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By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier again. Please inform all the GAMBIANS that we have a fake SG, MADI JATTA is fake and is a criminal and The Soldier will prove this statement. Mr. President and Mr. Dictator, your new secretary general Mr. Madi Jatta is the worst SG since you came to power. He is just like you, a thief and a criminal. Mr. President, we all came to the army without being screened and it appears that you are still doing the same thing with any one you are appointing in your government. Do you know that the world have passed that stage. Mr. dictator why can't you ask your secret services to always screen your high profile appointees before confirming them. Do you know how many criminals you have hired into your administration. Do you know how many criminals are among you security apparatus, do you know how many former prisoners are among your security apparatus? 

Mr. dictator your new secretary general is a criminal and the records are there to be reviewed. Mr. Madi Jatta was involved in a visa scam and the case was at both NDEA and NIA. Mr. President just find out from these two institutions they will elaborate more. Mr. Made Jatta was investigated for taking someone's money by saying that he can help the son acquire a U.S visa. The person gave him three thousand dollars and he disappeared with the money and was later apprehended. Again, ask the NDEA and NIA, the records are there. After he confessed to the crime he ended up paying the money. Mr. President The Soldier knows everything. Since you are a criminal, you always hire a criminal so that they can help you steal. Mr. Madi Jatta is always going to say YES SIR to anything you want and that is one of the reasons you appointed him. He is not qualified for this important position. This is what dictators do when their time is over; they are blind and keep on relying on JALANGS. Continuing on Madi Jatta, you need to find out why he was sacked from the education sector, he talks too much and will not hesitate to reveal state secrets to women he fancy. How can you appoint someone who divorce seven different women. You are crazy Mr. President. Mr. Madi Jatta is the worst womanizer than both you and Njogu Bah combined.

Pa, on a different topic, dictator Jammeh just gave a lot of money to some local musicians to counter on the impunity song. Dictator Jammeh gave them a lot of money to sing and praise him. Our reliable agents confirmed that Sambou Susso received D100, 000.00, Samba Bah D100, 000.00, Dihar D100, 000.00 and a beautiful xxxxxx manjogo girl D300, 000.00. Mr. President why did you give the girl more than the others. Hmmm, are you planning to sleep with her, yes you do, please wear a condom; you are passing diseases to our beautiful and young girls. Mr. President if you want to help all GAMBIAN musicians why did you only select these musicians. Mr. President, be real. The Soldier knows that you are the curer of aids, but please wear a condom on your ding ding!!!!!

Pa, the dictator is selling everything to make money. This includes asking PA BOJANG to go to our beach which belongs to all of us to fill his personal trucks and sell the sand to us. He is selling used clothes, uniforms, palm oil and everything you can think about including DRUGS. He will sell anything for money.



Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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