By THE SOLDIER: Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as reported in one of the DCC last publication, devil Zeinab is in America with almost the entire immediate family of monster Jammeh and some top security detail. Devil Zeinab was never in the good books with the family and security details, but lately there is a warfare happening between monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab. Devil Zeinab has bought almost all the people, who used to be instrumental to dictator Jammeh. A majority of the family members and a majority of the security details are in the pocket of devil Zeinab. She gives them a lot of money and also make sure that they travelled with her in exchange for information. Some of the people who used to bring women to monster Jammeh are now with devil Zeinab all the time. Devil Zeinab now knows who is entering the dictator’s bedroom, and even have agents at the Banjul international airport reporting to her about women who are visiting dictator Jammeh.

Monster Jammeh has countered by having the women fly to Dakar then a diplomatic car will drive them from Dakar to Banjul. DCC knows the car and people who are aiding monster Jammeh. But to devil Zeinab’s credit she is winning this warfare and is slowly and surely getting the entire family and security detail on her side. She will approach people by asking you if you need help to acquire a land, build a house or even get a visa to travel. Once you say yes then it is automatic confirmation that you will provide her with information and she is getting a lot of information right now. Devil Zeinab is in the process of getting the global chief pimp Ndey Jammeh on her pocket. Fellow Gambians this trip alone devil Zeinab will spend $1.5 million dalasis in America. She is only nice now because she needs information and also it is all about the 2016 election, despite been married to a dictator she wants him to remain in power so that she can continue having this lavish lifestyle whilst Gambians cannot even have good food on the table.

Fellow Gambians, we are happy to announce that Dakar Command Center (DCC) has almost officially completed a list of documentation that will be used post monster Jammeh COMMISSION OF INQUIRY. The list of people who receive money be it a Gambian or foreigner is as long from Kartong to Koina. These people receive cash from monster Jammeh and they never paid taxes or receive any receipt, but DCC documented everything. DCC is going to share a little bit of the people who receive money from monster Jammeh. DCC has an official documented which will be shared with Gambians at the right time. Fellow Gambians, you will not believe the amount of money the Senegalese musicians and wrestlers received from monster Jammeh. Some of the Senegalese female musicians even slept with monster Jammeh at Kanilai, DCC has the proof and one day it will be shared with the media especially the Senegalese media. The following people received money from monster Jammeh and again this is just the beginning, more to come:


Natalia Gomez received $100, 00.00 in 2009

Olley Badjie received $50,000.00 in 2010

Aisha Fatty received $100,000.00 in 2015

Ndey Kumba Demba received $30,000.00 in 2007

Nancy Njie received $20,000.00 in 2009

Fatou Mbye received D500, 000.00 in 2007

Fatou Dinding Jammeh received $75,000.00 in 2012

Sohna Badjie received $50,000.00 in 2012

Joma Jarju GRTS received $100,000.00 in 2014

Fanta Jammeh received $100,000.00 in 2013

Fatoumata Kebbeh received $100,000.00

Sohna Jammeh UK received 50,000.00 pounds in 2014

Jimbeh Jammeh received 40,000.00 pounds in 2009

Ndey Pimp Jammeh received $50,000.00 in 2008 plus multiple properties

Georgina Gomez received 50,000.00 pounds in 2009

Tina Fall received 2 million dalasis in 2006

Fatou Jammeh received $100,000.00 in 2013

More will come in our subsequent editions, DCC has facts to prove all these. These people are still alive and if they are honest with Gambians they will all attest that they received this amounts of money from dictator Jammeh. Again the list we have is more than 200 pages. This is just the beginning and DCC agents will testify during post monster Jammeh commission of inquiry. There are still people who are receiving money from dictator Jammeh and DCC is documenting this everyday.

DCC is hereby backing what freedom radio reported about monster Jammeh’s family member attempting to kill herself in the UK. The family member name is a former student that monster Jammeh was sponsoring on a scholarship and her name is Aminata Jammeh but she is known as AMINTA. According to reliable DCC agents at the NIA and statehouse Aminta should not travel back to the Gambia. Saul Badjie and Yankuba Badjie have been instructed to arrest her upon her arrival in the Gambia. Aminta has been reported to monster Jammeh by Sohna Jammeh that she gives information to Seedy Ceesay of UK which is not true.

Aminta was working for the embassy in UK and a plan was put in place to fool her to return to the Gambia. But someone at the embassy told her not to go if she gets recalled. She was recalled and asked to go to the Gambia to receive her diplomatic passport and she refused to go. Upon refusing to return to the Gambia her appointment with the embassy was terminated. Aminta attempted to kill herself and was ultimately admitted at a hospital and later released. DCC is warning Aminta not to return to the Gambia, her arrest is imminent. Monster Jammeh has issued directives that the embassy in the UK to do whatever it takes for Aminta to return to the Gambia. The embassy may report Aminta to the UK authority, just watch and see.

Fellow Gambians on a last note monster Jammeh keeps on fooling Gambians by offering some of the pardoned prisoners pilgrimage package to Mecca, it’s all a ploy. Monster Jammeh will also bring a lot of the pardoned prisoners to America with him, that is if he do not change his travel plan. DCC is also warning SEMESTERS who are call in Mandika ” MALANGHOL” to be very careful when they travel to the Gambia this coming semester season, monster Jammeh has his eyes on you. Malanghol be careful. Semesters are now considered as potential security threat, SEMESTERS stay away from Gambia for now. Monster Jammeh will arrest a lot of SEMESTERS when they arrive at the airport.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

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