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ABOLISH TRIBES AND TRIBALISM: A CHALLENGE OF OUR HISTORY “Goambunyudullal du werr muk” – An untreated wound will never heal!
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 (1153 reads)

ABOLISH TRIBES AND TRIBALISM: A CHALLENGE OF OUR HISTORY  “Goambunyudullal du werr muk” – An untreated wound will never heal!

By: Ousainou Mbenga

In my humble view, the treatment must begin from a historical analysis of how this wound was inflicted on us in order to establish the appropriate treatment and safe subsequent generations from living with this“political blind spot” of tribe and tribalism. As the pressure of the resistance against the AFPRC –APRC mounts, with Jammeh’s back unquestionably against the wall, it is most dishearteningto see the resurgence of the monstrous head of “tribalism”, quietly condoned by the crippled spent –force politicians but aggressively championed online by thenew gang of “aspiring predatory politicians” – predominantly pseudo - intellectuals, who have nothing to offer us, but to drag us into the swamps of ignorance. After five decades of “independence” with nothing to show for; the general saying in the Gambia is that: “karanlal leh yeh nying banko teenya” –“theintellectuals destroyed this country”.In alliance with the impotent elite, this tribe driven “paper tigers” have always undermined our national collective efforts for their own narrow selfish interests.

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Introduction to GCC website, future of struggle and time for national resistance
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 (742 reads)

Introduction to GCC website, future of struggle and time for national resistance

The Gambia Consultative Council (GCC), recognizing the growing need for action, is pleased to present Gambians a platform for communicating and exchanging of ideas. The imperativeness of using all avenues of communications, in a fast changing media and communication landscape, cannot be overestimated. The GCC website... will allow every Gambian dissident and non-dissident to freely express themselves and articulate their visions and ideas about how to return Gambia to a tolerant, multi-party and a society governed by the rule of law, The website is equipped with an online radio as well as social media features as Facebook, Youtube that can easily be shared instantaneously with friends around the globe in order to further broadcast the atrocious behavior of the Yahya Jammeh regime of death and destruction. The GCC website is a work in progress and ideas to make it even better is solicited from the public. The website will constantly undergo changes and updating to make sure it is user-friendly, but above all, that the sites is effective in disseminating useful information that can hasten to demise of a military regime that has brought so much pain to Gambians over the past two decades. To link to the GCC website, clink the following link:


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Fundraising Drive
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 (575 reads)

Dear Compatriot Editors,

I hope this email finds you in the highest spirit of resistance to liberate our beloved Gambia from the clutches of tyranny. I again want to commend you in your invaluable work to raise the national consciousness of our people and increase their fighting capacity to end the nightmare that has been visited upon us since the “ascension” of Jammeh onto the “saddles of power”. My sincere gratitude! Compatriots, April 10 and 11, 2000 will be forever etched in our memory!  As you are well aware, the Jammeh regime opened fire on armless and defenseless group of students on broad daylight, killing 14, wounding several and maimed a few of those students. To this day, no one has been brought to justice for this most heinous crime in the recent history of our country. Such impunity only takes place in Africa without being met with maximum outrage. 

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Breaking News: Head Of Gambia's Interpol Police Numo Kujabi Dies
Tuesday, April 08, 2014 (4204 reads)

Head Of Gambia's Interpol Police Numo Kujabi Dies

Numo Kujabi, the former Director of the NIA and the Commissioner of Criminal Intelligence  and Interpol of The Gambia Force has died, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Kujabi died this morning at the Serre-Kunda General Hospital. Below is a dispatch we received from one of our sources in Banjul. Please read on....


The COMMISSIONER OF CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE UNIT& INTERPOL OF THE GAMBIA POLICE FORCE (NUMO KUJABI) HAS DIED. Pa, we regret to inform you about the sudden death of Numo the former  NIA DIRECTOR. This sad news occurred in the early hours of today morning at the Serekunda General Hospital in Kanifing. The soldier has just reported the splits within JK's family. This may likely give him heart attack which may result to his sudden and untimely death. And a foul Play is been suspected in his death allegedly by JK, and his killers. We will fed you with more information. Keep up the good job.

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Monday, April 07, 2014 (2624 reads)

As the wollofs would say " GAMBIA DU DEEM" meaning that "The Gambia will not move forward as long as Jallow Kanilai is the lazy President." Take a look at the situation of the Banjul ferries? Congratulations to GRTS presenter Ramatoulie Jallow for raising the plight of the ferries. The state of the ferries shocks!! That's why we here are saying " GAMBIA DU DEEM." JK "WACHALL WAI BELA REWMIDUSHU."  JK, please step down before the ship of state will finally drown.  "GAMBIA DU DEEM SUNEKENEH JK WACHUL."  No kidding! There is no foreign exchange, no good roads, no ferries, no public transportation, no electricity, no safe drinking water, no drugs in our hospitals, no salaries for workers.  You tell me "NAKALA GAMBIA DU DEEMEH." GAMBIA DU DEEM.  A loaf of bread is now between  D8 and D9 dalasi. "NAKALA GAMBIA DU DEEMEH? Jollof "NEHOU WAI."

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A house divided cannot stand
Monday, April 07, 2014 (2850 reads)

A house divided cannot stand

The Bible says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand…”

By A Concerned Gambian

The great houses of Jammeh and Bojang are now divided against themselves - even mother against son. When a mother rejects her son, the fruit of her own womb, then that son is lost indeed and truly cursed. So is JK. Can there be any doubt that his rule is finished - in shame and disgrace? Quoting a Chinese proverb “Once he might have ruled the world, but he made it his business to injure people and destroy them, and thus prepared his own downfall and descent to hell”. Whom does this fit better than JK today? He started so well and in fact began to improve Gambia and enjoyed much support and goodwill, including my own. How different today, cursed and rejected by his own mother. Where did he go wrong? Both The Quran and Bible condemn idolatry as the greatest sin. The FIRST commandment in the Bible is “You shall have no other God before me”. The second, you shall make no image of anything and worship it, nor shall you bow down to it…” According to Bai Low, JK had a jalang brought to the State House and in JK’s word to him, followed “yonn bu nyuul bi” (the black road). He made a conscious decision to defy God and commit what is called “harram” in the Quran.

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Fresh Intelligence Emerged: Pa Bojang Arrives In Dakar; DCC Can Report That Pa Bojang Was Tortured; Gen. Badjie And Yanks Badjie To Be Axed Soon!!!
Monday, April 07, 2014 (5721 reads)

Fresh Intelligence Emerged: Pa Bojang Arrives In Dakar; DCC Can Report That Pa Bojang Was Tortured; Gen. Badjie And Yanks Badjie To Be Axed Soon!!!

By The Soldier

Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My able boss we just received credible information at Dakar Command Center (DCC) and we can confirm that Pa Bojang absconded through Cassamance and is currently in a safe place in Dakar. Our agents are monitoring him and he was helped by agents from state house, NIA agents, NDEA and other security officers. My able boss, PA BOJANG was tortured by the junglers led by Saul Badjie and Yankuba Badjie. This past Wednesday after been tortured for a long time at Tanji Immigration training center, he was moved to the NIA and offered self bail. He was beaten from head to toes and is now afraid for his life. Pa Bojang does not trust Jallow Kanilai, JK gave orders to the junglers to torture Pa Bojang. Pa Bojang is shocked that the dictator he served can give orders for the junglers to torture him. His whole body is hurting, but he is slowly healing. But he is in shock and cannot believe that JK announced his escape on GRTS. Pa Bojang ran away because he was beaten by the junglers. In the mean time, there are three military pickups armed to the teeth patrolling the border looking for Pa Bojang. They are fools, you can escape from the Gambia in less than 15 minutes, it is so easy. Saul Badjie do you want to deny that the military pickups are still looking for Pa Bojang, stop wasting your fuel, Pa Bojang is in Dakar.

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State Secret: Former Junta Vice Chairman Edu Singhatey Shed Tears As Landing Sanneh And Musa Jammeh Disarm Him At State House!
Monday, April 07, 2014 (5131 reads)

State Secret: Former Junta Vice Chairman Edu Singhatey Shed Tears As Landing Sanneh And Musa Jammeh Disarm Him At State House!

A new intelligence has emerged about an embarrassment that was meted out to the former junta Vice Chairman retired Captain Edward Singhatey by his former boss Yahya Jammeh. The story goes like this: It was during one of Jammeh's overseas trips that Captain Singhatey paid a courtesy call on Jammeh's former wife First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh. It was normal for the Vice Chairman to check with the First Lady while her husband was away on official trip. In this particular visit to the State House, Singhatey was disarmed by Lt. Landing Sanneh and the late Musa Jammeh. The Vice Chairman could not come to terms about the rational behind his disarmament by his juniors. Sanneh and and Musa Jammeh told Edu that they received orders from Oga Jammeh to disarm him before he could see the First Lady. Edu's guards were outside while their boss was being disarmed. No reason was given for Jammeh's decision to disarm Edu. Edward Singhatey cried like a baby while his pistol was taken away from him. A source who witnessed the incident said he saw Edu shedding tears on the day in question.

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Jammeh's Mum Threatens To Vacate Kotu Home, Following Pa Bojang's Absconding!!!
Monday, April 07, 2014 (4413 reads)

Jammeh's Mum Threatens To Vacate Kotu Home, Following Pa Bojang's Absconding!!!

There is a serious family feud  within Yahya Jammeh's unstructured family setting in Kanilai and in the Casamance region. The escape of Pa Bojang, a former Jammeh surrogate is causing problem within the Jammeh and Bojang family. Jammeh's mom Asombi Bojang is not happy that Jammeh is going after Pa Bojang. Madam Asombi has since decided to shun her son Yahya Jammeh. She has apparently cutoff all ties with Jammeh thus declaring him as a cursed son, who refuses to heed to his parents advise. "Last Friday Yahya's mother Asombi Bojang refused to attend Friday prayer at the masque and asked Yahya to collect stuffs from her house. The old woman is reacting to the treatment Pa Bojang is receiving from Jammeh. Asombi said Pa Bojang is her "Asampul" meaning nephew in Jola. Pa Bojang is in Dakar right, the Bojang family has helped him to leave the country. Asombi is really unhappy and does not want to speak to Yahya," Seedy Ceesay said in a text message to this paper.

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Yahya Jammeh VS Dr. Njogou Bah
Monday, April 07, 2014 (4696 reads)

Yahya Jammeh VS Dr. Njogou Bah

By An Insider

Dear My Able Boss,

How are you doing and the rest of the team ? My boss do you know why Yahya Jammmeh don't want to leave Dr Njougou Bah to go after he and everyone knows that he is not guilty of the crime they invented against him? I will reveal the details of everything that was and is happening between JK and Njogou. I will also reveal all the corruption in various ministries e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information Communication and Infrastructure (MOICI - The most corrupt ministry) and Ministry of Finance ...My able boss the hint about the problem between Yahya Jammeh and Dr Njogou Bah is ( The Green Boys VS The Fatou Jabou Njie Movement). I will give you details about these two terrorist groups and the list of all the members in the groups and their work, address and contact  details. 


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