Gambia’s Works Minister Balla Jahumpa Hospitalized!


Gambia’s Transports, Works and Infrastructure Balla Jahumpa is seriously ill and has been hospitalized at the Lamtoro Hospital for over a week, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jahumpa, known as “the Action Man” is suffering chest and stomach pain. Balla’s health condition has deteriorated drastically overtime. Works Ministry insiders, who met Minister Jahumpa said Balla’s conditions are not promising at all.  Mr. Jahumpa was involved in a car wreck two years ago during a nationwide tour he embarked on with the dictator. He was flown to Spain, where he received medical treatment and later discharged.

Balla Jahumpa has served in various Ministries in Yahya Jammeh’s government. A source at the Works Ministry said: “Balla Jahumpa is seriously ill. I met him during a visit to the clinic he is admitted. We even prayed for him.  We wish him speedy recovery,” said our source.

Meanwhile, dictator Yahya Jammeh has hijacked the Hajj package. Jammeh has instructed The Gambia Airline (GIA) officials and the Hajj committee to cancel the (200) two hundred would be pilgrims to Mecca, out of the 1,700 pilgrims. The 1,700 pilgrims have already secured their visas and also paid for their tickets. This means that the 200 pilgrims are going to lose the money that they already invested on their Hajj packages.  GRA is now left with settling Jammeh’s apparent theft against these innocent pilgrims.  

It should be noted that the Hajj tickets cost D200, 000 dalasi this year. Jammeh told the GRA that 2016 is an electioneering year, and he wants the support of voters.

In another development, the ID and License unit at the Immigration is reporting that its machines are down. They have started turning down ID card applicants. But sources said the regime owed money to the private company and as such all ID card issuance has been discontinued.

Meanwhile, dictator Jammeh’s multi-million dalasi building situated at the Brusubi roundabout is at standstill. The contractor has not been paid for months. Jammeh is indebted to the contractor. Jammeh is apparently broke, our source.

Neneh Macdouall Gaye and co were summoned by Jammeh after revelations by the Freedom Newspaper exposing Jammeh’s secrets. The dictator convened a cabinet meeting, where he warned his workers to stay away from leaking information to Freedom.

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