Like the late dictator Joseph Stalin of the former USSR, Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia too, has killed a good number of his family members since coming to power twenty one years ago. Jammeh has not spared his own family from his execution gallows. He killed family members he suspects of being opposed to his rule. Jammeh rules The Gambia with the help of his idols, spiritual leaders known as “marabouts” and nightly dreams. He cannot execute any serious national policy decision without confiding with his idols.


It was on July 14, 2005, when dictator Jammeh issued orders for the arrest and subsequent execution of one of his family members Jasaja Kujabi. Paranoia and insecurity motivated Jammeh to kill Jasaja. Jasaja was one of his local spiritual Godfathers before their strained relationship. Jammeh decided that Jasaja should be killed and his orders was executed by his assassin team.

Jasaja Kujabi came from Dobong, in the Fonis. Dobong is a village close to Bwiam. He was born in 1954. He was a truck driver by profession. He was an employee of the late Alhagie Ali Ceesay of Bwiam. His truck used to commit between Banjul and Basse.

Jasaja Kujabi was sitting home with his family one fine day, when Ousman Tamba, the former NIA station chief in Bundung came to pick him up. He was told by Mr. Tamba that Yahya Jammeh ordered for his arrest. He was not told the reason for his arrest. Jasaja was later escorted to the NIA headquarters in Banjul, where he spent days before he was transferred to dictator Yahya Jammeh’s torture and execution gallows.

Mr. Ousman Tamba, who also hailed from Foni, was quoted as saying that “ he last saw Jasaja Kujabi after he processed and handed him to his colleagues at the NIA main offices in Banjul.” Mr. Tamba is said to have retired from the NIA.

Jasaja’s son was among the NIA assets prior to the arrest and execution of his Dad. He was attached at the State House at some point. He met his Dad at the NIA while he was under custody there. He later lost contacts with his father. He was told by Bai Lowe, a self-confessed former Jammeh assassin operative, now living in exile in Germany, that his father Jasaja Kujabi was moved from the NIA head office and taken to Jammeh’s execution gallows for execution.

Bai Lowe has told this medium in an interview immediately after his escape from Banjul that Jasaja Kujabi was killed alongside with another relatives of dictator Jammeh: Marcie Jammeh, and Haruna Jammeh. Mr. Lowe was among those named in the December 30 failed coup attempt against dictator Jammeh’s regime.

A globally respected human rights body, is compiling a report on Gambia’s human rights situation, which is due to be released sometime next week, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The report is going to highlight the appalling rights situation in the country.

It is imperative to note that the late Jasaja Kujabi has played a pivotal role towards dictator Yahya Jammeh’s upbringing as a youngster growing up and also going to school in Bwiam. He used to give lunch money to Jammeh. He also feeds Jammeh after closing from school.

Jasaja’s younger brother Mustapha James Kujabi, was Yahya Jammeh’s closest childhood buddy in Foni. Jammeh was always at the family home of the Kujabi family in Dobong. That never stopped him from killing Jame’s brother Jasaja Kujabi. He also jailed James himself after falsely accusing him. James is now living in exile in the United States. He lives in New York City.

James Kujabi served as Deputy Head of Protocol at the President’s office. His brother Abdoulie Kujabi was the head of the NIA prior to his sacking. Abdoulie was among those rounded up in the wake of the March 2006 failed coup. He was nearly tortured to death. He was partially rendered handicap due to the brutal torture he suffered in the hands of Jammeh’s thugs.

The Gambia is another impoverished nation dubbed as “State of blood” just like in the case of Uganda under Idi Amin’s rule. Jammeh’s reign has been characterized by wanton human rights atrocities, naked injustice, massive corruption, abuse of office, rule of law crisis, economic stagnation, misplaced economic and infrastructural priories.

The world should come to the rescue of the oppressed Gambians. Jammeh has consolidated himself into power overtime. The conditions for free, fair, transparent and credible elections do not exist in The Gambia. Both the private media and opposition parties have been rendered dysfunctional—thanks to Jammeh’s rule of fear draconian policy.


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