Warning To Gambians And The International Community: Dictator Jammeh’s Poison Is In Circulation In The Country!



Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My boss Pa Nderry Mbai and fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh will never stop surprising Gambians. Even DCC agents within the corridors of power are shocked by dictator Jammeh recent actions. Monster Jammeh is completely confused and paranoid. According to reliable DCC agents at state house, monster Jammeh is angry and is insulting every day. Devil Zeinab is also angry that there is no money as before. DCC agents at the state house did not receive the free rams as before, even the loan that was promised by the government was not fully fulfilled. Dictator Jammeh’s BANK is empty. Fellow Gambians, on Monday most of you read the story about the Saudi-donated dates distributed by state house. You can see the picture yourself and please read the link if you did not read this story before. Only in the Gambia will the distribution of dates come from the state house and be part of the top story on both Observer and GRTS. 

Fellow Gambians, please TAKE this story seriously and for those of you who have connections with the international community please inform them about this. Fellow Gambians the distribution of the dates was orchestrated and executed by nobody but monster Jammeh. This is something that his JALANGS and spiritual doctors advised him to do. All the fruit dates have been treated with special charm in liquid form and distributed throughout the country. Dictator Jammeh has instructed all the security chiefs to ensure that the dates are consumed by the entire population. And read the following sentence slowly Gambians. Dictator Jammeh has issued out EXECUTIVE DIRECTIVES for ALL THE SEEDS from the DATES to be returned to him. As we speak all the security chiefs are working very hard to get the SEEDS from the entire country. Only dictator Jammeh knows what he is going to do with the SEEDS. But the majority of people are refusing to eat the dates, just ask your family members and they will confirm this with you. If any of your family members have eaten the DATES without knowing, tell them to visit the doctor. Dictator Jammeh can secretly POISON the people without them knowing it. DCC has been saying one thing OVER and OVER and Gambians need to know this. Whenever monster Jammeh finally knows that it is OVER, he will turn against his own people, MARK THIS DOWN. 

A lot of top security chiefs from police, immigration, NDEA, NIA, Army, Navy, etc., will be dismissed the next coming days. Monster Jammeh has made it very clear that he needs the SEEDS of the dates if not a lot of people are going to be punished. Dictator Jammeh will never change. Gambians please take this story SERIOUSLY. Monster Jammeh has been treating the food he serves Gambians with different types of liquid charms and greedy people continue to eat from state house and Kanilai. Gambians this past weekend alone, more than 20 camels have been slaughtered at state house and the meat distributed at the different military camps. Dictator Jammeh is sending a lot of people to MALI to help him with MARABOUTS. 

Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh is also behind the AWARD he received in America. Dictator Jammeh is not happy about the human reports that are emerging from the WEST and he is countering the negative news with fake AWARDS. Do not be surprised if the people who gave him the AWARD even received money from dictator Jammeh, he will pay for these types of AWARD to seek attention. Dictator Jammeh has issued instructions for a big event to celebrate this fake AWARD from America. All these coming days the government will spend time and money to celebrate this FAKE AWARD and try to DISTRACT Gambians.

Fellow Gambians, we are all here waiting for a surprise TOBASKI news, everybody has been told to listen to the radio, monster Jammeh is going to surprise Gambians, maybe the surprise is that monster Jammeh is resigning and won’t contest in the 2016 election and will ask for forgiveness from the Gambians. If the surprise has anything with FREE FOOD, please GAMBIANS don’t eat it. Just call your family members, everybody is tune to the radio and waiting for this special announcement from dictator Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh will never step down or pass the mantel to the next person. But “something” will give in very soon, that DCC can PROMISE.

By The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and 2014 Martyrs. 

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