Jammeh Defers His Much Anticipated Tobaski Speech To Sunday!


Gambia’s controversial and iron fist dictator Yahya Jammeh has differed his much anticipated Tobaski speech until on Sunday, when he is expected to surprise the nation with a major statement regarding his upcoming plans to relinquish power after the completion of his current term as the President of The Gambia, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Highly placed sources close to the corridors of power in Banjul, have intimated that Mr. Jammeh was supposed to deliver his speech on Thursday, but due to earlier press reports hinting about his possible stepping down from the Presidency after his current term ends, he decided to postpone his speech until on Sunday. Jammeh’s upcoming Sunday speech coincides with Freedom Radio Gambia’s Primetime Leral show.

Jammeh-JKAccording to competent sources, the Kanilai born dictator, is determined to cause a volcano eruption within his own political party, the (APRC), as he has confided to his trusted aides about his planned intention of relinquishing power in the foreseeable future.  Mr. Jammeh is apparently tired and he wants to take a break from the Presidency, one close aide of dictator Jammeh tells the Freedom Newspaper.

“It is not clear if he will step down after his current term expires, but I can tell you that Jammeh has some good news for Gambians. He is likely to announce that he might not take part in the 2016 elections; or a worst case scenario, Jammeh would want Gambians to avail him with  another term and then he will leave the Presidency.  But come Sunday, we will hear from the horse’s mouth. Everyone is waiting for Jammeh’s speech,” our source said.

Mr. Jammeh has been scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.  He is likely to drop the bombshell on Sunday, before travelling to New York. His upcoming statement, will no doubt turnaround the hostile and uncertain political climate in the country, provided that he is willing to come up with some political reforms.

Today is the Muslim feast called Tobaski. This year’s Tobaski came at a time, when the country is experiencing major economic crisis. The nation’s currency, the dalasi, has lost its value against other international currencies such as the mighty US dollar, the pound sterling, and the Euro. Massive foreign exchange has also hit the impoverished West African nation.

The Gambia is not only battling with foreign currency scarcity, the country’s infrastructure has collapsed overtime–thanks to total neglect of the country by its inept and despotic tyrant Yahya Jammeh. All major and secondary roads are in tartars. The housing structures across the nation have also decayed.

Jammeh is operating a one man rule government. He hardly consults with his cabinet, when it comes to major national policies and decisions. Just recently, Jammeh “pardoned” treason, murder, rapists, and other felonious convicts without consulting the Prison Committee board members, his Interior Minister and Vice President. He abruptly announced that he has forgiven convicts on death row and other inmates, including two inmates, who passed away some years ago. The inmates were found guilty on murder charges.

An environment of excitement awaits Gambians, if Jammeh surprises the nation with the news of his quitting the Presidency at the end of his current term. Any news besides Jammeh leaving the Presidency will not be welcomed. There is growing disenchantment in the country.

Jammeh’s inability to revamp the collapsed economy and infrastructure is a cause for concern. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been voicing it concern over the nation’s worrisome economic situation.

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