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By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier again. Fellow Gambians, today in our this edition, we would like to inform everyone that Muhabbad Lamin Gibba called ML GIBBA and chimpanzee is another idiot who is mixing descent Gambians with dictator Jammeh. Our agents told us that ML GIBBA brags that he is a brother to the dictator and nobody can challenge him. He worships tribalism and is responsible for the sacking and charging of the former MD of GPA Mr. Tambedou. ML GIBBA is bragging that he advised the dictator to arrest Mr. Tambedou and also advises him on state issues. ML GIbba is using his connection with the president to threaten innocent GAMBIANS. He is one guy who is helping dictator Jammeh to commit economic crimes. He will issue the president with millions without any signature. He told people that he is not a fool and will also steal from dictator Jammeh. Mr. President both you and ML GIBBA will one day face a commission, no doubt. ML GIBBA and Ousman Sonko are close friends and are working on a plan that is going to surprise Gambians. 

The former MD, Mr. Tambedou is a gentleman. Mr. President Lamin Sanyang and Ebou Gibba a mere security officer are ML GIBB as handpicked informers at the GPA.

Mr. President just like other departments the GPA belongs to a group of JOLAS who are threatening other tribes and the situation is about to explode. Ask your bulldozer officers to find this out. 

 ML GIBBA is a womanizer who is employing ladies in exchange of his sexual desires. Mr. President there is no democracy at the GPA? Mr. President since you decide on everything please safeguard the GPA. Mr. President, tell GAMBIANS how come the new FERRIES are still not in operation. Did ML GIBBA waste millions again. One day a commission will ask these questions as everything written on the internet is archived for future purposes. ML GIBBA, can you tell GAMBIANS what happened to the NEW FERRIES, where are they and why are they not operating. Mr. President, can you please ask ML GIBBA what happened to the GPA case where ML GIBBAs cousin embezzled six million dalasi. What happened to the case, did somebody pay the money, why is she not in jail. Mr. President, please leave Mr. Tambedou alone. ML GIBBA, did you talk to PA HARRY to withdraw the case, very interesting. We are documenting every case and each case will be revisited.

Pa, as we are in the process of finishing writing the this story we just received credible information from one of agents at the Basse military camp that Solo left Basse and is back at Kanilai. Solo was tasked by the dictator to do something at Basse and our agents are digging and we will find out soon. Nothing will escape our agents stationed all over the country and beyond. Whatever Solo was asked to execute did not materialize and Solo told a close friend that he is afraid to tell the dictator about the negative results. This is what happens when a state is run by people like Solo Bojang. Again, Solo Bojang is responsible for the dismissals, arrest, jailing and killing of so many GAMBIANS. He must dance to his own tunes. We also released our agents to find out where Solo Bojang's marabout is, we learned that he is around Busumbala. The Soldier will find out.



Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2013 (Archive on Thursday, January 31, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI

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