standing, ethics and above all honest. Actions that will bring a disrepute into their person(s) and office should be avoided. 

Justice Mikailu could be seen hocking and romancing with the young Gambian lady Fatoumatta Barry. In one of the pictures, Ms. Barry, who bleached her skin, was almost half naked. She dressed that night to impress her partner Justice Mikailu. The pair were in a comprising position when our agent photographed them.

The last time we checked the Daily Observer, Jammeh's propaganda media outlet, Mikailu, denied the former Finance Minister Mamburay Njie, a court bail and yet he granted bail to the two GRA officials Musukebba Corr and Mamour Joof each in the tune of D20 Million dalasi. Mikailu's "selective" justice is evident on the cases assigned to him. He has sent so many Gambians to jail for allegedly not obeying the law and yet he can stoop that low to float around with our women.  He dares not behave like this in his native country and expect to keep his job.  But don't worry, the Gambia, under dictator Jammeh embraces such so called legal luminaries. 

Mikailu is presiding over other "high profile cases" at this hour. His private life matters as a judge, because he cannot be sending people to jail, when he is openly socializing with unmarried women.  He should set good standards for others to follow. 

If Justice Mikailu is truly interested in a serious relationship, he better marries Ms. Fatoumatta Barry, than floating around with her.  He should at least give some degree of respect to his office even whereas he as as a person doesn't value his reputation. The credibility and reputation of the judiciary is at stake. 

Justice Mikailu should be placed on an "administrative leave" until such time that he has been cleared from any possible ethical violations. This is crucially imperative in the interest of justice. 

The pair could not be reached for immediate comment during the weekend. Our source said Mikailu and Fatoumatta  Barry have been  dating for a while now.

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Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2013 (Archive on Monday, September 16, 2013)
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