Writer Take Issues With Jawara, Jammeh And The Struggle—Part Two


Writer Take Issues With Jawara, Jammeh And The Struggle—Part Two


Sir DawdaSome Gambians have reached a level of education that most Gambians will never reach. But is that something to rub on other peoples’ faces? Absolutely not! Degrees are for the most part overrated. They are not a true reflection of what a person actually knows. Anyone who has spent a lot of time learning notices that what she knows is nothing in comparison to what she does not know. Hence, Socrates’ favorite answer, “I know that I do not know.” And he was also used to saying too, “Know Thyself.” Most Gambians think that just because they can speak and write in English, they are well educated. A B.A, M.A or a PhD., or a professional degree is not a true reflection of what a person truly knows. Gambians confuse “well educated” and “highly educated,” but the two are different. A person can be highly educated without being well educated. Highly educated means to reach a high level of education in a particular field of studies. To be well educated means to grasp and master the principles of a subject matter.

The other part of the story is that most Gambians’ hearts are always perturbed when they hear of other Gambians’ educational achievements. There is this jealousy toward Gambians who have actually been to school and learn something. It is important to know that anyone can acquire knowledge, but very few can have wisdom. If you read carefully you will notice that I used the word “acquire” in reference to knowledge and “have” in reference to wisdom. What I mean by these two words are the following: Human beings can become knowledgeable about things by putting in the required effort. Wisdom, on the other hand, is a gift from God. No amount of learning can give a person Wisdom. Instead of being jealous of Gambians who have put in the effort to acquire knowledge or are bestowed with Wisdom by God, why not put in the effort to acquire knowledge or pray to God for Wisdom.

Some Gambians complain that “Gambian intellectuals” are not doing enough. What is an intellectual? At least know what “intellectual” means before using the word. If this world were to be surrendered in the hands of those who claimed to be “Intellectuals” or “highly educated,” it would be a sad and a disastrous world. A characteristic of an educated person is humility. Intellectuals are not humble. Intellectuals use their so-called learnings as a rod. Wherever they are present they think and believe that they are the only persons who should talk and no one else. And no one else’s opinion matters but theirs. Intellectuals love to hear the sounds of their voices. They believe whatever they say should never be questioned. Intellectuals are elitist. Even though they are not well educated they nevertheless think they are and project themselves so. Intellectuals are never wise. Holy Scriptures teach us that, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” Intellectuals rely on their own intellects and not on God the only giver of Wisdom. Are these the type of people you are complaining about? Believe me you do not want intellectuals to do more. Intellectuals will treat you just as bad as the despot in power.

One other Gambian misconception: Just because someone is fluent in the Arabic language does not mean that person knows the Quran. Arabic is a language like any other language. Just because I speak English well does not mean that I know science, mathematics, law, theology or philosophy. The knowledge of language is not the same as the knowledge of a particular subject matter. So, if a person is versed in the Arabic language this does not mean that person knows the Quran. Being able to speak Arabic is not the same thing as knowing the Quran. Just because I speak English does not mean that I am an expert in the Bible. How many people memorize Quranic verses but have no idea what they mean? Stop questioning other peoples’ faith even if it is the faith of the despot. Let God be the judge.

I also hear people say that the despot is a Kaffir. Whatever acts you think make the despot a Kaffir are happening in most Moslem countries. Some even try to make the connection between the despot’s undemocratic tendencies and his faith. There is absolutely no connection between the two. If there is one let us know. Those who do not believe in Islam, you call Kaffirs. But yet live in countries that are predominantly populated by Kaffirs. These Kaffir labelers can say and do almost whatever they want without fear of prosecution in the “Kaffir countries.” Let these Kaffir labelers go to a Kuwait or a Saudi, and criticize those governments. The Kaffir countries give you voices to say almost anything you want but the “Believer Countries” would cut your tongues out if you dare utter such words within their territories. The democratic system of government you yearn for Gambia originated from a Kaffir society. You are either being blind to the truth or it may be that common Gambian sickness, hypocrisy, manifesting itself. How come most Gambians in the West did not choose to go to the “Believer Countries” in the Middle East? Once again hypocrisy abound. It is Kaffir laws that are protecting you hypocrites in the West.

Please stop appealing to the “International Community” to solve your domestic problems. You do not need the “International Community” to legitimize your political beliefs if the are truly genuine. No Western country will go to Africa to help you overthrow a government even if that government is illegal as is the current Gambian government. Stop this nonsense of having your pictures taken with some white European low level bureaucrats and presenting yourselves as if you are making inroads with the “International Community” to help you kick the despot out of office. Your time is better spent somewhere else. And what is this proliferation of political parties? It is as if all these ridiculous political parties popping up everywhere are jockeying for position. This is a bad sign as far as I am concern. It says to me that once the despot is gone there will be chaos.

Most Gambians, who write online, write as if they are giving political speeches. Like “We need to do this and that or that and this.” Where are the plans to do these or those things? You spent too much time talking about what the despot did or did not do and no time on what needs to be done with a plan, of course. Why in the world do you guys continue to give the despot ultimatums and conditions that he has to meet? A sign of absurdity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Twenty years of the despot’s rule should at least teach you that your suggestions are fruitless.

Whatever does not originate from the despot is look at with suspicion and scorn. Everything has to originate from him, even worshipping God. He owns the Gambia and why should you Gambians dare suggest to him how he should run his property or what to do with it. Don’t you know that you may soon be required to take permission from him every day about what you are to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!. The despot owns the Gambia and what is on it, in it, under it, and above it. Before you know it, he will begin charging Gambians for the air they breathe! Holy writ teaches that: A tree is known by its fruit. A bad tree can never bear good fruit. The fruit of a bad tree may look lovely to the eyes, but once you cut the fruit open you realize that it is rotten in the inside. In other words, do not be deceived by the outward appearances of the despot. Concentrate on what he does or what he says. Once you do this, you will see a wolf in sheep clothing.

The despot suffers mental anguish when he cannot control what each Gambian is doing or thinking. He experiences great pain any time a Gambian thinks for himself or herself. Gambians are not to think for themselves, open businesses, eat, or drink without his almighty blessings. Do you not know that whenever you express your constitutional rights and liberties, it causes him mental suffering? Whatever outside pressures you think are working on the despot are in your imaginations. Whenever the West cuts off aid to the Gambia or threatened to do so because of bad economic mismanagement among other things, he uses that against the West by telling Gambians that he is on their side and the West is against them, but not to worry because Allah will rain down for them their needs. When you guys write and say that Gambia is lacking basic needs, which is true, he immediately displays his pseudo-generosity. And sadly, Gambians believe that the despot can give them everything but God can’t. If Gambians were to have as much faith in God as they have in the despot, Gambia would be a prosperous nation, but unfortunately, Gambians put their faith on a despot and not on the most high. Proof! Gambians certainly celebrate and praise the despot more than they do to God. Of course, if you were to ask most Gambians about this, they will claim that they put all their trust in God, which is a lie. What country in the history of the world has ever put its trust completely in God’s hands and lacks basic necessities? None! So if Gambians lack basic necessities, it cannot be that they put their trust completely in God’s hands. Whatever the despot does is because he believes it will keep in power. His every act is directed toward this goal. What Gambians need to continue to do is attack his mental constitution by reasonably displaying his madness and stupidity at every turn.

The despot’s Minister of Foreign Affairs recently declared that there is no prefect democracy anywhere in the world. Madam Minister, the world is not aware of anyone who said that there is a perfected democracy anywhere in this world? Gambians are not arguing why the Gambia is not a perfect democracy, but why the fundamental rights and liberties given to them by the Gambian constitution which your king and lord and you yourself swear to uphold are denied them. And it was rather shameless for the Minister to say that because there is police brutality in the United States, there is no perfect democracy in the United Stated. What American have you ever heard declare that America is a perfect democracy? America is the most democratic nation on earth because it is a country of laws and not of men. The American system of government teaches that democracy is a process where the rule of law reigns supreme. Can Madam Minister say that Gambia is a country of laws and not of men? Can Madam Minister say that the rule of law reigns supreme in the Gambia? We all know that Madam Minister cannot honestly say that. It is always ridiculous when a person try to defend the indefensible. It makes one look slavish. Gambians know on whose side the Minister stands. Gambians want the Minister to stop this pretense. Gambians want to safe the Minister the time and energy that she keeps wasting presenting herself as if she is for Gambians. The Minister is not for Gambians but for the despot. This is the most open secret in the history of Gambia society.

The Despot keeps accusing people in the diaspora of lying about him. What does it mean to lie? Lying means to say something to a person that the speaker knows to be untrue with the intent to deceive. If the intent to deceive is not present, it is not lying. So the despot should know that if inaccurate information is being said about him, this is not lying until the persons spreading the information are doing so with the intent to deceive the hearers or readers of such information. The despot can avoid such situations if he so desires. He can explain the reasons of his actions. If the despot chooses not to do so, then Gambians will continue to speak whether true or not. Both the despot and most Gambians fail to distinguish between lying and untrue or erroneous statements. Every lie is an untrue statement but not every untrue statement is a lie. In Gambian society, if person (A) tells person (B) something and person (B) later tells person (C), person (B) is called a liar. And it does not matter that what person (B) told person (C) is exactly what person (A) told person (B). This is inaccurate. This is not lying. Even if what person (B) tells person (C) is not the same thing that person (A) told person (B), this is still not lying. It becomes lying only when person (B) tells person (C) what person (A) told him falsely and with the intent to deceive person (C). Take, for example, the Devil, the father of lies, in his encounter with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Devil knew that what he told Adam and Eve was not true, but he told them those things with the intent to deceive them, i.e., to disobey God’s commandment. This is what lying is. There must be intent to deceive the hearers of the untrue statements for a lie to exist.

Fundamental rights abuses abound in the Gambia. No doubt about it. It is important to distinguish fundamental rights and liberties from human rights. Yes there is a close relationship between the two, but there are differences. Most of you when you really want to talk about fundamental right abuses in the Gambia, you use the term human rights. Some fundamental rights are human rights, and some are not. Human rights are naturally in the abstract until codified in legal documents. Not every right is of universal origin. Most rights in constitutions are not of universal origin. Because constitutions are different in the various countries of the world, it is a mistake to think that the rights you enjoy in the West you should also enjoy in a place like the Gambia. The rights you enjoy in the West are either given to you in the Constitutions of the respective countries where you are citizens or residents or are derived from provisions of the Constitutions of the countries of your citizenship or residency. You cannot expect to enjoy a right in the Gambia if it is not in the Gambian constitution or derived from a provision in the Gambian constitution. And please separate morality from fundamental rights. They are two different things. Morality concerns personal conduct. Fundamental rights concern law. A constitution can give you certain rights but those rights can be lost if the provisions which give you those rights are amended. A law can give you rights but that law can be repealed and thereby you loose that right. The point I am trying to make is this, “Know Thyself,” in this case, know your own constitution if you want to attack the despot rather than appealing to some abstract human rights.

I expect the despot to stay in power longer than you “know it alls” have predicted. The despot is a hypocrite and comes to know that most Gambians are the same. In my opinion, this is what keeps the despot in power.

BY: A Gambian Outsider!

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