“I Have Been Trafficked And Forced To Serve As Domestic Slave In Lebanon,” 24 Year Old Ramatoulie Bah Tells Freedom Radio Gambia!


“I Have Been Trafficked And Forced To Serve As Domestic Slave In Lebanon,” 24 Year Old Ramatoulie Bah Tells Freedom Radio Gambia!

ramatoulie_bah1Twenty four year old Ramatoulie Bah dropped out of school, when she was in her nine grade. She came from Koli. Her Daddy died weeks, before she was trafficked to Lebanon by human traffickers. She left her mum behind. Ms. Bah arrived in Lebanon in January of this year. A Gambian lady, who goes with the first name Isatou, trafficked her to Beirut together with another Gambian girl Mariama Conateh. Mariama was compelled to return to The Gambia because of pregnancy. She arrived in Lebanon pregnant. Her Arab slave masters wasted no time in sending her back to her native country.

The lady, who trafficked Ramatoulie and co, Isatou, is a native of Bakau. She is now back in The Gambia. She sold Ramatoulie Bah to an Arab single mama Ms. Karima Barada for $2000 United States dollars. Ramatoulie is required to work as a domestic slave for her Arab boss for a period of three years. Her job includes: cleaning, laundry, cutting grass, and serving as a babysitter. Her Arab boss had three kids: Two girls and a boy. She is thirty nine years old. Her husband is not alive.

Ms. Bah got paid in every three months $500 dollars. She cannot personally wire money to her parents in The Gambia because of her status in Beirut. She is a trafficked girl. Her Arab Slave Master would send the money to her mum on her behalf. She wouldn’t even know if the Arab lady has wired the right amount of money to her parents. As a slave, she is denied access to paper trail especially receipts of money wired to her mum, she said.

Ramatoulie Bah contacted Freedom Radio Gambia on Wednesday saying that she really “wanna” go home. She said she has been repeatedly abused by her Arab boss and kids. Her passport has been seized. She is also denied access to her cellular phone and her movement restricted. Her Arab slave master determines when she should use her own phone. She is also locked into the house for twenty four hours by herself.

Ramatoulie is currently suffering from toothache. But she was told by her boss that in Beirut Medicare is expensive and that none of the trafficked girls had access to hospital treatment. She gave her some anti-painkiller medicine to nurse her pain.

Ms. Bah told Freedom Radio Gambia that she and her boss’s kids occasionally quarrel. She said she is being disrespected and discriminated at because of her color. She said she was onetime locked into a car boot because her boss’s kids refused to sit next to her.

“I am really suffering here. I want to go home. I need the world’s help so that I can leave Lebanon. I am appealing to The Gambia government to please come to aid. I know one girl, who was trafficked here, and was badly beaten by her Arab slave masters. She has been sold to different Arabs. She told me that she doesn’t want to go home. I want to go home. I cannot live this type of life,” she said.

“I have informed my Arab slave master that I want to go home. I am waiting on the traffickers to decide my faith. Some of the girls, who cannot put up with the abuse, and beatings have absconded from the homes of their slave masters leaving their passports behind. I don’t want to do that. I will ensure that I recover my passport before leaving here,” she added.

For Ramatoulie Bah to be able to return to Banjul, she needs to settle the $2000 dollars her Arab Madam Slave master invested on her. But she said she got no money to refund the money. Ms. Bah is appealing to Gambians and friends of The Gambia to help facilitate her safe return to The Gambia.

“This is a risky venture. I will not advise any Gambian girl to come to Lebanon. Our people are suffering here. There is nothing like home. I really want to get out of here. I am suffering. I need help. I was sitting home one day and was told by Isatou that my visa is ready. I travelled to Dakar, Senegal, where I boarded a flight to Casablanca and then Lebanon. I have since been stocked here. I am nothing but a slave. I am made to do works that I will not do in my own country. I am appealing to the government to please rescue us from our Arab slave masters,” a distraught Ramatoulie Bah remarked.

In another development, Ramatoulie Bah has just left us a voicemail, stating that her Arab slave master Ms. Karima Barada has called the Lebanese cops on her. This followed her refusal to turn in her cellular phone to her. The Arab lady insisted that she must turn in her cell phone or else she will call the cops. She has indeed fulfilled her threats by calling the police. Ms. Bah could not be reached on the phone when contacted by the Freedom Newspaper.

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