The chief Jammeh enabler Momodou Dahaba, who was seeking asylum in Senegal, has reconciled with his former boss


Few days ago, a Freedom Newspaper contributor from Banjul questioned the sincerity of the present and former Jammeh enablers. His masterpiece attracted a heated debate on social media. Now Freedom Newspaper’s Seedy Seedy has fallen victim of Jammeh enablers. Seedy has been played big time by a former Jammeh sycophant and close confidant in the person of Momodou Dahaba. Mr. Ceesay played a pivotal role towards Mr. Dahaba’s resettlement from Guinea Bissau to Senegal, when it was reported in the news that the former Welligara police Inspector, absconded from the jurisdiction of The Gambia. Dahaba has returned to The Gambia unannounced. He was said to have been pardoned by dictator Jammeh. His sudden departure from Senegal has rendered many in Dakar dumbfounded including his buddy Seedy Ceesay.

Seedy knew Dahaba back in The Gambia before resettling in the United Kingdom. Both Ceesay and Dahaba used to live in Brufut. Dahaba was staying in the home of the late Brufut Alkalo Pa Kalifa Sanneh. He was raised by the Brufut Suba Sanneh Kunda clan.

Upon hearing Dahaba’s purported problems with dictator Yahya Jammeh, Seedy Ceesay used his contacts in Banjul and overseas to locate Dahaba. He was told that Dahaba was in Guinea Bissau. A family member of Dahaba furnished Seedy with Dahaba’s phone number. He phoned Dahaba and had a lengthy conversation with the fugitive that never was. Dahaba even cried on the phone during one of his conversations with Seedy Ceesay. He told him that his life was in great danger and that he wanted to move out of Guinea Bissau for his own personal safety. He told Seedy that “some people mixed him with Jammeh” during the past tour and was on the verge of being arrested by the NIA.

In an attempt to win the confidence of Seedy Ceesay, Mr. Dahaba told him that he even had to sell the official car that was allocated to him by the state to put food on the table while in Guinea Bissau. Dahaba also told Seedy that the exiled former State House Press Secretary Fatu Camara made an unsolicited phone call to him while he was in hiding in Bissau.

“Fatu Camara, suddenly phoned me and told me I was just checking on you, as if I am a chick. I am not a damn chick for her to halla at me. I immediately hung up the phone on her,” Dahaba told Seedy Ceesay.

After hearing Dahaba’s cook and bull stories, Seedy Ceesay said he empathized with him—given the fact that Dahaba was his close buddy in Brufut. He then contacted some few folks in Dakar, Senegal, to facilitate Dahaba’s peaceful resettlement in Senegal. Dahaba was in a hurry to leave Bissau. He even asked Seedy if he could loan him some money before he would receive the proceeds of the government vehicle that he sold in Bissau. Mr. Ceesay declined.

It was through Seedy Ceesay that Mr. Dahaba met Djbril Balde, the Head of the Dakar based refugee West Africa Focal Point, when Dahaba arrived in Senegal. It was also through Seedy Ceesay that Dahaba was hosted for one week in Dakar without paying rent and food. He later rented an apartment in the suburbs of Dakar.

Like all dissidents fleeing into Senegal, Dahaba too asked Seedy Ceesay if he could help him to file asylum in Senegal, pending a regime change in Banjul. Mr. Ceesay introduced him to Mr. Balde, the Head of the refugee West African Focal Point. Dahaba met with Mr. Balde, where he narrated his story with The Gambia government, more importantly Yahya Jammeh. His statement was recorded.

Mr. Dahaba was going through the pre-refugee screening interviews, when he suddenly returned home. He never informed Mr. Balde that he was leaving Dakar for Banjul. News of his home return came to Balde’s attention, when Dahaba failed to show up for an interview this past week. Mr. Balde then contacted Seedy Ceesay to inform him that Dahaba was indisposed and he might likely return to The Gambia.

The outraged and distrust Seedy Ceesay, couldn’t believe what he was hearing on the phone from Dakar. He had to phone Banjul personally to verify the veracity of the story. Dahaba’s own family confirmed to him that Dahaba has indeed returned home. Seedy was told that Dahaba has been pardoned by Jammeh. Although, there was no announcement of such amnesty extended to Momodou Dahaba, the former school bus driver. Dahaba is the second former Jammeh close confidant to have returned home after fleeing from the country. Army officer Umpa Mendy also returned home after he was pardoned by Jammeh.

“Momodou Dahaba has returned back to The Gambia. I understand he was pardoned by Jammeh. I did so much for him! I helped him to move to Dakar. I provided him with contacts and assistance. He is a total sellout,” Seedy Ceesay remarked in a Viber text message to the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper.

“I felt being played by Dahaba. He lied to me. This is the first time that I have ever assisted someone from The Gambia to resettle in Senegal. It will never happen again,” a devastated Seedy Ceesay told the Freedom Newspaper.

Mr. Momodou Dahaba was a police detective prior to leaving the country. One report suggests that he assaulted his wife and as such he evaded arrest. It is not clear if he was sent on a spying mission to Senegal by Jammeh. All indications suggest that Dahaba has infiltrated Seedy Ceesay and the Senegalese authorities. He is now back in Banjul with tons of information ahead of the July 22 anniversary.

Meanwhile, another defector from Banjul reached Seedy Ceesay via Viber today claiming to be running from The Gambia. He said his name is Mike. He claimed that he used to work at the army training school.

Like Dahaba, Alhagie Momodou Jallow, AKA Mike, also wants Seedy Ceesay to help him resettle in Senegal. Mike told Seedy Ceesay that he found his contact phone number on the Freedom Newspaper website. He asked Seedy to keep his communication with him on the down low saying that he has his mom in The Gambia, and she could be arrested by Jammeh’s agents if his information is leaked in the media.

The Freedom Newspaper Editor jokingly told Seedy that he has been infiltrated by Jammeh’s intelligence. Seedy flatly disagrees. He was cautioned by the Freedom Editor to be careful about his dealings with some of the defectors claiming to be fleeing from Banjul.

“I assisted Dahaba just for the sake of humanity; not knowing that he was up to no good. It will never happen again,” Seedy said.

When contacted for comment Mr. Alhagie Jallow, said he was dismissed from the army for unjustified reasons. He is a former army Lance Corporal Instructor at the Training School. He said he was self-employed and was in the car business. But The Gambian police harassed him to a point that he had to leave the country.

“I was told that if I don’t leave the country, I could be killed. Both my mom and I were assaulted by the personnel of the police bulldozer. My business partner is Pa Malick Mbye. I am trying to resettle outside Africa. Gambia is not safe for me,” said Mike.

When asked if he was not one of those Jammeh agents sent to Senegal to spy at dissidents, Mike flatly rejected such claims. “I am not a spy. I am running for my life. If I go back to The Gambia, I am at mile two prison or dead,” he said.

Mr. Jallow told the Freedom Newspaper that it was through Seedy Ceesay, he was able to get Mr. Balde’s phone number. Mr. Balde is the guy heading Refugee Focal Point in Dakar. Mr. Jallow is working on filing an asylum in Senegal. But he said one of his relatives in Germany, has asked him to put the planned asylum application on hold until further notice. He intends to resettle in Germany or any Western country, if all all plans works out well for him.

” I will get back to Seedy next week with an update on my case. I am a victim of state persecution. I cannot go back to The Gambia at this time,” Mike Jallow told our Editor.

Prior to speaking to Mike on the phone, we published a short piece on Facebook asking folks if they know him. One of our followers responded by saying: “I know him very well. His name is Alhagie Jallow. He is from Kerr Serign Njaga. He used to be a soldier at the military training school. It is too sad. He is a cool guy.”

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