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No Ferries In The Gambia: Welcome To JK's Land!!
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (1345 reads)

Welcome to JK'S land. The land that's blessed with development. This is another side of town that JK doesn't want his fans to see. Development versus a decaying infrastructure. Chey Gambia. Jollof is nice. When will JK fix the grounded ferries? Only God knows.

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Senegalese artist Ouza Diallo says he supports the execution of two Senegalese nationals Tabara Samba and Gibbi Bah by Yahya Jammeh.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (2013 reads)

Senegalese artist Ouza Diallo says he supports the execution of two Senegalese nationals Tabara Samba and Gibbi Bah by Yahya Jammeh.

As Ouza attacks DUGA And Yanamarr  

Senegalese artist Ouza Diallo says he supports the execution of two Senegalese nationals Tabara Samba and Gibba Bah by Yahya Jammeh. The singer said the two deserved to be killed since they have violated Gambian laws. "I have no sympathy for them. Laws are meant to be obeyed and respected. If Senegal has such laws and I happen to be convicted I don't mind being executed," Ouza said. The singer also accuses DUGA and Yanamarr saying they are on the payroll of the West. Mr.Diallo also alleges that DUGA and Yanamarr have been funded by the West to promote gay rights, a claimed both organizations have flatly denied. The singer also praised dictator Jammeh for his developmental programs and Jammeh's commitment to the ideals of panAfricanism. Jammeh, he said, has brought development to The Gambia and also safeguarding the nation's moral values. Ouza said his support for dictator Jammeh was largely motivated by Jammeh's firm stance against imperialism and the introduction of gay rights on the continent. He said any sane and patriotic leader should not encourage gay rights. He said these are cultures alien to Africans. Ouza also said that the 30 years PPP regime has brought massive underdevelopment and ignorance to poverty stricken Gambians. He admitted that the Jawara regime harbored him while he was having problems with the then administration of Abdou Diouf and late President Senghore, but notwithstanding, he doesn't see the rational for him to compose a song for Jawara. He said Jawara's regime represents failure and was also insensitive to the plight of suffering Gambians. He said that while he was in the Gambia, people party from Thursday to Sunday... Ouza also attacked the former Jammeh enablers residing in the US. He said some of them used to encourage him to praise sing Yahya Jammeh. Although, he refuses to give names of such folks. "They know themselves," he said. For more on the story, tune in...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (2540 reads)


By Abdoulie Jatta

I really enjoyed your analysis on Monday 17 February 2014. Gambian soldiers might be cowards but, it is not easy to take on the enemy if you do not have a clear knowledge about him. The 1994 coup was timely and unanimous. When the time comes for Jammeh to be unseated he will surely leave. Gambians are good at talking but they do not have clear knowledge about the enemy. Muamarr Gaddafi suppressed and killed more people than Jammeh has done but, when it was time to kick him out it was very easy. We are all to blame about the current situation in the Gambia. The soldiers tried to unseat Yahya Jammeh several times but, we failed. Gambians are more brave than any other country in this universe. The Gambian issue has to be handled with utmost care and responsibility. The soldiers are members of the society and they undergo  the same or more than what the civilians experience under Jammeh's dictatorship. Gaddafi stayed in power  longer  than Jammeh has been. Ben Ali and Mubarak were also more of dictators than Yahya Jammeh. The soldiers did not overthrow the Government but, instead  the civilians went into the streets and thereafter the security personnel gave them  backup.

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Jallow Kanilai To Leave Banjul To Attend ECOWAS'S 44TH Ordinary Session In Ivory Coast!!
Monday, March 24, 2014 (2865 reads)

Jallow Kanilai To Leave Banjul To Attend ECOWAS'S 44TH Ordinary Session In Ivory Coast!!

Security Briefings: We have just finalized the details of the Advance team travelling to Ivory Coast ahead of the ECOWAS Summit to be held in Ivory Coast. Jallow Kanilai has committed himself to attending this important Summit--amid growing insecurity in the country. JK's own close aides are apprehensive about the future of this administration. The ECOWAS Conference has been scheduled to take place on Friday March 28. The Advance Team's role is to monitor the security on the ground in Ivory Coast prior to JK's arrival. We are all excited that he is leaving. We want him to leave so that we can have a breathing space. This is an opportune moment for something big to happen.. For your information, Oga wants to travel with a high powered delegation. SG Momodou Sabally and Foreign Minister Senghore are among those travelling with him. Oga came back from Saudi Arabia with disappointment. The Arabs merely made empty pledges. There is no definitive affirmation from their end that financial help is coming pretty soon to his door steps. The Saudi private sector are not keen at investing in The Gambia. They don't see the business prospectives for them to make it in The Gambia.

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Monday, March 24, 2014 (2262 reads)


By Kalil Laye

Dear Editor Mbai:

I should be grateful to you, if you would publish these observations of mine: I heard you say that Jammeh [with the aid of his Arab friends] is secretly hatching a plan to impose on the Gambian people the Arabic language [as the new official tongue.]   I frankly wish he did. But I am sure he won't. How can he? This guy cannot speak even an iota of Arabic [despite his false propaganda that he is a Sheikh Al Islam!] By the way, has anybody ever heard him utter a single correctly pronounced Arabic words? The last time I heard him say his prayers it sounded like the mooing cry of a Spanish bull [reciting Surat Al Fatiyah.]  I think if there is one single language that this baboon can express himself in [albeit with broken grammar], it is the English language. Even his supposedly native [or mother] tongue [the Jola language] seems to be a foreign language to him. 

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All Ferries In The Gambia Have Been Grounded!!
Monday, March 24, 2014 (2574 reads)

All Ferries In The Gambia Have Been Grounded!!

All ferries at the Banjul ports have been grounded due to mechanical problems, the Freedom Newspaper can report. This latest development has rendered the port's financial basket to dry. There is no movement of ferries at this hour. The regime lacks money to repair the grounded ferries. Meanwhile, thousands of travelers are struggling to board small canoes to Barra and Banjul. The canoes are not sea safety. Some of the boats occasionally sang in the sea while ferrying passengers between Banjul and Barra. In addition, there are limited life jackets available to passengers. 

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'Gambia Is Being Ruled By An Insane Despot,' James Bahoum
Monday, March 24, 2014 (2152 reads)

'Gambia Is Being Ruled By An Insane Despot,' James Bahoum   

Political activist James Bahoum exposes dictator Yahya Jammeh's despotism and destruction of our economy, and the infrastructure. James branded Jammeh as an insane despot, who had waged an all out war against The Gambia and her people since coming to power about twenty years ago. Mr. Bahoum said he is optimistic that the battle is about to be won against Jammeh's tyranny. He also commented on Jammeh's plans to change Gambia's official language. He also accuses Jallow Kanilai of being dictatorial and lack of wisdom and knowledge to run the affairs of the state. Bahoum noted that Jammeh is worse than the colonialists he (Jammeh) constantly accused of looting the country's limited resources. He said Jammeh has destroyed everything we valued as Gambians ranging from: social cohesion, stability, judiciary, legislature, the Executive, the Independent Electoral Commission, the Civil Service, Hospitals including other sectors of national development. Jammeh, he said, represents failure and evil. The Gambia has now been rendered as a laughingstock thanks to Jammeh's foolishness, he said. He said Jammeh should be dislodged from power come what may in the interest of salvaging our nation from this monster.

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How To Access Freedom Newspaper From The Gambia? Check This Out!!!
Monday, March 24, 2014 (2692 reads)

How To Access Freedom Newspaper From The Gambia? Check This Out!!!



"Proxy websites are nothing but of online proxy servers, Instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked at your place, you will first connect to a Proxy server and it will redirect to the blocked website and you can access them easily. There are many proxy websites available on internet, I can give you a huge list of them. But these are most widely used online proxies," has reported.






How to open blocked websites using Hidemyass,

 First go to HIDEMYASS website. Enter the URL of the blocked website in the input Box and click on the button HIDEMYASS. Instantly it will show the blocked website.

You can use this simple method to access all the static websites and can access them quite easily, IF even HIDEMYASS website is blocked in your collage, school or office just pick any other proxy website from the above list it will work fine.

2. Use Tor Browser to surf anonymously to open


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Gambia's oil is contained in the Vision 20-20 CD!!!
Sunday, March 23, 2014 (1679 reads)

Gambia's oil is contained in the Vision 20-20 CD!!!

It is over a decade now, when Jallow Kanilai personally displayed what was said to be a CD containing the famous Gambia's offshore oil fields on GRTS. This was the CD JK showcases on his media empire to fool our people, including some international oil mining firms. A Canadian oil company was among the firms JK has duped. He started issuing licenses to foreign oil companies on the basis that the said companies will explore Gambia's potentials to drill oil. In the process, JK was able to rake millions of dollars from the unsuspecting oil firms. He did not only rob them, he also rescinded their oil mining licenses. Here is vision 20-20 at the corner. JK has not even accomplish a fraction of the big promises contained in the CD. Dominic Mendy, the former Finance Minister was the main brain behind the vision 20-20 blueprint document. Mr. Mendy would be shocked to learn that the document that he coauthored was an unrealistic vision. Broken promises from a corrupt despot. 

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Abdoulie Savage Vs Pa Modou Ann!
Sunday, March 23, 2014 (2354 reads)

Abdoulie Savage Vs Pa Modou Ann!

By A Concerned Gambian, UK

The PR exercise of Lt Col. Retired Ann was excellent, and both he and Captain Kanteh came across as very credible and desirable alternatives to our present so called President. They offer integrity, humility, and a return to traditional  Gambian virtues that we long to return to. They are both well qualified as soldiers and in their education. At face value ideal candidates. Abdoulie Savage came as across as overly cautious and was regarded as negative, which provoked passionate comments, including from Fatou Camara who phoned back specially. Pa, on listening to your one to one interview with Abdoulie Savage  today, it became clear that his concerns are well grounded in the reality on the ground in Gambia today. The American invasion of Iraq and it’s outcome is well documented in the news, although many Gambians may not know the full story of the resulting the chaos and bloodshed over the past 10 years 9/11 or the terrorist attack on the New York twin towers happened on George Bush Jnrs. Watch.

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