Tunisian Investor Is Vowing To Sue Yusupha Saidy For Allegedly Defrauding Him Over 80,000 Euros


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A Tunisian Investor and businessman Mr. Mohamed Hadji Amor is vowing to sue Yusupha Saidy, a Gambian national, he identified as  “an Insurance Broker” in a communication sent to this medium by his lawyer, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Amor is alleging that he has been defrauded 80,000 Euros by Mr. Saidy. The funds were wired through Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Limited. Mr. Amor’s Attorney has emailed us the documents relating to the alleged transactions between his client and the Insurance Firm in Banjul. Mr. Yusupha Saidy, who has been under NIA custody for over two months, is said to have been operating an Insurance Firm called “Liberty Insurance and Broker Gambia Limited.” Documents reaching the Freedom Newspaper intimated that the 80,000 euros was wired through Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Limited. Mr. Ammari Ezzedine, a Tunisian National, reached us by email two weeks ago, saying that he was the retained Attorney for the Tunisian investor Mr. Mohamed Hadji Amor.  Mr. Ezzedine said he read about Yusupha Saidy’s story on the pages of the Freedom Newspaper and therefore he decided to bring to our attention that his client is having legal issues with the embattled Kaur born native. Mr. Ezzedine, who briefly spoke with us on the phone said his law firm is suing Mr. Saidy on behalf of his client for allegedly defrauding Mr. Amor over 80,000 Euros. He did not go into details as to the main crop of the case.  He maintains that his client had documents to back up his allegations against Mr. Saidy. Mr. Ezzedine said he is in touch with Lawyer Antouman Gaye to represent his client in Banjul. Mr. Gaye could not be reached for immediate comment. “I am Ammarie Ezzedine, lawyer for Mr. Mohamed Hadji Amor. My client is a Tunisian national, who is a victim of fraud. He has a business dealings with Yusupha Saidy. He moved to The Gambia with the ultimate objective of setting up a company. My client gave him 50,000 euros and then he made a deposit of 80,000 euros that we have all the supporting documents,” said Mr. Ezzedine. “Yusupha Saidy is the company Manager of Liberty Insurance and Brokers Limited to whom my client has made the transfer of 80,000 euros. The money was wired through Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Limited. Attached is the wire transfer documents. We have contacted Lawyer Antouman Gaye to institute legal proceedings against Yusupha Saidy,” Mr. Ezzedine said in an email to the Freedom Newspaper. According to Mr. Ezzedine, his client met Buba Ceesay, who introduced himself as a friend of Yusupha Saidy to him.  Mr. Ceesay also allegedly told his client that he has verse experience in import and export—given his Customs background. “Mr. Ceesay introduced himself to my client as a close friend of Yusupha Saidy. Enclosed you will find a photo of three witnesses; among them is a Gambian called Sherif (Cherif).  He played the role of an intermediary between my client and Yusupha Saidy.  He is also complicit in the fraud operation against my client. Note that we have other information about Saidy and Ceesay. We want to hold onto it until we finalize our talks with my colleague Lawyer Antouman Gaye. The matter would be presented before The Gambian courts for serious litigation,” The Tunisian Lawyer said in an email message to this Editor. Meanwhile, Mr. Buba Ceesay, a Customs agent has been denied leaving the country. He was trying to travel outside the country and he got stopped. Mr. Ceesay was arrested in the wake of Yusupha Saidy’s debacle with the state. Yus and Buba are close buddies. Ceesay was later released from custody. Mr. Yusupha Saidy could not be reached for immediate comment. Buba Ceesay too could not be reached for comment.

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