Yahya Jammeh Collapses Amid Ailing Health Condition; Cabinet Reshuffle In The Offing



jammeh_21Gambia’s deranged dictator Yahya Jammeh collapsed two days ago amid ailing health condition, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The incident was witnessed by eyewitnesses. Four doctors have been assigned to monitor and provide treatment for the sick dictator. Jammeh has lost weight drastically overtime. Both Jammeh and his mum Asombi Bojang are sick at this hour.

Despite his ailing health, Jammeh is determined to run the State House by giving orders to his immediate lieutenants and political operatives. He was advised to rescind his planned cabinet reshuffle, but he is adamant to carry out the proposed changes. He intends to recycle the likes of Lang Tombong Tamba and co into the system. He is also contemplating sending Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, General Saul Badjie and NIA’S Yankuba Badjie into his mile two prison gallows.

In another development, Jammeh is confronted with growing paranoia. He has instructed the NIA to send its operatives to the various military barracks to investigate rumors of a coup plot. The followed the distribution of pictures of a snipper pointing a handgun on the head of dictator Jammeh. Some anti Jammeh literature was evident on the walls of Banjul and its surroundings. Jammeh is not taking such threats lightly. He personally asked the NIA to infiltrate the army barracks by spying on the soldiers.

In a related Gambian news, a meeting was held at the NIA in which the NIA Directorate contemplated arresting a relative of Zeinab Ceesay, who spoke on Freedom Radio Gambia from The Gambia. At the meeting, the NIA leadership said they cannot understand as to why should anyone from The Gambia talk to Pa Nderry M’Bai, a sworn enemy of Yahya Jammeh and the government after the individual knowing very well that it was Mr. Mr. M’Bai calling.

Louis Gomez and co wanted to arrest the man, but their boss Yankuba Badjie told them that it would be a big embarrassment for the government if the man is arrested because in Yankuba’s own words: “ The man has not committed any offense.” He never made any comment critical of the government or the President. He merely spoke about one of his relatives in Kuwait Zeinab Ceesay,” Yanks was quoted as saying by our NIA insider.

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