Sir Dawada Kaira Jawara’s Son Ebrima Jawara Arrested And Charged With Economic Crime


Ebrima Jawara, the son of Gambia’s former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara has been arrested and charged with economic crime, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ebrima was arrested yesterday and subsequently charged, according to competent sources reaching this paper. His arrest has to do with the CPCU multimillion dalasi agricultural project he was tasked to coordinate.

Mr. Ebrima Jawara, whose mum Aji Njameh Mboge Jawara, was recently busted by the UK law enforcement agents for defrauding #20,000 pounds sterling risked facing a minimum of nine years jail term if convicted. He is due to be arraigned before court later today. There was no immediate word as to which counsel was going to represent him in court.  

Mr. Jawara wrote a book praising dictator Yahya Jammeh and his despotic regime. He even chastised his father for overstaying in power. That book earns Ebrima Jawara the leverage to get closer to the dictator and also to be in Jammeh’s good books. Now Ebrima Jawara has fallen out with Jammeh.

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