Gambia Pilgrims In Mecca Hosted In An Open Space In Jeddah Without Hotel Accommodation


8913bakary_nyassi-sGambian pilgrims in Mecca have been exposed to degrading dwelling by The Gambia International Airline (GIA), as the pilgrims have not been accorded hotel accommodation, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The pilgrims sleep in an open space environment in Jeddah, without any balanced food and proper shelter. The pilgrims also walk by foot from Jeddah to Mina every given day to pray to the holly mosque. The elderly pilgrims have been rendered fatigue due to long walk.

According to one concerned pilgrim, who phoned the Freedom Newspaper, from Mecca, said the GIA officials accompanying them have neglected the plight of the pilgrims. The caller said they slept outside and that the food given to them is not good.

“GIA has once again failed us. We arrived here without been hosted in any hotel. The GIA officials told us that they don’t have money to host us in hotels, even though we paid for our accommodation and everything. The Senegalese pilgrims are being hosted in Mina, very close to the mosque. But in our case, we have been dumped outside by the GIA. We walk from Jeddah to Mina every day,” the pilgrim lamented.

GIA officials could not be reached for immediate comment at the time of filing this report.

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