Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay’s Arrest Has Been Linked To His Alleged Affiliation With A “Female Member Of The Struggle.” Facebook Picture Calling On People Not To Attend The July 22, Anniversary Lands Him Trouble!  

alhagies_abdoulie_ceesayAlhagie Abdoulie Ceesay’s prosecution has been linked to his alleged affiliation with a female “member of the struggle.” He was alleged to have copied a picture of an alleged “seditious material” from a Facebook posting that was made by the said female member of the struggle, in which the posting featured a pistol, while calling on Gambians not to attend the July 22 anniversary.  The prosecution is alleging that Ceesay allegedly shared the Facebook posting picture with two Gambian ladies.  One of the ladies aided the NIA to secure his second arrest. He was lured into the lady’s home.  That was where he was arrested for the second time. He appeared in court yesterday and he has been rescheduled to reappear today. He is likely to face additional charges according to judicial sources.  

During his first release from custody, Ceesay was quoted by a Gambian dissident based in America for having tagged certain members of the struggle on his Facebook page, while thanking them for the solidarity and support during his detention.  

An NIA source said members of the struggle should be careful about who they associate with online and the type of materials activists shared among themselves because there is a special unit at the NIA monitoring online profiles and network of friends.  Our source said the NIA is now equipped with a forensic IT specialists, many of whom have been trained in Taiwan. 

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