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Gambia's oil is contained in the Vision 20-20 CD!!!
Sunday, March 23, 2014 (1660 reads)

Gambia's oil is contained in the Vision 20-20 CD!!!

It is over a decade now, when Jallow Kanilai personally displayed what was said to be a CD containing the famous Gambia's offshore oil fields on GRTS. This was the CD JK showcases on his media empire to fool our people, including some international oil mining firms. A Canadian oil company was among the firms JK has duped. He started issuing licenses to foreign oil companies on the basis that the said companies will explore Gambia's potentials to drill oil. In the process, JK was able to rake millions of dollars from the unsuspecting oil firms. He did not only rob them, he also rescinded their oil mining licenses. Here is vision 20-20 at the corner. JK has not even accomplish a fraction of the big promises contained in the CD. Dominic Mendy, the former Finance Minister was the main brain behind the vision 20-20 blueprint document. Mr. Mendy would be shocked to learn that the document that he coauthored was an unrealistic vision. Broken promises from a corrupt despot. 

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Abdoulie Savage Vs Pa Modou Ann!
Sunday, March 23, 2014 (2329 reads)

Abdoulie Savage Vs Pa Modou Ann!

By A Concerned Gambian, UK

The PR exercise of Lt Col. Retired Ann was excellent, and both he and Captain Kanteh came across as very credible and desirable alternatives to our present so called President. They offer integrity, humility, and a return to traditional  Gambian virtues that we long to return to. They are both well qualified as soldiers and in their education. At face value ideal candidates. Abdoulie Savage came as across as overly cautious and was regarded as negative, which provoked passionate comments, including from Fatou Camara who phoned back specially. Pa, on listening to your one to one interview with Abdoulie Savage  today, it became clear that his concerns are well grounded in the reality on the ground in Gambia today. The American invasion of Iraq and it’s outcome is well documented in the news, although many Gambians may not know the full story of the resulting the chaos and bloodshed over the past 10 years 9/11 or the terrorist attack on the New York twin towers happened on George Bush Jnrs. Watch.

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Mathew K Jallow Clarifies, Following Banka's Claims Of Opposition Inclusion Into CORDEG
Sunday, March 23, 2014 (1208 reads)

Mathew K Jallow Clarifies, Following Banka's Claims Of Opposition Inclusion Into CORDEG

Pa, Banka Manneh is my pal and we have worked together for a long time, but as far as I know, both Hamat Bah and OJ are not members of CORDEG. Sidi Sanneh can confirm this. As for Ousainou Darboe, I can say he is conflicted between joining GCC and Raleigh, now CORDEG. Hon B B Dabo is faced with the same conflict as is Hon Ousainou Darboe, which was why four months ago, B B  Dabo tried to unite GCC and CORDEG; and he asked Dr Saine, Sidi Sanneh and Assan Martin to be intermediaries in this effort. Editor's note: It would be recalled that Mr. Banka Manneh in a Freedom Radio Leral show on Sunday said Ousainou Darboe of the UDP and OJ Jallow of the PPP represented their respective parties at CORDEG. Banka said none of the opposition leaders mentioned herein held Executive positions at CORDEG. Now Mathew is partly debunking Banka's claims.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 (713 reads)


By Ousainou Mbenga

Aside from the above metaphor, Jammeh is indeed a two – headed tapeworm, one sucking Gambian blood, the other slowly eroding the bowels of its secondary host –Senegal - by inflaming Casamance, the southern region of Senegal. In addition, the escalating uncertainty at the neocolonial borders instigated by the desperate despot is of equal concern to us. It is a historical fact, that all tyrants, on the brink of their demise resort to the “rule or ruin” mentality, the more reason we should be organized to preempt Jammeh’s reactionary intentions. As it has been evident until recently, Jammeh was the only one gaining “unhealthy weight” in the country while the rest of us wallowed in stress, hunger and premature deaths. This is the typical nature of a parasite; it latches securely onto your bowels never doing any work but eats all your food and you wonder why you never gain healthy weight. As SohnaSallah puts it: “Jammeh has become a public health hazard to the Gambia”…….and the masses in Senegal. A genuine and principled SeneGambia is in the making, let’s build, protect and defend it against all forms of tyranny.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014 (1502 reads)


By A Concerned Gambian

Pa, let Gambians concentrate their criticism of  Zeinab Jammeh, as much as possible she is the number one enemy of the Gambia. Zeinab is the very person micro managing JK on several fronts amongst which the illegal activities, the business activities and the political front. People tend to underestimate and underrate this Lady but Pa Zeinab is the number enabler of JK. Fellow Gambians if Zeinab was motivated by peace and love, after all the sexual and criminal exposures that Gambians made on JK over the years, she would have left JK longtime ago. Zeinab came from a very poor background and is only interested in making money and nothing else.Zeinab does not even care if JK is ... all she prayed and wish for is, let that event find her outside the Gambia. Pa Zeinab is the richest first lady in Africa and she is richer than JK himself. Zeinab controls and has in her name all the foreign bank accounts of the couple. Sometimes she would refuse to give money to JK and JK cannot deny this. JK has one time demanded a foreign bank to send him money and they refused UNLESS Zeinab gives the green light. Since then JK prefer to keep raw cash than giving it to Zeinab for safe keeping in the foreign bank accounts. Pa Zeinab is the one who kept away all the gold and diamonds that Jammeh raked. The value of these precious goods are worth billions not millions of dollars.

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GAMBIA: BREAKING NEWS: Gambia To Change Official Language To Arabic!!!
Saturday, March 22, 2014 (6135 reads)

Gambia To Change Official Language To Arabic!!!

When I told Gambians some years ago that Jallow Kanilai is a radicalized Islamic extremist, some thought that I was being critical of the Kanilai monster. There is more into his anti western bashing. Guess what? JK wants to change Gambia's official language into Arabic. Lol!!! Though it is hard to believe, but it is a subject of discussion in army barracks and public places. This could be a tactical move on the side of JK to appease his Arab new allies. He is desperately in need of cash and he will do whatever it takes to appease the Arabs. Some constitutional experts might invoke the constitution to dismiss such propositions, but lest we not forget that the constitution belongs to JK. In today's Gambia, constitutionality doesn't matter. JK'S decrees supersede the constitution. I want you to get the message. Once JK succeeds in changing the official language from English to Arabic, then The Gambia would be fully transform as Islamic nation. Hold on!!! I know that The Gambia is a secular nation-in which Muslims and Christians have been coexisting peacefully for the longest time, but you got to understand that constitutional supremacy is alien to JK. Let us stop invoking the constitution at this time. JK is superior to Gambia's constitution. 

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"Dictator Jammeh To Attend EU'S 4Th Africa Summit Scheduled For April 2 And 3--; It is Official," The State House Reports!!!
Friday, March 21, 2014 (2984 reads)

"Dictator Jammeh To Attend EU'S 4Th Africa Summit Scheduled For April 2 And 3--; It is Official," The State House Reports!!!


Gambia's Foreign Ministry Protocol Division and State House highly placed sources have confirmed dictator Yahya Jammeh's plans to attend the 4th EU-Africa Summit, which is scheduled to take place in Brussels between April 2 to April 3, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The Kanilai born tyrant has finalized his trip to the EU Summit and he is poised to leave Banjul before the scheduled date for the international conference. The EU Summit is going to attract the presence of African Heads of State, EU leaders and African Union institutions. The Jammeh State House has formally communicated to the EU about Jammeh's acceptance to grace the invitation that was extended to him by the European body to attend this important donor Summit. The relationship between The Gambia government and the European Union has not been very cordial since the proposal of the EU Article 8, 17 Points governance reformation program. Jammeh rejected the EU proposal on the basis that the EU wanted to impose a puppet government in Banjul. The dictator also accuses the European body of overstepping its bounds by meddling into Gambia's internal domestic politics, a charge the EU flatly denied. The body maintains that political reforms is needed in The Gambia--in view of the regime's blatant disregard of the constitution and the rights and liberties of Gambians.

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NRMG Receives An Overwhelming Support In The Gambia, As Dismissed Servicemen Vowed To Join NRMG!!
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 (4260 reads)

NRMG Receives An Overwhelming Support In The Gambia, As Dismissed Servicemen Vowed To Join NRMG!!

Some dismissed former soldiers, policemen and NIA officers said they will join the NRMG once the group starts recruitment. "We will cross to Senegal, or any other neighboring country to join them. We are ready to pick up arms and fight Jammeh," said one of the former officers. The former servicemen said almost everyone in the country welcomed the formation of the NRMG. "We cannot afford to wait for them. We are in a hurry to receive them here. You will see so many defections once they storm the country. I have over twenty well trained men who are willing to join them," said the officer. 

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BREAKING NEWS: GAMBIA: Gambia Government Rejects US Embassy's Intervention To Have Ban Lifted On The Importation Of US Chicken Legs!
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 (3107 reads)

Gambia Government Rejects US Embassy's Intervention To Have Ban Lifted On The Importation Of US Chicken Legs!

Perdue Chicken Was Selling $3 Million Dollars Worth Of Chicken Per Month To Gambian Consumers!!

The United States Embassy in Banjul has been working very hard to convince the deranged Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh to reconsider his decision to ban all US imported chicken legs to The Gambia, but it appears that the dictator is still refusing to entertain their request, the Freedom Newspaper can report. This followed concerns registered through the US State Department by some US poultry firm owners, who have been affected by Gambia's chicken importation and exportation ban imposed by the dictator. It has been gathered that the US poultry companies have been raking roughly $3 million dollars on a monthly basis from the proceeds derived from the sold chicken legs exported to The Gambia. But the unpredictable and irrational Gambian despot Yahya  Jammeh has singlehandedly decided to close the US chicken market to The Gambia--while citing health concerns and the possibility of The Gambia being allegedly used as a " dumping ground" by the US companies concerned.

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Dictator Jammeh Says Gambia Will Soon Ban English Language In Public Schools; As Jammeh Brands Queen Victoria As The "Bloodiest Of All Bloody Monarchs!
Saturday, March 08, 2014 (5119 reads)

Dictator Jammeh Says Gambia Will Soon Ban English Language In Public Schools; As Jammeh Brands Queen Victoria As The "Bloodiest Of All Bloody Monarchs.

By Pa Nderry M'Bai


Tel: 919-749-6319    

Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has said that his administration will soon ban English language classes in public schools, while stressing the need to introduce Gambian dialects as the nation's official language. The President, who was speaking during the swearing in of the new Pakistani Chief Justice, including other justices of the High court, has renewed his anti Britain bashing--accusing Gambia's former colonial master of looting the country's meagre resources post independence. "The only thing that they left us with unfortunately is the English language, which we are going to change very soon to a local language because we no longer subscribe to the belief that for you to be a government you should speak English language. We should speak our language," Jammeh told his cabinet Ministers including other senior functionaries in attendance at the meeting that was held at the State House in Banjul.

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