Gambians want the president out not prisoners!

epa00558091 Gambian President Yaya Jammeh arrives in Dakar, Senegal Friday 21 October 2005. Presidents of Nigeria, Gambia and Guinea Bissau paid a one-day visit to their Senegalese counterpart Abdoulaye Wade on Friday in a bid to break two deadlock situations in the West Africa region. Nigerian President and head of African Union Olusegun Obasanjo has been appointed last week as mediator in the Gambia/Senegal border dispute, sparked by August's 100 percent hike in the price of the Gambian ferry crossing. Obasanjo is also due to smooth over the crisis between Guinea-Bissau's new President Joao Bernardo "Nino" Vieira and Prime Minister Carlos

Jammeh-JKWhen President Yaya Jammeh announced he was going to open the prison gates to let captives out people of Gambia expected more. People want the president out after overstaying more than 21 years.

Many people believe that President is not serving public interest but his desire to stay rich by taking what belongs to everyone. There is also fear that he gets people arrested and killed.

To arrest innocent citizens unlawfully is wrong. Keeping them in detention for so long can be painful and disturbing. For President Jammeh to say he pardons those he offended by by unlawful arrest and prolonged detention that is big joke .they have not done any wrong to deserve unlawful punishment.

Everywhere you go in Gambia people are talking. From what they say President Jammeh will be seen doing good only when he steps down. He already stayed too long in power. Not only are that but people suffering too much. They blame all the suffering on one man and that man is President Yaya Jammeh.

Gambian people want president Yaya Jammeh out of power. For him to free unlawfully detained persons out of prison is not seen as good work.

If Yaya Jammeh is out of power without any fight there will be more peace. To stay in power by force will be more trouble for everyone. Even president Jammeh will no more have peace.

It is better for jammeh to be out so that everyone will have peace. We don’t want more prisoners. Let president Jammeh go.

By Ebrima Carl Sise  

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