Repeal the bad laws from our books now


jammeh_21Yaya, after releasing the prisoners, your next step is to repeal all the repressive laws in our statute books that put people, civil servants and journalists in jail for flimsy reasons just to satisfy your over-dimension ego.

When you and sycophants were devising and penning these bad laws, your thoughts and hearts were exclusively focus and directed on your perceived enemies. Well Yaya, these same laws can come back to hunt you, your ministers, the APRC and your enablers in the very near future when you are out of the presidency. Believe or not, you will soon be out of the presidency and you and your enablers might face the courts when the same bad laws you assented to, will be thrown at your face at best case scenario or at worst case scenario you will go straight to hell without pass-go to answer the final judgment of Allah your Creator.

Yaya, you are so evil and idiot, so much so that, when you think of punishing people using bad laws, you forget completely about self and that of your family that these same laws can catch up with you and them. When those so-called criminal legal draft persons and soothsayers encourage you to pounce on your enemies by putting in repressive laws in place, they will NEVER remind you that the same laws can some day apply to you, your wife, your children and your family.

President Obama in addressing the AU reminded you and your fellow presidents that nobody is above the law. To buttress Obama’s point, take the examples of Hussein Habra’s case after more than 20 years in exile in Senegal, Mubarak’s case after 32 years in power and most recently the motions passed to institute legal criminal actions against Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso. All these deposed leaders were 1000 times more powerful and million times smarter than you, the little thug in the hood with your gang of useless praise singers.

In fact Pa Harry Jammeh, Lamin Jorbateh, Njogou Bah and Momodou Sabally et al have already tasted the bad laws they help you enact in there merry days. Had they known they would have advice you better.

Yaya you know very well that no amount of repressive laws can STOP the will of the people aspiring to freedom? It took us over 300 years to freedom from slavery up to the recent dismantling of the apartheid regime in South Africa. It took us over 90 years for Africans to free themselves from colonialism with Guinea Bissau being the last country to attain independence if my memory serves me right. It is therefore of no use to try to confiscate and impound the GOD given unalienable rights of a people to FREEDOM. A day will come all these repressive laws will be REMOVED from our constitutions and the dignity of citizens restored back to where it belong, that is freedom of speech, assembly and association. There is therefor NOTHING you can do to kill the spirit of a determined people to FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

Therefor, Yaya my best advice to you is to IMMEDIATELY repeal ALL these bad laws before they come back to hunt you and your loved ones.

Now go back to the APRC parliament and reverse these bad laws.

By Baboucarr Bojang

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