Dispelling Lies Of The Propagandists That Jammeh Is The First President To Grant Amnesty To More Than 200 Prisoners



gambia-officialAs have been predicted, the release of prisoners and captives has been accompanied by mystification of Jammeh by the supreme propagandists to portray him as the only president capable of granting amnesty or pardoning prisoners. Well, this is not just true; countless presidents and even modern-day kings continue to grant amnesty/pardon prisoners without any resulting mystification. Perhaps Imam Touray who wants a Saudi Styled Monarch in the Gambia didn’t know this but Sheriff Bojang who claims to be an IR graduate should know this better if Neneh M. Gaye does not know this as a Foreign Minister.

Barely a month before Jammeh announced that prisoners were to be pardoned, Malawi President, Peter Mutharika through the Malawi Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security announced that he has pardoned 268 prisoners as part of events marking the 51st independence anniversary of the country wrote the Malawi Voice on 3 July 2015. About two months earlier, the same ministry announced that the president pardoned 186 prisoners as a symbol of forgiveness marking Easter celebrations reported James Mwale on 22 may 2015; that amounts to more than 350 within 4 months. In fact a higher number of 403 prisoners were released during Malawi’s Independence Golden Jubilee by the same president www.malawivoice.com. This is not new in Malawi as Mutharika’s predecessor, Dr Joyce Banda once ordered the release of 394 prisoners (July 4th 2013), and 6 months later she released another 228 prisoners. Neneh M. Gaye, will you retract your statement that no president has pardoned such a number of prisoners before?

Another glaring example is Senegal where president Macky Sall has been pardoning prisoners since he came to office. In 2013 alone more than 530 prisoners were pardoned through the president’s prerogative of mercy; 201 inmates were pardoned in April to mark the independence anniversary of the country while another 333 inmates were pardoned on Toboski day. After the country commemorated its 54th Independence Day, Macky pardoned 481 prisoners in May 2015. This is not new for Senegalese as Macky’s predecessor Abdoulie Wade had released 447 prisoners in 2011 only. Imam Cherno Kah will you still argue that Jammeh is the first to pardoned prisoners in such a magnitude?

In fact Yahya Jammeh’s ‘brother in-law’, King Muhammed VI of Morocco released 92 political prisoners, turned the death penalty of 5 to life imprisonment and life imprisons of 37 others were reduced in April 15 2011. Did Yahya Jammeh release 92 political prisoners? The release came as a result of growing dissent with the monarch from home and abroad. Immediately after their release, Mouatassin one of the released thank the people especially the February 12 Movement for demanding their release and called on the government to release all other detainers www.mfrance24.com. Lang Tombong Tamba will you call on Jammeh to release all prisoners?

In East Africa, Tanzania’s president Jakaya Kikwete on a single day in December 2014 pardoned 4,969 prisoners in commemoration of the county’s 53rd independence anniversary and a fulfillment of article 5 which gives him the power to pardon prisoners. In a manner of professionalism, Medical Boards were tasked with certifying that prisoners show no sign of being administered with poisons or no prison-related illness. Who knows whether Tamba and co had been poisoned or incapacitated before their release in the absence of any medical report?

Furthermore, Asian countries do also pardon prisoners. In Thailand which has a king, 12,000 prisoners were released on “First Day of Royal Pardon” after a degree was passed by the King commanding the release of 30,000 prisoners to mark his 48th birthday reported R. Barrow on December 8, 2011. In Bangkok and surroundings alone, 2,766 were released while another 10,000 inmates also received reduced punishment. The Correction Department gave 500 Baht to those who lived upcountry to go back home. They were not to be humiliated by transporting them in prison vehicles. No one saw them marching to show gratitude to the king after the short ceremony held at the prison www.thaiprisonlife.com. With all my problems with the monarch, he behaved better than Jammeh in the release. Sheriff Bojang, will you deny this?

In Latin America, The Cuban Republic announced the release of 2,900 prisoners in 2011 including first time offenders, women, old-aged and some political prisonerswww.cbsnews.com. Moreover, Vietnam another country with records of human rights violations announced that it would release 15,000 prisoners to mark Independence Day. The release included 16 foreigners as reported on ABC News on August 29 2013 www.mobile.abc.net.au. Neneh M. Gaye, what will you refer to Cuba’s case since the leadership believes in no religion?

In May 2013, Zambia’s president Michael Chilufya Sata announced that he has pardoned 615 inmates and commuted the death sentences of 113 to life sentences as part of events marking African Liberation Day. Earlier in 2012, more than 2,300 prisoners were released. In 2014, 975 were released. Sata said the released were inline with his constitutional powers and his party’s manifesto to turn prisons into correction facilities. Isn’t Mile 2 the cradle of brutality in our home? What have you done on African Liberation Day to show that you are a Pan-African? We know that you are neither nationalist nor Pan-African but a selfish oppressor.

The lies that Jammeh is the only one who has pardon a huge number of prisoners is a calculated move to mystify him as a saint and the man of the millennium. Yet few of the fools glorifying Jammeh are ignorant of the happenings in the world because they are hooked to GRTS, whose wallpaper is Kanilai, and screensaver is Jammeh but the majority of the populace is well aware of this. In fact the release has again exposed the insincerity of the supreme propagandists. Njogu Bah, you said Jammeh never sent you to prison but it is God who sent you there. Now if God had sent you there, where did Jammeh get the power to release you? You cannot fool us, we know our Lord!

By A Concerned Student

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