What Was Hamat Bah Doing At The State House? Pictures Never Lie


Now that the dust and euphoria surrounding the opposition National Reconciliation Party (NRP) election victory in Lower Saloum has finally settled down, we asked Hamat Bah, the NRP leader, what was he doing at the State House, as he has been secretly pictured by our agents, while shaking hands with the Kanilai monster. Both Hamat and his political darling Jallow Kanilai, would be surprised that they been caught on camera by our agents at the State House. We been telling you that the relationship between Bah and Jammeh is not out of the ordinary. The two are close buddies. Bah and Jammeh exchanged notes.

As it is evident on these pictures, the exiled former State Guard Commander and Jammeh Aide Camp (ADC) Kalipha Bajinka, is standing right behind “ Zimba” Yahya Jammeh. Kids born post Jawara era, this was how Jammeh used to dress back in the days. He dressed like a “Zimba” with the ultimate objective of fooling unsuspecting Arabs in the Middle East.

Jammeh is fake! Jammeh is a scam artist. He was trying to win the confidence and trust of the Arab world by emulating their dress style. In the process, Jammeh has fooled Arab leaders by pocketing millions of dollars from Saudi, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Once he married his Moroccan wife, Jammeh abandoned his “Zimba” dress style. Jammeh is not a realist. He represents falsehood.

During his trip to the State House, Hamat Bah exchanged greetings with one of our agents in the presence of Jammeh. In fact, Jammeh gave him an envelope purportedly containing some money. We cannot quantify how much money he received from the dictator at the time. Jammeh told him not to hesitate to contact him if he needs any help from his end.

Bah reaffirmed his commitment to work with Jammeh in the spirit of national development. He also assured him of NRP’S determination to promote unity in the country. Bah later left the State House. He was escorted out by JK’S guards.

Hamat Bah started having problems with Jammeh, when he decided to pursue the Nigerian crude oil scandal involving the dictator Yahya Jammeh, Batata Juwara, Samuel Sarr, the former Energy Minister under Abdoulie Wade’s regime, and co. Jammeh felt that Hamat has departed from the previous “arraignments” to serve as a puppet opposition to his militarized APRC party. He even at some point vowed to jail Hamat Bah, claiming that Bah was promoting tribalism in Gambian politics.

Even Yahya Jammeh himself, including his close aides, didn’t know at the time that someone intelligent was planted in their midst to secretly photograph them. These pictures worth millions of dollars. Hamat Bah should explain to his followers and Gambians what was he doing at the State House. We await Hamat’s response!

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