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 Captain Ebou Camara is a member of the United States Armed Forces. Mr. Camara in an interview with Freedom Radio said the "majority of the Gambians at home and the diaspora are not happy with the way our country is being governed. It is no question that Gambia is at a fail state. I know many believe that politics will never bring change but I am optimistic because the alternative could be detrimental to our already limited infrastructure." Mr. Camara was speaking with Freedom Radio's Pa Nderry M'Bai on Sunday. The US Army Captain said the situation of governance in the Gambia is appalling. He said he lacks faith in Gambia's judicial system and the government of the day. For The Gambia to move towards the road for good governance, Camara encourages everybody at home and in the diaspora to open lines of communication with the government. Put in place an organization with competent people who understand our issues to represent our agenda in dialogues with the Jammeh administration. Treat each other with respect irrespective of our difference in ideology and stance. Have an inclusive attitude and refrain from pushing for instant gratification understanding that any meaningful change will be a working progress. Treat this struggle to be about Gambia not solely a Jammeh issue. Be honest with ourselves and to each other and ultimately we will thrive." Mr. Camara's sister Fatou Camara was recently arrested and charged with supplying information to Editor Pa Nderry M'Bai, a charge Ms. Camara denied. Fatou used to be dictator Jammeh's press Director. She recently jumped court bail. Below is our interview with Captain Ebou Camara.


Freedom Radio: Good evening Mr. Ebou Camara. Welcome to Freedom Radio. Thanks for accepting our invitation to join us here at Freedom. Could you briefly introduce yourself to our listeners. Who is Ebou Camara?

E. Camara: 
Pa let me first and foremost say that I am neither speaking for the United States government nor am I speaking for the United States Army, an honorable institution I have been blessed to be a part of for almost two decades but merely speaking as a Gambian descend with a great concern for our state of affairs. I am not even speaking for Fatou Camara who is capable of address her own issues.

I am Ebrima K. Camara, a brother to Fatou Camara. I hail my roots from Dippa Kunda. A town I built significant memories which developed me to be the man I am today. 

Freedom Radio: Now let us get to business. To start with: let talk about the case of your sister Fatou Camara. What happen? 

E. Camara: Pa please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all Fatou’s supporters and well-wishers. You are the fluorescents of humanity, Thank you for your untiring support to Fatou.

we are here in part to talk about a phenomenal woman, a woman of character, hard work dedication and commitment to serve her nation with distinction. While some hated everything she stands for, most adore her. Some call her a friend, a confidant and idol. My parents call her a daughter, we are proud to call her a sister but most importantly Pa; there are three young fellows who looks to her as a source of inspiration so they call her mom. 

Freedom Radio: In your own view, what do you think must have triggered Fatou Camara's arrest? 

E. Camara: Quite frankly I don’t think the guys that arrested her even know why they did. 

Freedom Newspaper: Given Fatou Camara 's past excellent rapport with Yahya Jammeh, have you ever dreamt of seeing your sister in such a predicament--to the point of fleeing from The Gambia? 

E. Camara: I am not certain of her excellent rapport with Jammeh but Fatou is a household name in Banjul and I can see how it could be perceived that she is closed to Jammeh. There is a wide gap between Fatou and Jammeh in all aspects.

Freedom Radio: So you have always anticipated Fatou parting Company with Jammeh? Why? 

E. Camara: We have all seen people hired and fired in the Jammeh government. So I think when you accept appointment from him, it is not a matter of if but rather when you will get the axe. 

Freedom Radio: Fatou Camara spent almost three weeks in NIA custody before she was formally charged by the state. During the course of her detention; was the family allowed to access her? 

E. Camara: For the most part no. Fatou has not been in contact with the family. 

Freedom Radio : At the family level, what have you done to secure Fatou's release? 

E. Camara: I wrote a personal letter to the President pleading with him for my sister’s release. I had to change the letter a couple of times to suit his language but ultimately he received it. 

Freedom Radio: Now the million dollar question everyone in and out of Banjul is asking is: How did Fatou Camara and her sureties managed to escape from The Gambia unnoticed? What can you tell us about the escape of your sister Fatou 

Camara ? I am not at liberty to answer that question I guess we all have to wait to read her memoir or her interview in due time. But I will say this to the person or people responsible, my family and I owe you a debt of appreciation for your heroism sacrifice and love of freedom. 

E. Camara: 

Freedom Radio: As a family member, I am sure you must be privy to some information about Fatou's bail condition that we don't know. Who bailed Fatou Camara? 

E. Camara: Pa, Fatou is a good citizen of our nation. There is no shortage of people out there that will come to her rescue without reservation. 

Freedom Radio: Who do you think must have helped Fatou Camara and her sureties to escape?

E. Camara: Please let me know when you find out because I owe those great people a hand shake if nothing else for giving her the freedom that she deserves, to be there for her boys and raise them as any parent would

Freedom Radio: Was there any foreign intervention associated with Fatou Camara's " Great escape" as it is called in some quarters? Do you have any information that Fatou Camara must have been aided to escape by some foreign elements?

E. Camara : I honestly can’t say. But it has to be a daring operation, one that defies imagination.

Freedom Radio: Where is Fatou Camara at this hour? 

E. Camara: She is on her way to her final destination. 

Freedom Radio: Why is she on the run?

E. Camara : Well lets see, she was held for 25 days, denied access to her family without being charged. I think I can go on record to say that she was not going to get a fair trial from her captors. 

Freedom Radio: In your view , do you think Fatou jumping bail was the right think for her to do under the circumstances? 

E. Camara: I don’t think it is the right thing, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is the right thing. In all of this, my heart goes to the person who bail her. I pray that God see him through this and hope he does not get in trouble over it.

Freedom Radio: What would you say to critics saying that if Fatou Camara truly believes in her innocence; why was she running from prosecution?

E. Camara: There is no question on Fatou’s innocence but at the same token no one can fight a government especially when you are being set up as in her case.

Freedom Radio: Why didn't she stay in The Gambia and defend her innocence? 

E. Camara: Rule of law does not exist in Banjul, and this is not a secret.

Freedom Radio: Was it your wish to have your sister working for a dictator? If no, why? 

E. Camara: Pa I don’t expect Fatou to do anything on my wish but Fatou was working for the Gambia. Not all of us have the desire to go overseas and hustle. Fatou is committed to work hard in her native country and put forth her contribution in our nation building. 

Freedom Radio: Now give us a little background information about Fatou Camara. How did she came in contact with the Jammeh regime? You grew up with Fatou. Both of you travelled to the US at some point in search of greener pastures. What can you tell us about your sister?

E. Camara: In 1994 Fatou worked at Radio one FM.

In 1995 as a PR for NYSS (nation youth service scheme) and part time citizen FM reading 10 pm news. GRTS was opened that same year she hosted some youth program alongside Fatou Sanneh

In 1996 while working for citizen FM she did the commercials for Jammeh’s campaign and right after the 1996 election she went to England to study media and communication.

1998 went back home, went to an attachment to GRTS and was offer a job until 2000.

She has been in the United States from 2000 to 2002.

From 2002 to 2005 she worked at GRTS as a news broadcaster.

2005 she worked for the US Embassy as Protocol/Military Liaison Assistant to the Ambassador until 2008.

She resigned that position in 2008 to set up her media company (I media) Depending on who you ask they will tell you she was fired from the embassy. 

In Mar 2011 to Jun the same year she served as Jammeh’s Press Secretary while maintaining her show and weekly news broadcast.

She was hired again as the Press Secretary in May to Aug this year when she was fired again.

Freedom Radio: I was talking to someone the other day. The person happens to be a Yahya Jammeh supporter. And this was what he told me: "Fatou Camara should be the last person who should use the media to speak evil of Yahya Jammeh because without Yahya Jammeh no one will know her." The person then talked about Jammeh appointing her twice as Director of Press and paying her millions of dalasi to shoot a developmental project documentary for Jammeh. Your response please. 

E. Camara: Fatou did President Jammeh’s 1996 election campaign advertisement, which was contracted to Jeggan Grey Johnson 

Yes Yahya did pay Fatou to shoot the developmental project documentary. She was hired because Jammeh knew that.

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2013 (Archive on Saturday, November 30, 2013)
Posted by PNMBAI  Contributed by PNMBAI


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