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RWANDA: One newspaper editor goes missing, another targeted by threats and smears
Tuesday, August 08, 2006 (1756 reads)

Reporters Without Borders
Press release

8 August 2006

RWANDA: One newspaper editor goes missing, another targeted by threats and smears

Reporters Without Borders voiced deep concern today about the editors of two independent weeklies, Bonaventure Bizumuremyi of Umuco and Charles Kabonero of Umuseso. Bizumuremyi went missing 24 hours after the police came to his newspaper to arrest him, while Kabonero is the target of a government-orchestrated campaign of threats and false accusations."Rwanda's last remaining independent newspapers have to struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile climate," the press freedom organisation said. "If the government were trying to silence all the publications that fail to flatter it, this is how it would go about it."

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Mariama Denton For President of National Unity-Commentary
Tuesday, August 08, 2006 (1597 reads)

Mariama Denton For President of National Unity
        By Baati Jollof
“Unite or Perish!” so ran an inscription on a mythical marble, once said to adorn the foot of Mount Olympus. Also on that marble was the image of a big snake suddenly dismembered from the middle by an angry goddess. On Mount Olympus students of Western mythology will remember lived Zeus, the patriarch of the Greek deities.   “Unite or Perish” were the words the goddess uttered to the snake after dismembering it into two. It was a challenge to the snake whose two parts must unite and live or remain separated and Die. Comrades, Countrymen and Countrywomen, our beloved country, The Gambia faces one of her greatest challenges as a nation in the next few days to come.

Editors note:Thanks Baati Jollof, for the master piece. As a point of observation, Baati Jollof is expressing his personal opinion on the current state of affairs and his views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. He is entitled to his God given right to free expression. Baati speaks his mind and we commend him for that. Meanwhile, a close relative of Mariam Jack Denton says the veteran human rights lawyer  harbored no Presidential ambition. The said relative named withheld  told the Freedom Newspaper that Baati Jollof's piece was pretty good, but clarified that Mariam was not eying for the Presidency. Mariam Denton Jack suffered all kinds of persecution and humiliations under Jammeh's rule. Paranoid Jammeh hate the lady because of her commitment to fight injustice and human rights violations  in the Gambia.


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Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What our readers say today!!!
Tuesday, August 08, 2006 (1189 reads)

Dear editor,
I have been following events in our country through your news paper. Keep up the good work. However i am a bit confused as to your heading on the subject matter. You said the Soldier reported that " jammeh hired some stateguard soldiers to eliminate by killing some prominent politicians ( names yet to be confirmed). Bajinka was against it and did not agree with the idea". However in your comments on editors note you wrote that "the soldier said, Bajinka was assigned to kill some prominent politicians". This is confusing. Please enlighten us more whether you are quoting the soldier or otherwise. If you are quoting the soldier then write the true thing as given to you by the soldier. There is contradiction between your editorial note and the one given to you by the soldier.There is a big difference between "jammeh hired some soldiers to kill...." and Bajinka was assigned to kill.....". Please verify in your next paper. Thank you and may God continue to bless you, your staff and all the good people fighting to see justice prevail in the Gambia.

Editors note: Thanks concerned reader for your point of observation. Bajinka was the head of the state guard and must be in the position to account for the activities of the men under his command. Any information given to us, we try to solicit an independent confirmation to it. We quoted what the proclaimed soldier said correctly. The editorial judgement if you like, was thoroughly researched. It is up to major Bajinka to clear his name. The man has been linked to a lot of crimes and he need to set the records straight. Thanks for the observations.

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Breaking News:Captain Buba Jammeh in prison nets-Accused of passing "state secrets" to the Freedom Newspaper!!!
Monday, August 07, 2006 (2128 reads)

Breaking News:Captain Buba Jammeh in prison nets-Accused of passing "state secrets" to the Freedom Newspaper!!!

       Proclaimed army officer say fugitive major Bajinka was assigned by President Jammeh to take the lives of opposition leaders ahead of the polls

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The fall of Gambia's iron hand dictator President Yahya Jammeh is invitable. The ship of state is sinking by the minute. Jammeh and his cronies are crying for help at this hour. They live in fear and suspicion. President Jammeh is making last minute rush to arrest people he suspects of passing what he calls "classified information" to the Freedom Newspaper. Leaks from the State house say  Captain Buba Jammeh, a relative of the President Yahya Jammeh is currently in custody. Captain Jammeh is accused of passing state secrets to the Freedom Newspaper, which is a fat lie. This paper had never spoken to the said Captain and we don't know  who is Captain Jammeh in the first place. Some reports have it that Captain Jammeh was between life and dead due to the torture he suffered from the hands of the state guards led by Musa Jammeh and Bobardeh. Family sources said Captain Jammeh has been missing for the past two months. The state denied holding the Captain, but army sources say Jammeh was being probed about his possible ties with the Freedom Newspaper.


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Our Nadd, we pray for you-Yero Jallow (Dalton)
Monday, August 07, 2006 (1376 reads)

By Yero Jallow (Dalton)

Our Nadd, we pray for you.
Our Nadd, we pray for you
The brick layers in millions
The cemented bonds of love and facts
Our Nadd, we pray for you.

The days of tyranny fading away
The birth of a new Gambia
The Atlantic water smiles
Our Nadd, we pray for you.

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Freedom Newspaper Mail Bag:What our readers say today!!!
Monday, August 07, 2006 (1280 reads)

                                  By Isatou Badjie

I am a big fan of your newspaper but sometimes I wonder what kind of message you send to your readers. How can you by looking at someone's face know that He/she is from cassamance. All jolas are from cassamance and sometimes we share the same features as Sereres, madinkas and so for. Don't get me wrong but you look more like senegalese than a Gambian. As for me I am a 110% Gambian, My great grand parents migrated from Cassamance and I do feel offended sometimes with your reports.
I just wish that in the future you will look into your information before publishing it.
Good luck with your career
Isatou Badjie 

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CPJ condemns jailing of two journalists in Niger
Monday, August 07, 2006 (961 reads)

CPJ condemns jailing of two journalists in Niger


New York, August 7, 2006—The director and editor of the private weekly Le Républicain have been held in police custody since Friday and questioned over a July opinion piece suggesting that Prime Minister Hama Amadou was “deserting the West for Iran.” Director Maman Abou said that he and Editor Oumarou Keita have been accused of defaming the government and publishing false information, charges which could carry a prison sentence. They are expected to be brought before a court on Tuesday.


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Breaking News:Released coup suspects still report on bail-MP Duta Kamso accused of supplying state secrets to the Freedom Newspaper
Sunday, August 06, 2006 (1494 reads)

Breaking News:Released coup suspects still report on bail-MP Duta Kamso accused of supplying state secrets to the Freedom Newspaper
     Freedom Newspaper Editors declared "wanted" as subscribers also report on bail-Police officials reveal!!!

                                      By Staff Writer Karafa Badjie

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Well placed sources at the heart of the Jammeh administration say the recently released coup suspects were still reporting to the police even though no evidence was established about their involvement in the said alleged plot to topple Jammeh's government, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The released coup suspects includes some NIA officials, civilians and politicians. It is not yet clear what the state is up to, but sources hinted that the released detainees are still being asked to report to the police on bi weekly basis. Some were bailed in the sum of half a million dalasis. They are not free to travel outside the country since they are placed on bail. It is gathered that the police are handling their bail bonds and there is no word as to when these people will be asked to stop reporting on bail. Local police sources who spoke to our reporter said there was no rational behind such conditions attached to the bail bonds since there was no evidence linking the released detainees to the alleged capital offence.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.newpanderry1.jpg

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Breaking News:President Jammeh snubs Yankuba Touray-As APRC NAMS opens an inquiry on farmers plight among others!!!
Sunday, August 06, 2006 (1633 reads)

Breaking News:President Jammeh snubs Yankuba Touray-As APRC NAMS opens an inquiry on farmers plight among others- MP Duta Kamaso accused of having links with the Freedom Newspaper!!!          

                     By Staff Writer  Karafa Badjie

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has snubbed disgraced agariculture Minister Yankuba Touray. Touray has not been in talking terms with the President in recent times. The whole problem revolves around the unpaid farmers nuts which were sold on credit. The Freedom Newspaper gathered that the President reportedly blamed Yankuba Touray for the current predicament Gambian farmers have found themselves. Touray was said to have failed to facilitate the payment of farmers produce. According to sources due to the strained relationship between the two, the Head of state has ceased talking to Yanks. Angered by the Presidential snub, Yankuba Touray told a friend that he is being treated unfairly by the President. Yanks was quoted as saying that he was brought to the Agriculture Ministery at a time when the said Ministry was on its final dead minutes. Touray took over the said portifolio from President Yahya Jammeh last year after his uncerremonious sacking. He told his friend that the President wants to embarass him by trying to shift blames on him for the farmer's plight, when he the President could not revamp the agriculture Ministry for the past five years. image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Yanks Touray in trouble again!!!

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Teeth Bite:Who will replace Jammeh? IEC'S Mboob fired,Imam Fatty others step in-Ndoneh Njie in NIA nets!!!
Saturday, August 05, 2006 (2007 reads)

Teeth Bite:Who will replace Jammeh? IEC'S Mboob fired,Imam Fatty others step in-Ndoneh Njie in NIA nets!!!


Looking at these pictures, one will conclude that Jammeh's government is on its last days.These faces are not Gambians at all.These non Gambian voters who secretly settled in our soils thanks to the support they received from incumbent President Yahya Jammeh. They are from the Southern Provence of Casamance, Senegal.These are the very people they called UDP/NRP defectors. None of these so called defectors can tell you the names of the UDP/NRP executive members. They don't just know them. This is the type of Gambia, we lived in today, where reality is traded with lies and deception. President Jammeh ought to know that these non Gambians parading themselves as UDP/NRP defectors cannot save him from going. Jammeh must be replaced God willing. It's a question of who is going to replace him? But change of political dispensation is blowing on our door steps. Gambians will soon be liberated from Jammeh's politics of lies,terror and killings.

The Casamance defectors!!!

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