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Change Your Attitude Gambians
Monday, July 15, 2013 (2749 reads)

Change Your Attitude Gambians

By SDK Jeng, Gothenburg. 

Hello Mr. Mbai,
Thank you for the program on transportation fares in the Gambia. This is an area that has a lot  to do with the Gambians themselves. Greed , wickedness and corruption is the tune of the day in the Gambia and for us to be able to have a prosperous Gambia , we have to be sincere to ourselves and put all cards on the table and discuss Gambia from top to bottom. As one of your program participants [General] said that not all bad that happens in the Gambia is Yaya Jammeh is the Fact. This can be evident on the case of Lamin Jobarteh and Pa Harry Jammeh.

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I read with disgust the article written by Michael Scales on Gambia plc-Says Armitage Gambia
Saturday, September 08, 2007 (5408 reads)

By Armitage Gambia

  I read with disgust  the article written by Michael Scales on Gambia plc. I am Gambian myself, living in England for the past 25yrs, educated and currently working as an Operations Director for a very successful blue chip company in England.As Gambian Journalist I can empathize with a lot of what is affecting you, and the sacrifices you have taken to continue 'reporting' on what is affecting us. However, I am a great believer in Patriotism,, 'Buga saraew', in everything a citizen does......micro to macro economic development, together with fighting criticisms that will impact on the development of your country.

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For the Records:A Response to an EX Soldier on a call for coup against Jammeh!!
Saturday, June 09, 2007 (5196 reads)

Soldier Drammeh with Jammeh

Hi Mr. Musa Drammeh,

Following an editorial meeting to vet the content of your open letter to President Yahya Jammeh, we have decided not to publish the said letter in view of its content which do not  fit our editorial standards. The Freedom Newspaper opposes any form of force to change a democratically elected government. Despite our opposition to Jammeh’s bad policies, we are morally obliged to manage the type of content that goes into this reputable paper.

Publishing your letter means, we are legitimating coups in Africa, which is not in line with the spirit of our Mission Statement. The Freedom Newspaper’s goal is to promote free press, democracy, good governance and accountability in the Gambia. We are opposed to coups in all its forms. The African continent has been denied development due to the military’s meddling into domestic politics. It’s our ardent belief that Africa including the Gambia can do better in the absence of the military’s participation in active politics.

We understand your frustrations, but as a media house, we valued our credibility. We don’t want to be seen as a “subversive Newspaper” where readers can call for an overthrow of a government. The Gambia is our homeland and we should not be over carried by our emotions to act otherwise. We appreciate letters highlighting the governance crisis in the Gambia and not the ones calling for a coup. We all want to see Yahya Jammeh go, but as journalists we want to assert our independence in the due execution of our duty. Governments come and go, but the Gambia remains.

We are sorry for any inconvenience our decision might have caused to you. Feel free to write any time you deem it necessary. We have no option but not to publish the said letter. It’s not a question of “censorship” but preserving the integrity of the Freedom Newspaper. Remember, any letter or story published here, we would be held accountable for it. We hope you understand where we are driving at.

On a final note, the Freedom Newspaper wishes to assure you that our decision to drop your letter was done in good faith without malice. Thanks for having confidence in our paper. Have a blessed day.


Pa Nderry M’Bai, Publisher Freedom Newspaper,
Raleigh, North Carolina,

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Breaking News: Chief Manneh's Saga- MD Taal proclaims responsible. Observer exposes Taal!
Thursday, May 24, 2007 (6319 reads)

Taal admits implicating  President Wade        Jammeh
Chief Manneh!

By Our National Correspondent Bolong Jammeh, Banjul.
Paid for and Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper.

Dr Saja Taal Managing director of the Daily Observer Newspaper has claimed that he is responsible for the arrest of Chief Ebrima B. Manneh, News Editor with the Observer who was picked up by personnels believed to be NIAs from his office since on july, 7th 2006. Since then Chief Manneh's affairs has not been known. His Father has been every where but could not find him.
When this development occured, his father visited the Observer office but only to be told by Dr Taal that Observer was not the right place to search for Chief Manneh. Chief Manneh's old father who all along was crying searching for his family's bread winner everywhere, including the NIA office and the Police could still not know where his son was.Last weekends Saja Taal was overcomed by temptation following an article published by the Freedom Newspaper concerning NIA's visit to Observer's concerning their allegation against Senegal. Dr Taal blamed his editorial staff of being responsible for the article and pronnounced that he will deal with the staff responsible and will deal with them worst than he did to "Chief Manneh".

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