Is Gambia raising foreign currency by sending girls to Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, And Lebanon for cheap labor?


Is Gambia raising foreign currency by sending girls to Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, And Lebanon for cheap labor?  Freedom Radio Gambia Investigates!  

gambia-girl-kuwaitGood day Gambia.   We will be on air tonight for the usual news analysis.  We got a lot of good stuff line up for you.  The people behind the Comfort travel and recruitment agency in The Gambia have been interviewed. This is the human trafficking agency that sends Gambian girls to Kuwait, Dubai, Oman and at some point in Lebanon for guest worker related programs.  

Ansumana Colley and Modou Jeng, employees of the human trafficking organization will explain how girls are being sent to the aforementioned countries for maid work.  

Meanwhile, one of the girls in Kuwait Zeinab Ceesay, was allegedly tortured by her employers.  The girl wants to return home, but she is being held captive by her employer.   

But according to Ansumana Colley, they are working towards facilitating Zeinab’s safe return to The Gambia. He said Zeinab’s case had to do with the wife of her employer. He said the lady seems to be jealous about how her husband treats Zeinab.  In the process, Zeinab would be denied food by her employer’s wife. 

The following Gambian girls are currently in Kuwait: Zeinab Ceesay, Yassin Manga, Amie Jobe; just to name a few. Hundreds of them are in Kuwait. The girls paid between D20,000 to D30,000 dalasi to be able to fly to Kuwait with the help of The Gambian agency on the ground. They receive a monthly salary of $250 dollars.

Ansumana Colley said they registered their company with the Attorney General’s Chambers. They also pay taxes to the GRA. He said he had been interviewed on numerous occasions by the National Intelligence Agency and the Interpol in Banjul in regards to his company, adding that they have been granted license by the government to operate legally in The Gambia. He rejected accusations that his company is into human trafficking.  Details of the full interview will be published in our subsequent editions.

Below is a torture picture inflicted on Zeinab Ceesay.   Our apologies for any discomfort these disturbing pictures might have caused.  Stay tuned.


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