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My brother, our TAINTED WITNESS ALLOWED TO PAS LAWYER BOSS OF A SUPERKANJA MOUTH is playing smart and not being clever. He has dissolved our NDEA maintenance team to hide his tracks thinking that people have chicken brains to forget so easily. Ben we are far better than you and your cheap degree. You will be shocked that SULANDING KUNJARO knows the whole nine yards about you.

You have dissolved this unit because SULANDING Kunjaro will not let you sleep yeah? I will teach you sense here which you really lack. You lack logic but you will learn the hard way. Do you think that we will ever forget that you have abused this unit? No, NO may pig head friend, you will one day be dragged to court for all your abuses.

You have potted your stupid boot licker Kunchi to Mansakonko and our pathological lair commissioner Yusupha to Basse to get them out of the lime light to lure us to forget the theft they committed in concert with you. No man you are damn wrong we are no fools. Rose your wife was in Basse for the Xmas, John Jammeh works at GPAand Daddy boy lives in UK. Do not panic old goat, I mean no harm, just to show you that SULANDING KUNJARO is not your match.

You are gallivanting with chief inspector Fanta Fatty,yeah? You suspended two ladies for having problems with her without salty for three months yeah? You believe in power freak and you go bleating everywhere mee mee because maybe they killed two she goats for your naming ceremony. H E will soon know you are you will regret ever being a lair you are. You are also bluffing that you caused the dissolution of BULLDOZER yeah. You said you are smart to allege them of using their trucks to carry drugs from foni.

You are a liar and wicked but NEMESIS will catch up with you soon. Be ready for part two of SULANDING KUNJARO's revelations on you this is your Xmas gift.

Posted on Friday, January 04, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, February 28, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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