From left to right: Lamin Mbye, Musa Mboob, Basiru Mbye, Yaya Jammeh and the other person is yet to be identified.

Rough, Pale, And Malnourished; With Scars All Over His Legs, Yaya Jammeh Has Emerged From Being A Poor Soldier To Africa’S Richest Head Of State; Jammeh Pictured In An Army Jacket!

Dressed in a Gendarmerie uniform outfit jacket, with scars evident all over his legs, the beaming young Yaya Jammeh, AKA Kanilai, enjoyed quality time with his comrades at depot, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  The man, with the black hat hugged Jammeh, who leaned on him comfortably, while the Kanilai born dictator beamed in full smile. This rare picture of Jammeh is one of his happiest moments. He appeared rough, pale, malnourished, and happy at the same time.


The Gambian despot, who has zero tolerance for gays and lesbians, could be seen in this picture enjoying a manly hug from another Gendarmerie comrade. This picture, tells the reader, about the hidden part of Jammeh’s sexual orientation.

Mind you, we told our readers some time ago that Jammeh had a gay boyfriend back in the days in Bakau. His gay partner was one Mahdi Dicko Faal. Mahdi was his closest buddy in Bakau. The duo hangout and spent quality time together.

“That was Jammeh’s room at depot. No curtains, chairs, nothing but a military camp bed and a rope where he can hang his clothes and uniforms. He used to be very filthy. The camp bed belongs to the Gendamerie stores. Jammeh couldn’t afford a bed at the time. That was the room at the Cadet quarters at depot,” said a source.

One thing is evident on this group picture: Jammeh is the only person without a civilian dress. Perhaps, he lacks clothes at the time to wear. He used his Gendarmerie jacket to wear after work. He was poor as a church mouse.

We hope his Moroccan wife Zeinab Jammeh will not divorce him because of this embarrassing picture. Welcome to the Freedom Newspaper Zeinab. We are trying to expose your husbands hidden past. Now you will be convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that your husband got not swag back in the days. He doesn’t fit well in the hood. His peers laugh at him because of his boring swag.He also lacks self esteem.

To say that Jammeh is a bush boy, is an understatement. That’s why he couldn’t get a chick back in the days. Give him some love please.   

The due brewing the attaya is Musa Mboob, the former Inspector General of police and onetime Immigration Chief, if we are not mistaken. Mr. Mboob now lives in the United States. He onetime served as Deputy Ambassador at The Gambian Embassy in Washington DC before he was removed.

The poor Kanilai kid, who was raised by a single mother, came to power in July of 1994, through a coup. He toppled the thirty years Jawara rule. Jammeh had no healthy bank account, house, or serious girlfriend, when he seized power.

Twenty one years today, Jammeh has emerged as Africa’s richest Head of State. He controlled the greater chunk of Gambia’s ailing economy. He owns multi-million dollar properties in United States, Morocco, Guinea Conakry, in the Canary Islands, Supermarket in France, and elsewhere around the world. He also owns private jets.

Under his watch as Gambia’s De Facto dictator, Jammeh has killed thousands of Gambians, used his rogue National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA) to make citizens disappear, torture, exiled his political opponents, and in some cases bury citizens opposed to his regime alive.

Under Jammeh’s rule, he also introduced modern day slavery. He forced Gambians, including Civil Servants to work on his farmlands. Jammeh owns farmlands virtually in every region of The Gambia. Many farmers have given up farming to work on the dictator’s farmlands without being paid.

As the saying goes: It is suicidal to entrust power to a poor, who is not God fearing. Humility, virtue, honesty, and wisdom is alien to Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh has used his office overtime to enrich himself at the detriment of the country.

The Gambia has today emerged as a failed state—thanks to Yahya Jammeh’s sheer greed, lack of patriotism and misplaced priority projects. We rest our case.

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