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PANORAMA with 'Bulfaaleh'- IEC APRC NAMS Vice President Njie Saidy,SOS Hydara-Evil Planners.
The IEC Impotent,Incompetent and a bunch of crooks working to prolong the unwanted.

Finally! the verdict has been read. Sheikh Tijan Hydara a cold stooge like his sister-in-waiting VP Isatou Njie-Saidy have come up with  more acid to pour on Gambian politics. Sheikh Tijan Hydara is not all that sound to see beyond his nose. For those who really know this incompetent insurance lawyer will not be surprised to see him twisted and turned. Cheikh Tijan was nothing more than a limping dog in the legal profession. Now he is a dead lame one. He wags his tail to the VP and President Jammeh at anytime they whistle. Ask the Ceesays of Niamina Enterprise they know Cheikh Tijan very well. He married one of them and then his weak heart wanted to dump their daughter for the sake of a Lebanese he inherited from his boss. This so-called son of a Shiriff is one of the worse things that  can happen to our country at this point of time.
If ever Sheikh Tijan dares attack his former in-laws because of this piece he will leave to regret that. We will reveal everything indecent about him from Banjul to every corner of the world. These people have nothing to do with I write. My facts are from Sheikh Tijan's own family members. There are some of his half brothers who do not like him at all. He knows that very well. He also knows why they dislike him.
Cheikh Tijan receives lectures from VP Isatou Njie Saidy every morning,afterwards he rushes back to his office to copy and paste her words without disputing anything.
What else on this evil planner?
Cheikh Tijan Hydara was an insurance lawyer in Banjul. Many petty traders along the crowded road near his old office know him. I met one of them today,she relayed a lot more about the man. She threatens to reveal more about Tijan Hydara. No Gambian should expect anything sophisticated from this comedian being called a legal adviser to President Jammeh. Instead he is a law student before President Jammeh and VP Njie Saidy. Well if Jammeh himself does not understand the very basics of The Gambia's Criminal Code  what should  one expect from Sheikh Tijan his student?
Sheikh Tijan Hydara's "quadruple calls...."
Every SOS working for President Jammeh has what they call the RED BUTTON OR HOT LINE. When it blinks means President Jammeh is calling. I will not hesitate to say,they cut their daily prayers and run towards the phone to answer to President Jammeh's call. Answering Jammeh's calls is a force particularly during a period when is moody towards the person being called. The person or SOS better not ignore his call.
SOS Hydara permanently lays his hand on the phone waiting for it to dial. Usually his paranoia and anxiety heightens when he is about to go to parliament ie working on defending a bill that favours President Jammeh's interest. These are the moments when Hydara retorts at any secretary or visitor who dares touch his office's door. He always says..."What do you want?!" to anyone who is unfortunate to touch his door when he is expecting a call from President Jammeh. Should a man who is expected to help guide the custodian of the constitution behave that way? Will this man change what President Jammeh does or says even if it is wrong?
SOS Hydara and VP Njie Saidy are cold stooges who will stay with President Jammeh for a long,long time.
The SOS Justice Hydara is under "justified pressure". This pressure is "justified" by Hydara himself because he calls it his job? How can he know the law and then be forced to go against its ethics without tendering his resignation? He shamelessly wants to force into people's minds that he knows the law. Hydara is at the same time a naive,half-baked lawyer.
None among the Gambian lawyers at the moment would waste a single minute arguing with Hydara in a court. Any one of them can  finish him within ten seconds. This of course qualifies Hydara as President Jammeh's best SOS for Justice. Who else fits this position under an unlettered dictator better than Hydara?
These type of so-called legal men and women bring nothing else other than shame and garbage into this noble profession. They are unwanted elements within a profession thats expected to protect the rights of the citizens of the land.
This is why a man like Hydara receives what I will call the "quadruple-2-liner" calls. He receives two calls from President Jammeh everyday in the morning and two seperate calls every evening. These calls are meant to follow up and or strengthen the wishes of the dictator before Hydara leaves his office for anything related to legal matters. This is meant to defend the State house's unlettered head of state. He as well receives the same calls at the end of every errand. Those who see Hydara before and after he leaves parliament know exactly what is being said here. Sheikh Tijan Hydara is the only SOS who never skips his mission at the house of parliament. He likes going there because Isatou Njie Saidy believes it is a good place where they can wash President Jammeh's image.
Apart from him no other SOS under Jammeh cares about these sessions. They never budge coming to parliament because the President deliberately sends them on endless errands. He chooses his timing therefore stops them from attending these sessions because he knows the questions from parliament in advance. The reason behind this is to avoid the questions from Halifa Sallah and Sidia Jatta. President Jammeh is usually briefed and fed on what the house of parliament is ready to talk about well before they meet.The former speaker SM Dibba complained about the latter before he was finally disgraced.
VP Njie Saidy meddles with the bills before they are presented at parliament...
Whether good or bad for the country VP Njie Saidy always encourages them to use parliament as a cover. She preaches this stand in her office. She makes the APRC NAMS get the message before vanishing into thin air. I can bet if the tthese bills being designed by Isatou Njie Saidy were to be scrutinised by the Gambian bar before reaching parliament, many of our lawyers would have vomitted on their chairs. This is why it is so hard for any serious legal guru to practice in The Gambia. They work along the perimiters of laws that have been passed by high drop outs and cold stooges like Isatou Njie Saidy. People who cannot even do the home works of their kids, designing our country's laws? Officials like Isatou Njie Saidy have been repeating archaic letters from their former bosses over the years. They picked up these jargons thus keep on using them in every context whether wrong or right! Anyone who denies can challenge VP Njie Saidy on originality and see?  She is empty! But Isatou says she is capable. Capable of copying and pasting nonsense. These type of people pretend before Gambians saying they are respected by the western diplomats. Which diplomat? How about removing the hook from President Jammeh's mouth at a time when he needs it most?
Today as I was standing I saw VP Njie Saidy pass by with her motorcade. I could not help but laugh. This very character goes around to polling stations pretending to be a cool person. She impresses the gullible in that cold way. Isatou is as pretentious as pretension itself. She is a snake. During the 2001 elections I saw her come on line early in the morning trying to impress the voters that she was humble? Humble?
Isatou Njie Saidy humble? We may as well ask the guards who blocked the VP's close family member only to wait for her to wake up after an hour! What Isatou had to say? "I cannot see her today..." even after being told that the lady was there to ask her some money to buy food for her kids. Is that what humility is about? The likes of VP Isatou Njie Saidy will be killing our sons and daughters for years while we sit around and watch,saying she is humble. Humble my boots!
Isatou Njie Saidy is threatening every UDP supporter at the moment saying she knows Ousainou Darboe,therefore she can reveal bad things about him. She was saying so when I was sitting before her. She dares not deny this. We will be handling these cold stooges like Isatou very well. They are worse than Musa Jammeh and Tumbul Tamba. At least these people have been identified but many are yet to know what our so-called humble Vice President does....

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2006 (Archive on Monday, August 28, 2006)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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