“I Need To Get Out Of This Place,” Zeinab Ceesay



gm-girl4Zeinab Ceesay’s mobile phone has been seized by her Arab employer in Kuwait. This was the girl, who alleged that she was mistreated by her Arab employer. She is now out of the house. She is with the Arab human trafficker, who secured the maid job for her through Ansumana Jammeh, another human trafficker stationed in The Gambia. She has been asked to pay $2,500 dollars before her passport and phone would be returned to her. She is also supposed to raise funds for home return air ticket. This is the latest on Zeinab Ceesay’s case.

In the meantime, some Gambians in Germany headed by Musa Balla Darboe have spearheaded an online campaign to help rescue Ms. Zeinab Ceesay from their hands of her Arab captives.

Below is a statement we received from Ms. Zeinab Ceesay, an hour before her phone was confiscated by her Arab boss. The statement is very touching. Please read on:


I had a serious fight with my boss’s wife. This woman is evil. She has been hitting me today; she did; then I told her not to hit me. She took an iron stick and was hitting me with it. I was trying to stop her and protect myself; my hands mistakenly entered her eyes so when the husband came home she told him all the lies in the world.

That I pushed her; she felt down and I put my hands in her eyes whilst she was talking to me bla, bla.. The husband got furious and came and start beating me.. He also took the iron stick to hit me but the son stopped him and he said he his taking me to police; then the witch said no. That was not enough; she took all my clothes and rub it on the floor and throw it out then close the door. She came and wanted to throw a bowl full of soap on m. I tried stopping her and the bowl got broken and clip her hands. She then took the broken bowl and cut, cut, all ma hand. I was bleeding and the husband saw it, but instead he said I hit the wife….. All this happened because she asked me to clean her son’s room.. I started cleaning it; she came and said the rag am using is not clean.

She always say am not her daughter. She said I will go to hell fire; am an animal; not human; am not a Muslim.

She woke up and came straight to attack me and throw dirty things to where I have clean already. 

Please I want to come back home. I don’t want to work for these Arabs anymore. They are all the same; very wicked. Even Yassin my friend is going through the same thing, but hers is worst because she is not given food whilst she is the one cooking it. Am tired of everyday complains. This woman don’t like me and will never do; she saw that her husband likes me and made me feel at home, when I came newly. She tried and spoiled all that. Anything she will rush and tell the husband. I just can’t satisfy her. She said am slow and my work is not good. She never gave me time to finish from one work to another. She must interfere before I finish then she will rush to the husband. She destroy all the good intentions her husband has for me.

Now even if I am saying the truth to defend myself from her lies to her husband, he will say am lying; anything I say, he will say am lying what the wife said is the truth; am a very big lair; am stupid; am a fool even the animals are better than me. And everything that spoils or get lost in the house is me. Anything that damage they say is me.

The little son, who is 13 yrs where ever he sees me he will cover his nose and say am smelling seriously. This is too much for me. The woman said she will not feed me again, but I think the husband asked her to continue giving me food. But if am eating, she will be grumbling in Arab as if she don’t want me to eat it. Now she is making my work difficult; if I clean she will dirty it again and will scatter everywhere for me to pack. My clothes are still on the ground can’t pack them because I don’t even have time for myself. Please I don’t want to be transferred or anything I want to come back home; please before this people kill me. I still didn’t tell my parents this because I don’t want them to be worried. 

Belie, if I have a slight opportunity to leave this house; I will run away. I can’t take this. She just went to her husband and told him am the one damaging the phones, ipads and laptops because I clean it with dirty clothes; now his husband is here insulting me and saying why am I not using dirty cloth to clean my phone…Am sure she is trying to make her husband seize my phone.  

Am not ok really.. The stress is too much on me. I have even lose weight. Now every day they beat me if the husband beats me today; tomorrow the wife will beat me. Day before yesterday just because of a spoil fruit in the fridge, she kept talking and talking till the husband came and beat me. He hit me on my stomach and kick my buttock; he was looking for something to hit me with, but fortunately for me there was nothing around him. Yesterday, the wife was having coins in her hand that what she use and hit me seriously on my chest could hardly breathe yesterday today. She took the stone her husband sells and wanted to stone me. I don’t know what I have done to this lady that she hates me this much. Every day she will complain of something so that the husband will hate me too. She is seeing me as an enemy and really I can’t stay with her under the same roof.

Now she don’t talk to me; she calls me animal instead of my name and has deprived me from using anything that belongs to them: soap, shoes, cream, clothes, and toothpaste, everything… The only thing I get from her is food and these past two days, the source she gave me to eat is spoiled. Blie, am not ok am tired of crying everyday ???? This is the second time the husband is hitting me on my stomach; am still young and have nothing; let him not come and destroy my life for me.

Walaihi, I didn’t know it will be like this. I only accepted this job because I want to help my parents and to further my studies, but I didn’t know I will end up like this.  Okay thank you.  I just need help. We need to get out of this. 

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